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Dmx 5 learnings


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After the amazing DMX, here are our top 5 learnings

Published in: Marketing
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Dmx 5 learnings

  1. 1. 15/03/2018 1 Chaos is the key to creativity Martin Weigel, Head of Planning at WIEDEN+KENNEDY made an insightful case for chaos, stating that over systemising and creating processes on processes stifles the creative process. ‘Reducing the human element robs creativity of the madness it needs to thrive’. We have to stay a little unprofessional to keep the human element and overall ‘Stop taking ourselves so seriously.’ Allow time for a little madness in the creative process, wherever in the team it comes from. Create a culture that allows creativity to break through the process.
  2. 2. 15/03/2018 2 Embrace the flaws of your brand Richard Shotton, Deputy Head of Evidence at Manning Gottlieb OMD, explains brands need to be more brazen about their flaws, if you tell consumers what the flaw is, you take away their need to invent one themselves. Evidence from psychology, his experiments and advertising case history suggests we should look at flaws as a positive from time to time. ‘If budget airlines hadn’t admitted poor service in the 90’s, consumers may have assumed that the savings came from cutting corners on safety, so presenting the flaw upfront is a positive matter.‘ A simple way to work with your brands flaws is to promote dissenting views within the team, and embrace any well known issues, while backing up the positive aspects of the brand, but ensure your message is authentic.
  3. 3. 15/03/2018 3 Social intelligence is key “Social intelligence - the blend of algorithm and human touch,” Julien Goretti, Global Executive Director of Intelligence, Risk & Reputation with Storyful shared at DMX. With Social Listening, you need Social Intelligence to get the real reasons people are talking about your brand. Build trust with your customers and they will repay you, in both closed communities and through earned media. “When a brand listens to people, and applies all the elements of social intelligence, you do the most important thing. You build trust, and that's when people will share your content.” Listen to what your audiences are really saying, and work with them to show you understand and it will pay off.
  4. 4. 15/03/2018 4 Measure, measure, measure The value of measurement can’t be stressed enough this year, with our own Jennifer Hyland from the Digital Team and Damian Low and Simon Quinton of Edelman Intelligence sharing examples of how measurement can improve your campaigns. • The Right Approach to Measurement - An approach to measurement should start at the heart of your brands, or clients, marketing/business objectives. • Building the framework - By gaining an understanding of these goals and ambitions we are able to map the right metrics that provide the most applicable insights for the activities undertaken. • Focus on output - The focus of a measurement framework is often purposefully placed on tracking performance.
  5. 5. 15/03/2018 5 Work with consumer’s passion! UEG’s MD EMEA, Tim Collins discussed why it’s better have to a conversation with your consumers around the things that they’re passionate about. 83% of people leave events with a greater trust for brands that support the live music experience, so partnerships definitely work, and Tim’s top tips for making them work well focused on authenticity, making a difference and being relevant. When planning a partnership, consider: • What are your aims and your partner’s aims? • Is it a good fit for both brands? • Is it really relevant to your audience? If not, it’s time to go back to the drawing board and find a better fit.