2010 trust barometer indonesia results


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2010 trust barometer indonesia results

  1. 1. 2010 Edelman Trust BarometerMay 4, 2010Key Findings
  2. 2. 2The Edelman Trust Barometer over a decadeRising Influence of NGOs2001Fall of the celebrity CEO2002Earned media more credible than advertising2003U.S. companies in Europe suffer trust discount2004Trust shifts from “authorities” to peers2005“A person like me” emerges as crediblespokesperson2006Business more trusted than government and media2007Young influencers have more trust in business2008Business must partner with government to regaintrust2009Transparency key driver of trust in a multi-channeland multi-stakeholder environment2010
  3. 3. In Indonesia trust in business continues to be strongQ: Please tell me how much you TRUST that institution (business) to do what is right. ; Informed Publics ages 25-64 in 20 countries(global excludes Singapore and UAE)`
  4. 4. Technology, banks, automotive continue to be most trustedindustry sectors in IndonesiaQ: How much you TRUST businesses in each of the following industries to do what is right? Please use a nine-pointscale, where one means that you "DO NOT TRUST THEM AT ALL" and nine means that you "TRUST THEM A GREATDEAL.” (Top 4 Box) Informed publics 25-64 in Indonesia59%68%75%75%78%78%82%83%84%85%90%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%InsuranceCPG manufacturersRetailHealthcareEnergyFoodPharmaceuticalsMedia companiesBanksAutomotiveTechnology201081%200981%67%77%
  5. 5. 85%75%78%82%59%46%61%64%46%34%58% 60% 58%50%33%75%64% 62%69%53%72%62% 60% 59%55%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Automotive Retail Food Pharmaceuticals InsuranceIndonesia North America EU Asia Pacific BRICHigh optimism in Indonesia across industry sectorsQ: Please tell me how much you TRUST businesses in each of the following industries to do what is right. ; Informedpublics ages 35-64 in 22 countries
  6. 6. 79% 79%88%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Global Asia Pacific IndonesiaFire non-performingmanagement teamsHigher expectation for accountability in IndonesiaQ: How effective would the following actions be in restoring trust in a company? Informed Publics ages 25-64 in 22countries76% 75%88%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Global Asia Pacific IndonesiaRepay bailout or loanmoney tothe government72% 72%85%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Global Asia Pacific IndonesiaReduce gapbetweenseniorexecutive andaverageworker payWhat actions would restore trust in a company
  7. 7. 47%54%56%62%67%70%71%75%78%83%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%Has highly-regarded and widely admired top leadershipDelivers consistent financial returns to investorsIs an innovator of new products, services or ideasIs a good corporate citizenPrices its brands fairly and competitivelyOffers high quality products or servicesCommunicates frequently and honestly on the state of its businessIs a company I can trustHas transparent and honest business practicesTreats employees wellIndonesiaCorporate reputation based on trust and transparencyas much as qualityQ: How important are each of the following factors to the overall reputation of the company? ; Informed Publicsages 25-64 in Indonesia#12009#1#3#3
  8. 8. Business seen as Private Sector Diplomats52%44%5%61%37%2%69%31%1%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%Yes No Don’t KnowGlobal Asia Pacific IndonesiaPartnering with government and NGOs to drive decision making on major societal issuesQ: Do you believe companies are doing Private Sector Diplomacy?
  9. 9. Across regions, influence of NGOs rises over time9Trust in NGOsInformed Publics ages 35-6436%58%48%53%31%56%52%55%46%52%20%30%40%50%60%70%2001 2002 2003 2004 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010US UK/FR/GER China India IndonesiaQ:.Please tell me how much you TRUST that institution t(NGO’s) o do what is right. ; Informed Publics ages 35-64 in US, UK/FR/GER,India and China, Indonesia
  10. 10. 68%12%62%16%42%31%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%More likely Less likelyGlobal Asia Pacific IndonesiaNGO partnerships build trustQ: Would you be more or less likely to trust a company that partners with NGOs to battle global issues such asclimate change, alleviating poverty or curing diseases, than you would be to trust a company that works alone?(Net More Likely: Much More + A Little More) Informed Publics ages 25-64 in 22 countriesNGO credibility important determinant
  11. 11. Mainstream mediaNew mediaCorporate comm.15%34%34%22%25%43%47%35%38%42%46%48%0% 10% 20% 30% 40% 50% 60% 70% 80% 90% 100%Corporate or product advertisingA company’s own websiteCorporate communications such as press releases, reports and emailsSocial networking sites, e.g. FacebookBlogsFree content online sourcesInternet search engines, e.g. Google newsNews coverage on radioArticles in newspapersTelevision news coverageStock or industry analyst reportsArticles in business magazines11Q: Please tell me how credible you believe each source of information when you find information about acompany: is it extremely credible, very credible, somewhat credible, or not credible at all? Top 2 Box Informedpublics 25-64 in IndonesiaHow credible do you believe each source of information for information about a companyMulti channel stakeholder outreach essential
  12. 12. Academics, analysts and CEOs high in trust as crediblespokespeopleQ: Now I’m going to read you a list of places where you might get information about a company. Please tell me how credibleyou believe each one of them is as a source of information about the company—is it extremely credible, very credible,somewhat credible, or not credible at all? (Top 2 box, Very and extremely credible) Informed Publics ages 25-6462%57%53%40%30%24%65%52% 51%41%45%32%61%48% 49% 47%41%30%0%10%20%30%40%50%60%70%80%90%100%An academic orexpert on thatcompanys industryor issuesA financial orindustry analystA CEO of a company A person likeyourselfNon-profitorganization or NGOrepresentativeA regular employeeof a companyIndonesia Asia Pacific BRIC+12+12+15
  13. 13. Agency Of The DecadeHolmes ReportJanuary 2010
  14. 14. A Ten Year Overview of TrustThe 2010 Edelman Trust Barometer is the firm’s 11th trust and credibility surveyThe survey was produced by research firm StrategyOne. The survey consistedof 30-minute telephone interviews conducted in September – December 2009For the first time, the survey sampled two different age groups concurrently(25-34 and 35-64)For more information on the Edelman Trust Barometer andto view past results, please visit www.edelman.com/trust