2009 indonesia blogger survey


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2009 indonesia blogger survey

  1. 1. A Closer Look atIndonesian BloggersIndonesia Blogger Survey 2009Key Findings
  2. 2. 2009 Indonesia Blogger SurveyThe 2009 Indonesia Blogger Survey is an online survey carried out byIndoPacific Edelman and BlogfamIt is designed to take a closer look at the profiles of Indonesian bloggersResearch period: October 2008 – February 2009219 bloggers (members and non-members of Blogfam) participatedIndoPacific Edelman also interviewed 7 prominent bloggers45% of bloggers live in the Greater Jakarta area, while the rest are spreadover other areas in Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Java, Kalimantan, Sulawesi,Bali, and Papua, as well as overseas
  3. 3. Key FindingsIntensity andfrequency of bloggingincrease over timeBloggers have lowinterest in monitoringtheir own blogs aswell as identifyingtheir blogs’ level ofinfluenceBloggers have strongpresence in socialmediaBloggers trust otherbloggers whenlooking forinformation
  4. 4. WHO & WHYIndonesia Blogger Survey“Blogging is a journey forbloggers to find theirpassions.” (Enda Nasution)
  5. 5. Facts & FiguresBase: all respondentsMale67%Female33%Married with children33%Married,nochildren5%Single62%21-2511%26-3030%31-3520%36-4023%> 4115%GenderMaritalstatusAge
  6. 6. Facts & FiguresBase: all respondentsCollege students22%Full time employees38%Freelancers andentrepreneurs24%Professionals13%< High School23%College14%University51%Post Graduateor higher13%ProfessionsEducation
  7. 7. Most bloggers are relatively newBelow 112%124%225%315%416%5 andabove8%Years of blogging61% have beenblogging for 2years or lessQ: How long have you had a blog? (in years)Base: all respondents
  8. 8. But they are active<1 hour12%1-5 hours55%>5-10 hours12%>10-15 hours10%>10 hours11%Time spent blogging in one weekNo differencesbetween length ofyears blogging andtime spent forbloggingQ: On average, how many hours a week do you spend blogging??Base: all respondents
  9. 9. And have a strong presence in social media6%18%19%21%23%40%51%60%76%85%Live journalLinkedInMySpaceTwitterHi5PlurkMailing listsMultiplyFacebookFriendsterSocial networksQ: Of the online community networks listed below, which one are youregistered on?On average, bloggers areregistered with 3 to 4 socialnetworking sitesMost frequently usedfeature: Journal/blog/notes(46%)Base: all respondents
  10. 10. Blogging is very personal65%54% 53%44%23%10% 9% 8% 8%62%60%52%44%25%14%9% 9%6%Sharingexperience/knowledge withothersSpeak my mind Channelingwriting hobbyPersonaldocumentationSharing updateson personal lifew friends/familyMeeting peoplewith samehobby/interestsDevelopingonline businessBecoming fulltime bloggerEarn moneyfrom advertisingInitial reason for blogging Current reasons for bloggingPersonal-relatedactivitiesBusiness-relatedactivitiesQ: When you first decided to start a blog, what were your main reasons?And you are now writing to… (You may choose a maximum of 5 options)Base: all respondents
  11. 11. Nearly 50% bloggers subscribed to other blogs via RSS FeedYes41%No59%Q: Do you subscribe to the RSS Feed of certain blogs/websites? What arethe blogs/websites?Individual/collaboration blogs (76%)News portals (10%)Community blogs (5%)Blogger networks/aggregator (4%)Others (3%)Corporate blogs (0.5%)Blogs subscribed through RSS FeedBase: respondents who subscribed to blogs via RSS FeedBase: all respondents
  12. 12. Transformation in bloggingInsights from in-depth interviews with influential bloggersPersonaldocumentationPersonal notesSpontaneouswritingPersonal spaceSharing mechanismwith othersPersonal brandingExperience-basedopinion articlesPublic space
  13. 13. WHAT THEY WRITEIndonesia Blogger Survey“We are in a period of reform –from a visual to reading/writingsociety … one future trend will beto see more blogs about serioustopics *more than personal+.” (RomiSatrio Wahono)
  14. 14. Content: Its all about meQ: Which of the statements below best describes your blog content?Please choose a maximum of 3 answers.6.4%6.4%10.0%12.3%14.2%23%39%67%78%Product/program reviewEntertainmentCommercial info/online businessPersonal opinion on current political issuesScientific analysis on certain issuesPersonal opinion on current issues (outsidepolitics)Work-related topicsPersonal life storyHobby-related topicsNo differences in theTop 3 Blog Contentsbetween bloggers whoare parents, marriedwithout children, orsingleBase: all respondents
  15. 15. Topics written by bloggers10%13%16%21%28%31%33%34%HealthCulinaryPoliticsReligious/spiritualTravelingEntertainmentTechnologySocial and human interestBloggers who aremarried withoutchildren have a greaterinterest in politics andscience-related topicsQ: Which topic do you usually discuss on your blogs? Please choose amaximum of 3 answers.Base: all respondents
  16. 16. Influence of marital status in reasons for blogging63%58%46%51%22%9%12%14%3%40%60%50%10%50%20% 20%10% 10%64%62%56%43%25%16%7% 7% 7%Sharingexperience/knowledge withothersSpeak my mind Channelingwriting hobbyPersonaldocumentationSharing updateson personal lifew friends/familyMeeting peoplewith samehobby/interestsDevelopingonline businessBecoming fulltime bloggerEarn moneyfrom advertisingMarried w/children Married no children SingleQ: When you first decided to start a blog, what were your main reasons?And you are now writing to… (You may choose a maximum of 5 options)Base: all respondentsPersonal-relatedactivitiesBusiness-relatedactivities
  17. 17. Do children matter for bloggers?Bloggers who are married withoutchildren• Use blogs to generate income andshare updates on personal life withfriends/family• Are more likely to write abouttraveling and science-related topicsBloggers who are parents• Use blogs for personaldocumentation• Are more likely to talk about socialand human interest issuesBloggers’ preference and postings differ between those with and without children
  18. 18. Most female bloggers like posting light information such asentertainment and traveling44%35%27% 26%19% 19%10%9%31%41%31%9%28%26%Technology Social and humaninterestEntertainment Traveling Politics Spiritual Personal storiesMale (n=125) Female (n=61)Base: all respondentsQ: Which topic do you usually discuss on your blogs? Please choose amaximum of 3 answers.
  19. 19. Mars vs. VenusMalebloggers• Blogging mostly to shareknowledge/experience• More into technology-relatedpostings• Also interested inentertainment-related topics• Registered in 2-3 SNS• Prefer to check email andaccess content-sharingwebsites in limited onlinesession• More likely to monitor theirblogs’ trafficFemalebloggers• Blogging mostly to channeltheir writing hobby• Like posting light information(entertainment and personalstories)• Mostly search for travelingand culinary-related topics• Registered in 2-3 SNS• Prefer to check email andaccess SNS in limited onlinesession• Pay less attention to theirblogs’ traffic
  20. 20. What bloggers say about bloggers, social media& corporate blogsInsights from in-depth interviews with influential bloggers“Citizen journalism is not yet trusted,because we don’t have any standard forposting information online.”(Wicaksono)“We are not used to having independentthoughts and expressing our opinions...bloggers in smaller cities are lessconfident and reluctant to speak up.”(Enda Nasution)“Corporate blogs will experience stumbling blocks,as most corporations do not cultivate an openculture and freedom of speech, or are open forexternal inputs.” (Ady Permadi)“Corporations are starting to be aware of the influence of thesocial media. If they are ready to use the social media, thenthey have to be prepared for the consequences and will haveto monitor the media.” (Pitra Satvika)
  21. 21. HOW OFTENIndonesia Blogger Survey“Blogging changes over time. In theearly days, we were happy when ourpostings were read. Now, we aremore enthusiastic about writing.When we find something unique, weshare. ” (Bayu Amus)
  22. 22. Intensity increased in first year, then stabilized< 1 year(n=21)1 year (n=41) 2 years(n=43)3 years(n=27)4 years(n=28)5 years andmore (n=16)33%58% 54%31% 36%22%38%25% 30%27% 14%22%29%18% 16%42%50% 56%More Less SameIntensity and frequency of blogging compared to years of blogging
  23. 23. Reasons for change in intensity & frequencyQ: Compared to when you were just started writing your blog, in whatways have the intensity and frequency changed?Reasons for more• Need to share experiences• Wider network• More spare time• Easier internet connection• Greater interest in blogging• Need to develop online businessReasons for less• Workload• Lack of ideas• Limited internet connection• Bored• Occupied with other onlineactivities / social media42%29%
  24. 24. Most bloggers actively update their blogs in the first 2 yearsQ: How often do you update your blog per month (if you have more than 1blog, please answer with the most frequent time)?Base: all respondents0%10%20%30%40%50%60%< 1 year 1 year 2 years 3 years 4 years 5 years and moreOften52%Rarely56%Often44%Often42%Rarely46%Often55%55% of all bloggersoften update theirblogs
  25. 25. Updating blogs is opportunity-driven21%43%43%47%58%Blogging is part ofroutine activitiesRespond to currenteventsShare interestinginformationShare latestinformationMaintain blogactivityReasons for updating blogQ: How often do you update your blog per month (if you have more than 1blog, please answer with the most frequent time)? What are your mainreasons for updating your blog or adding a new entry to your blog?Base: all respondentsBloggers withlower intensityrarely updatetheir blogs(59%)Bloggers withhigher intensityactively updatetheir blogs•Often 59%•Very often 21%
  26. 26. SUCCESS METRICSIndonesia Blogger Survey“To me, blogging is done withpassion and from the inside…soits success is not a concern.”(Wicaksono)
  27. 27. Notmonitor46%Monitor54%Monitoring of own blogQ: Do you intentionally monitor the traffic and page views of your blog?(please mention your reasons)Entrepreneurs (80%) andprofessionals (85%) havehigher interest in monitoringtheir blog’s trafficBase: all respondents“It’s not importantto monitor myblogs.” (68%)Curious about number ofvisitors (44%)Curious about visitorpreferences (29%)Curious about visitor profiles(13%)Curious about influence ofblog on visitors (7%)Reasons for monitoring:“Don’t knowhow to do it.”(12%)Male (63%)Female (37%)
  28. 28. Success measures are quantitativeQ: Please rank 3 things from the list below that you consider to be the topfactors for measuring the success of your blog.Factors to measure blogs• Numbers of unique visitors 66%• Numbers of comments 56%• Numbers of RSS subscribers 18%39% think it’s notimportant tomeasure theirblogs’ successBase: all respondents
  29. 29. SOURCES OF INFORMATIONIndonesia Blogger Survey“Traditional media remain themore trusted sources ofinformation because, unlike blogs,they are formal institutions.”(Romi Satrio Wahono)
  30. 30. Trusted sources of information11%19%25%25%30%31%32%49%57%60%77%TabloidsRadioSocial networking sitesMailing listsMagazinesCorporate websitesCommunity forumsBlogsTVNews portalsNewspapersBase: all respondentsQ: When searching for information, which type of media do you think arethe most reliable for providing accurate information?Traditional media•Have reliable sources and research•Provide more accurate info•InstitutionalizedBlogs•From “a person like me”•Has detailed behind-the-scene info•More varied and creative in topics•Free of “interests”“News portals are more trustedthan blogs because bloggers lackthe resources to undertakeproper research for theirpostings.“ (Endah Sulwesi)
  31. 31. Topics searched & trusted blogs7%9%9.70%15%18%21%31%34%37%43%PersonalSportsHealthPoliticsCulinaryReligion/spiritualEntertainmentTravelingSocial and human interestTechnologyBase: all respondentsQ: Which topic do you usually search from other blogs? For each topic thatyou chose for, please specify the most reliable blogs (provide mostaccurate/useful information)Most bloggers tend tosearch blogs that discussthe same topics as theirs“We live in the world where everything is neededin real time. When you look for rumors, go toKaskus. If you want more credible information, goto the online version of traditional media, then trythe blogs for more detailed info.”(Romi Satrio Wahono)
  32. 32. Influence of blogs on readersQ: In the following statements, you are required to provide a score foreach statement based on your opinion about the level of influence of yourblog (Top 4 Box)18%28%29%30%37%Articles in my blog attract readers to subscribeArticles in my blog motivate readers to take actionReaders forward my articles to other peopleOther bloggers link to or quote my articlesArticles in my blog might be able to influence readersto have the same opinion“No easy way to determinethe credibility of news inblogs, unless we know theblogger.” (Enda Nasution)
  33. 33. What bloggers say about the influence of blogs& their role as endorsersInsights from in-depth interviews with influential bloggers“It’s okay for companies to pay bloggers asendorsers, as long as the bloggers are honestand inform readers that the postings aresponsored.” (Wicaksono)“What most bloggers cannot do: beobjective, undertake proper research andinvestment to develop stories, and obtainlegal support.” (Enda Nasution)“Traditional media are highly influenced byadvertisers, so blogs or online forums are morebelievable.” (Pitra Satvika)“As an academic and researcher, I have to be neutraland impartial – if I endorse certain parties, this will be aconflict of interests.” (Romy Satrio Wahono)
  34. 34. 2009 IndonesiaBlogger SurveyThank You