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Presentation pk 2013 large eng

  1. 1.
  2. 2.“improving your business”
  3. 3. Consultation, auditing and training for tourism and the hospitality sector.We work in 10 different countries for 500 clients
  4. 4.
  5. 5. 50 professionals at your servicebiology, chemistry, veterinary science, environmental studies, food science and technology, tourism, hotel and catering, marketing, psychology, languages etc….working to improve your business
  6. 6. InternationalProfessional PublicLiability InsurancePolicy with a cover of 2.000.000€
  7. 7.
  8. 8. preverisk.comWe guarantee the health of your clients and prevent claims, fines or even business closures Preventative plans adapted to your needs•Food safety (HACCP)•Recreational water safety•Legionella prevention•Norovirus prevention
  9. 9. preverisk.comCreation of Manuals and Specialised DocumentationAudit ReportsSamplingTrainingInvestigation and control of outbreaks
  10. 10.“preverisk collaborates with ABTA & FTO in the Health & Safety Technical Guide”
  11. 11.“We can manage the claims made by your guestsregarding health and illnessin their holiday destinations”We will reduce the economic compensation and costs orginating from the claims”
  12. 12. hotelclaim.comManagement andhandling of the claim(including the technicalreports for defence)until the case isclosed, in some casesthis can take up to 5years.
  13. 13. We help you to makeimprovements based on your clients perceptions. Many clients are unclear onhow to define quality, but stillmake assessments based on their perceptions . Measure → Result → Training to improve
  14. 14. equtel.com2 stagesMeasure client satisfactionQuestionnaireOnline reputationMystery shopperTrainingAnalyse needs → Design training plan → Carry outtraining → Results
  15. 15. “Your commitment to sustainable development”Tourism which respects the natural, cultural, social and economical environment of a community
  16. 16. travelifecolletion.comWhat is TraveLife?International certificationwhich improves yourcommitment andresponsibility towardsthe environment and thesocial community.Why TraveLife?It is the only eco-label promoted by the leading TourOperators and associations from:Canada Denmark Finland France Germany Netherlands Norway Sweden Switzerland United KingdomCommercial advantages
  17. 17.“We improve client satisfaction through thegastronomy offered in your establishment” “We help to make improvements regarding image,service, trends, costs and quality of production”
  18. 18.“Our objective is to provide the required knowledge insuch a way that it becomes a competitive andpromotional value that can help to attract new guests as well as retain current ones” Food Allergies and Healthy Eating
  19. 19. nutriqook.comWhat is a food allergy?It is a reaction of the immune system associated to foodWork plan?Training in the prevention of culinary contaminationRevision of menus.Design of new dishes and menus
  20. 20. nutriqook.comWhat is healthy eating?It is the correct provision of nutrientsto our bodiesWork Plan?Training in:a. Choosing healthy foodb. Culinary appearancec. IngredientsAn audit of your present culinarytechniques will be carried out to lookfor areas for improvement
  21. 21. =RESULTS (integration of services + experience + creativity)=(made-to-measure projects) =(unbeatable quality/price)
  22. 22. “our cerficates help you to inform your clients aboutyour values and benefits to them”