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Kitchen tools
Kitchen tools
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  1. 1. Kitchen Equipment & Utensils
  2. 2. Paring knife Small knife to peel fruit Also good for slicing or chopping tiny foods
  3. 3. Serving spoon Also comes in slotted version- which can be used to serve foods cooked in liquid
  4. 4. Serrated Knife Saw-tooth blade Used to cut breads and pastry without crushing them
  5. 5. Liquid Measuring Cups Liquid ingredients only! Available in various sizes Metric & English
  6. 6. Pastry Blender Used to CUT-IN fats into dry ingredients Also good for smashing foods like potatoes, bananas, and avocadoes
  7. 7. Graters Used to shred or grate foods such as cheese or carrots
  8. 8. Vegetable Brush Used to scrub vegetables and fruits- to remove dirt and pesticides
  9. 9. Muffin tins Come in a variety of sizes Grease individual cups, or use with paper liners
  10. 10. Can Opener To open lids on cans
  11. 11. Metal Spatula For evening off the tops of measuring cups Also work well for spreading and frosting
  12. 12. Mixing Bowls Containers to mix and blend ingredients Come in several sizes
  13. 13. Dish Drainer/Rack Drains Dishes after washing Located under sink in each kitchen
  14. 14. Rolling Pin For rolling out dough Also good for pounding and smashing of foods
  15. 15. Hand-mixer Detachable beaters Good for batters and thin doughs Heavy doughs will burn out motor
  16. 16. Turner To turn or flip food without piercing it
  17. 17. Rubber Spatula Used for scraping all of the product out of mixing bowls, etc. Used to FOLD-IN Do not use over direct heat
  18. 18. Dry Measuring Cups Dry ingredients only! Usually come nested in 1/4c., 1/3c., 1/2c. and 1c.
  19. 19. Garlic Press Most presses require you to peel the garlic clove first Also good for fresh ginger
  20. 20. Cutting Board Protects counter when cutting with a knife Can be wood, plastic and other various types of material
  21. 21. Sauce Pan Come in variety of sizes Straight sides Deep
  22. 22. Dutch Oven Large pot- many uses Got its name from the early settlers who used it for baking cakes, casseroles, etc. over an open fire place
  23. 23. Colander/Strainer To drain foods cooked in liquid To remove fat from ground beef To wash fruits and veggies Strainer has wire mesh material
  24. 24. Cooling Rack Allows for better air circulation around cooling food
  25. 25. Cake Pan Common in 8”, 9”, and 10” sizes Has straight sides Some have removable bottom
  26. 26. Saute Pan! Used to sauté, pan fry and pan broil
  27. 27. Peeler Used to pare (remove skin from) fruits and vegetables
  28. 28. Measuring Spoons Dry & liquid measurement tool Usually nested in 1/8t., 1/4t., 1/2t., 1t. and 1 T.
  29. 29. Sifter To aerate dry ingredients for baking Avoid getting the sifter wet- tap out over garbage and wipe with a clean, damp cloth
  30. 30. Baster Used for basting (adding moisture &/or flavor to foods while cooking) Also used for removing fat drippings
  31. 31. Kitchen Shears Snips foods such as vegetables, doughs and meats
  32. 32. Juicers Allows you to get more juice out of citrus fruits than squeezing by hand
  33. 33. Ladle Used for serving liquid foods and drinks
  34. 34. Food Processor Quick and convenient way to slice, shred, chop, mix, etc. Beware of very sharp blades!
  35. 35. Jelly-roll pan Basically, a cookie sheet with sides Used to make a jelly-roll cake Also good for baking foods that may emit a liquid, juice or fat
  36. 36. Cookie Sheet No sides allows for even air-flow and cooking of foods
  37. 37. Pastry Brush Used to brush on liquids such as melted fat, egg wash, or glaze Also used to apply marinade when grilling
  38. 38. Wire whisk Used to incorporate air into foods Do not use for thick batters or doughs
  39. 39. Double Boiler Cooks food over water (steam heat) rather than direct heat, which prevents scorching Great for melting chocolate & marshmallow Also used for egg & cream based sauces, puddings, etc.
  40. 40. Wooden spoons Used when stirring hot things Avoid using with colored food Avoid soaking in water Won’t scratch non- stick surfaces
  41. 41. Casserole Dish Used to bake casseroles Used in oven and microwave only!
  42. 42. Egg Separator For separating egg yolk from the egg white
  43. 43. Chef’s knife Used for slicing, dicing, chopping, etc. Curved tip allows for rocking motion which helps with speed and accuracy
  44. 44. Blender For mixing liquids Ex. Milkshakes, frozen drinks, salad dressing
  45. 45. Stand Mixer 3 attachments Wire Beater- good for thin batters Dough Hook- for mixing & kneading bread doughs Paddle- good for cookies & thick batter
  46. 46. 9x13 Pan Rectangular baking pan For cakes, brownies, etc.
  47. 47. Loaf Pan Comes in a variety of sizes For baking yeast breads, quick breads, and “meat” loaves
  48. 48. Canisters To store dry ingredients Nested in various sizes
  49. 49. Pizza Cutter To cut pizza- duh! Also good for cutting dough
  50. 50. Meat Fork To serve meat Also used as a stabilizer during slicing
  51. 51. Apple Corer-slicer Push down over apple to core and slice at one time
  52. 52. Pie Pan Recognizable by its slanted sides
  53. 53. Tube Pan Named for the air tube running up the center of pan- allows for heat circulation and even cooking Cakes are inverted on tube while cooling, for volume
  54. 54. Funnel For transferring ingredients to smaller containers Also used to make funnel cakes!
  55. 55. The End!!