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Forward unisys

  1. 1. Forward! by Secure, Scalable, Cost-effective and Mission-critical fabric
  2. 2. your IT Organization? Looking for a mission critical workloads without concerns “systems approach” to deploying a major application like SAP Security & Performance the remaining 10-50% of your IT workloads © 2013 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 2
  3. 3. Performance (44%) & Security (41%) are the biggest concerns* Between 40 – 45% are reluctant to migrate mission critical applications* 70% of SAP Production Systems run on Physical Servers Source: Aberdeen Group 65% of Unix Systems will migrate to Linux by 2017 Source Gartner 80% of Scale out ERP will migrate to Linux by 2017 Source Gartner * Based on a 2013 IDG study commissioned by Unisys © 2013 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 3
  4. 4. Forward! by Best of Physical & Virtual The Unisys™ Core Building Blocks s-Par® (Secure Partitioning) and Intel Xeon Fabric Management Certified Platform (FMP) Enterprise Windows and Linux High Speed Interconnect Military Grade Data Security Foundation Hadoop •Dedicated High Availability, Reliability and Security on Intel Xeon •Simply Unified Management Single System Dashboard •Open •Fabric based Operating Scalability, Environments Low Latency with Choice of and High Pre-configured Performance Images •Embedded Enhanced Security for Data Center •Faster Access and Analysis of Big Data for Business Intelligence
  5. 5. Introducing An innovative new way to deploy mission critical workloads via secure dedicated HW partitions on Intel Xeon based platforms running Windows and Linux environments connected with an extensible high speed fabric interconnect integrated and delivered as a system with single pane of glass management © 2013 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 5
  6. 6. Max Isolation Built from our mainframe heritage of security & scalability Unix Hard Partitioning Software/Firmware Partitioning - IBM‟s LPAR (AIX only) - Sun‟s LDOM (Solaris only) sPar ® (Windows and Linux) Type 1 (Native VMM) - ESX Server - Xen - Hyper-V Type 2 (OS hosted) - Linux KVM - MS Virtual Server - VMware Server Max Flexibility 30% Of the World‟s Cargo 5,500 150M Reservations per Second Voice Mailboxes
  7. 7. Architectural evolution from Mainframe to X86 Next generation to FABRIC & beyond Partition Size Cores Memory NIC Ports HBA Ports X-Large 14 123 GB 12 6 Large 8 82 GB 8 4 Medium 4 41 GB 4 2 Small 2 20 GB 2 2012 Introduced a multi-platform distributed OS architecture, multiple Xeon platforms connected using industry available high speed point to point interconnect 1 ClearPath Mainframe High Performance/Capacity 2013 Introduce Unisys fabric computing, a multinode infrastructure connected using a high speed switched interconnect, that is partition-able for the purpose of supporting heterogeneous Intel Xeon based applications, databases and operating environments Forward! Fabric Enterprise Windows and Linux Node Linux Linux Windows Enterprise Windows and Linux Node W/L Customer selectable configurations W/L S-Par Xeon Partitioning Unisys Intel Platform High Speed and Secure Interconnect (switched) Small ClearPath Mainframe Entry Performance/Capacity Specialty Partitions Specialty Partitions Xeon Partitioning S-Par Xeon Partitioning S-Par Xeon Partitioning Mixed Partition Sizes Large X-Large IO IO Specialty Partitions Unisys Intel Platform Operating System and Database Operating System and Database 2010 Introduced a single platform distributed OS architecture using s-Par® Xeon Platform Partitioning technology OS & DB S-Par Xeon Partitioning S-Par Xeon Partitioning S-Par Xeon Partitioning Unisys Intel Platform Unisys Intel Platform 1 of „x‟ Platforms 1 of 4 Platforms 1 Platform Architectural evolution leading up to Forward! Fabric, delivering products along the journey © 2013 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 7
  8. 8. The Best of Physical & Virtual Physical Server + Predictable Performance + Dedicated resources to one application + Application Isolation + S/W licensing „clarity‟ + Simplified management and monitoring - Typically Underutilized - 1 app / server = server sprawl - Highest cost for HW/SW maintenance/ Power/ Cooling Secure Partitioning + Predictable performance + Dedicated Resources + Processor + Memory + I/O & Storage + Partition isolation for security + Single pane of glass + - Limited OS choices - Windows 2012 / 2008 R2 - Enteprise Linux Virtualized Server + Increase workload density= fewer servers + Dynamic capacity allocation with shared resources + Good for many „non critical‟ workloads - Performance can varies by workload, time of day etc. - S/W licensing „complexity‟ - Significant management - Typically Oversubscribed One Server One Server One Server App App App App App App OS OS OS OS OS OS s-Par s-Par s-Par Application OS Hardware Dedicated CPU, I/O, Memory for each partition Virtualization Shared Hardware Resources
  9. 9. The Forward! Fabric Based Infrastructure Up to 16 nodes and 96 partitions per Fabric PLATFORM 1 W L PLATFORM 3 Unisys Secure Partitioning Intel x86-64 (VT-x) Platform PLATFORM 2 W W W L W W W Unisys Secure Partitioning High Speed Interconnect InfiniBand 56GB Switch Intel x86-64 (VT-x) Platform PLATFORM 4….16 L L W W L L Unisys Secure Partitioning Unisys Secure Partitioning Intel x86-64 (VT-x) Platform L Intel x86-64 (VT-x) Platform Partition Multiple Operation Environments Across Platforms, Geographies and the Cloud L – Linux W – Windows © 2013 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 9
  10. 10. Fabric Management • Unified Monitoring Provision & Configure Partition Management Diagnostics Simple Management Interface • Deploy Partitions in Minutes • Manage Partition Health • Platform Management Secure Partition Connectivity in memory or across servers • Definable Blue Prints to Replicate Environments • Dedicate Resources to Partitions for Predictive Performance Framework Identity and Access Mgmt Automation Audit / Logging Alerts / Events Remediation
  11. 11. How does Switch BDserver DBserver APPserver APPserver APPserver APPserver 10 GB From 18 Individual Physical Servers Average Physical Server Utilization – 5% - 15% Gartner Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Impact a typical system configuration? Challenge with Physical Infrastructure • • • • • Complex configurations High cost of infrastructure Higher licensing costs Security Issues High power, space, maintenance and administrative costs
  12. 12. The Forward! Advantage Benefits of Forward! Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Server Platform 2 Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Webserver Server Platform 1 Switch 56 GB In memory connect APPserver APPserver DBserver Server Platform 4 DBserver APPserver APPserver Server Platform 3 In memory connect Consolidate to 4 Forward! Nodes with 18 Secure Partitions Rates of consolidation will vary based on the system configuration and size • • • • Reduce servers by up to 75% Deploy and resize in minutes Reduced licensing & networking costs Physical server isolation, predictability and redundancy • Increased Security • Secure Partitions • Point to Point Network Communications • StealthTM cloaking • Increased performance • In memory connections • 4-5X faster interconnect • Reduced power, space, maintenance and administration
  13. 13. The Capabilities Reduced Complexity • Single Pane of Glass Management for simple administration • Flexible & Secure Mission Critical Partitioning • Virtually Unlimited Scalability with in-memory & high interconnect Reduced Cost • Consolidate mission critical apps without compromise – up to 6:1 • Built in security to streamline protection saving up to 36% • Reduced Risk • Secure partitions to protect data & comply with regulations • Protect data at rest & in motion • Advanced security with integrated StealthTM Leverage Cost Effective Intel Xeon Technology
  14. 14. The Use Case of Secure partitioning – mixed workloads • Increase workload density with predictable performance • Dedicated Resources – Processor, Memory, I/O and Storage • Partition isolation for • Scale-up and scale-out storage One Server App App App for near-unlimited growth in performance and data capacity OS OS OS • Dedicated, Storage Partition for s-Par s-Par s-Par Dedicated CPU, I/O, Memory for each partition security • Single pane of glass = simplified management and monitoring Fabric-based computing Storage Partition Storage Partition Storage Partition • Right sized for workloads each s-Par or COI – Multi-protocol I/O ports, LUNs and/or Flexible Volumes isolated from all other s-Pars and COIs • Each Storage Partition is rightsized and scalable • Common management tools across all models in storage family Multiple storage vendors supported Secure, Virtualized Scale-Out Storage • Right-sized for capacity and performance • Enterprise-proven Five 9s reliability
  15. 15. The Use Case of Accelerate UNIX to LINUX migrations Service Available Service Request Weeks or Months Traditional Design and Size DC Planning Detailed Design Procure X With Forward! • • • • Reference BoM Validated design Secure deployment Performance test plan > 50% Faster DC Planning Deploy Procure Deploy Test Service Available Benefits • Rapid deployment of applications • Shared pools meet most requirements Procure Test X Pre-provisioned Infrastructure Platform DC Planning Deploy Test Service Available • • • • • Agile service delivery Higher productivity Faster deployment Predictable performance Stealth and Communities of Interest
  16. 16. Migration Service Oracle (PeopleSoft/JDEdwards/Hyperion) Transportation Government Banking/FSS Transportation Telco Government SAP ERP/CRM/SCM/FMS/PLM/BI SAP Oracle (PeopleSoft/JDEdwards/Hyperion) IBM WebSphere / Oracle WebLogic / SAP NetWeaver / Red Hat Jboss / Microsoft .NET Application Server IBM WebSphere / Oracle WebLogic / SAP NetWeaver Database System Oracle DB / IBM DB2 Operating System HP-UX / IBM AIX / Oracle Solaris System Software (Partitioning, Interconnect) HP n-Par / IBM L-Par Oracle VM for Sparc (Ldoms) Ethernet Interconnect Unisys S-Par, High Speed Interconnect SPoG System Management (opt. Stealth, Hadoop instance) Processor Architecture Itanium / Power / Sparc Intel Xeon VT-x / VT-d Unix Stack Migration Services Oracle DBMS / IBM DB2 / Microsoft SQL Server / MySQL / Red Hat Linux / SuSe Linux / Microsoft Windows Forward Stack Unisys Support and Services Application Vendor ERP/CRM/SCM/PLM/FMS/BI Unix System Vendor Support and Services Application Type Banking/FSS Industry Focus Telco System Integrator System Integrator
  17. 17. The Use Case of SAP Migration and consolidation • Save 25 – 33% through server consolidation reducing servers and licensing1 • Reduce Servers by 75%2 • Up to 45% project timeline savings for SAP upgrade2 • SAPS performance improvement via high speed interconnect across multi-nodes • Predictability of application performance for Unix like RAS with better Price/Performance3 • TCO Application Environments – – – – – 39% lower TCO for Oracle 55% lower TCO for SAP 30% lower TCO for Exchange 44% lower TCO for file 35% lower TCO for archive • Operational Efficiency – 50% less rack space – 52% less power – 51% lower heat • Ideal Architecture for HANA based applications modules 1 Oliver Wyman report: Growing Importance of Development and Test Solutions in SAP Environments Oliver Wyman report: SAP Total Cost Comparison 3 Oliver Wyman Study: Making Green IT a Reality 2
  18. 18. Reference SAP migration Migrated SAP ERP applications from an IBM Power 770 mainframe running the Unix-based AIX operating system to a lower-cost Forward! CEO M. Battistoni: “The Forward! platform showed Aspasiel a cost-efficient way to benefit from the power of the Unisys secure partitioning technology on an industry-standard Intel platform while retaining the security and predictable performance we’ve come to expect from our RISC-Unix- system” “The Forward! platform helps set the stage for a future transition to the SAP HANA environment so we can realize the benefits of big data for our business.”
  19. 19. Stealth Today‟s just isn‟t good enough
  20. 20. is a Cryptographic Bit Splitting Technology (CBST) Solution that can run in every endpoint It makes communication endpoints “dark” on a network Unisys Stealth solution for networks achieved EAL-4+ certification from the National Security Agency (NSA) as a secure solution for protecting data-in-motion across any network – public or private. This qualifies Unisys Stealth to protect U.S. Defense Department data classified up to the „SECRET‟ level. So users and assets are to all unauthorized parties inside and outside the enterprise
  21. 21. Unisys Stealth - Windows XP System Isolation Segregate Automation and Process Control Problem: XP Security Patches terminated for A&PC Devices Microsoft will terminate cost-effective support for Windows XP operating systems in April 2014, but these workstations may need to be deployed for years to come. Automation and Process Control devices pose a greater risk for compromise because of their specialty uses to monitor and/or control critical processes (e.g. power generation). Certain security requirements state that cyber security risks associated with process control systems can be significantly mitigated by segmenting or isolating A&PC systems on the network. Solution: • Deploy Unisys Stealth to segregate XP assets from the rest of the network • Mitigate risk associated with network connectivity while not receiving security updates for legacy OS’s • Employ network segregation to: - Darken the segregated systems Business App Server Special Processing Systems Stealth Protected Automation and Process Control Workstations - Business Workstations from would-be attackers so they are not discoverable via typical network scanning techniques Allow access to core IT Services Restrict access to Internet • Increase security and eliminate XP maintenance expense
  22. 22. Forward! Summarized Protecting Applications and Data Secure Partitioning • Isolate applications through secure partitions segmenting the environments into smaller containers to limit vulnerability VM shares resources globally…a breach impacts all) Software Driven Secure Networking • Isolate traffic through out of band secure communications between partitions and nodes eliminating hijacking (Standard • Eliminate unauthorized external communications through out of band configurations • Prevent VM aware viruses with low profile partitions and managed boot configurations • Define each platform, part or port through fabric management and partitioning group membership for secure trusted connections • Strict switching fabric requiring direct addressing to secure traffic Hardened Operating Environments • Center of Internet Security (CIS) benchmarks based standard configurations • Automate hardening operating system best practices for consistent commissioning • Simplified operating system administration to adjust and modify security settings Purpose Built LAN Security • Forward! management and monitoring are out of band and not available for hijacking from other LANs • Clear text data exchange between Forward! services and application execution never exposing information to other LANs • StealthTM Option to Cloak end points, data and servers © 2013 Unisys Corporation. All rights reserved. 22 22