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Tomorrow's Wearables


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Wearables are said to be the next computing frontier. However, the smart wristbands and other wearables of today are beset with lack of functionality beyond step counting.
This presentation takes us into the future of wearable technology which will enables us to monitor our health, administer medication on-the-go, and potentially transforme today's health care systems.

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Tomorrow's Wearables

  1. 1. + Tomorrow’s Wearables Toward an era of mobile wellness and care Eddy Lee, PhD
  2. 2. + The History of Wearables 3D Accelerometer Heart Rate GPS 1980 Mid 1980s Early 1990s Mid 1990s Late 1990s 2000s Steven Mann and augmented reality
  4. 4. + $4.6 billion market in 2014 3D Accelerometer Heart Rate Motion co-processor challenges wristbands Basis acquired for $100 million Apple Watch began shipping in April $3.1 billion Estimated IPO valuation Today: Wristbands
  5. 5. + Today: Headbands Brainwave sensing headbands help you monitor your Mood and improve attention span & Focus
  6. 6. + Today: Eyewear Augmented reality complement live views $2B acquisition by Facebook for virtual reality
  7. 7. +Meta Glasses Meta is the next generation of smart glasses
  8. 8. Future Wearables TRENDS AND TECHNOLOGY
  9. 9. + Future Trends Product will serve different age groups or specific needs Trend 1: Niche markets Trend 2: Mobile & Therapeutic Product will provide 24/7 assistance, and replace certain visits to the clinic
  10. 10. + Wearables for the aged Exoskeleton that helps elderly Stock price surged 178% on opening day
  11. 11. + Smart Clothes for Fitness & Daily Lives 3D Accelerometer Heart Rate GPS Shirts made of smart fibers to measure you heart rate, ECG, skin temperature and muscle activity with electrode sensors
  12. 12. + Smart Tattoos for the Truly Mobile Super-thin electronics communicate with devices, and measure muscle and brain activities. Google patent application
  13. 13. + Wearables for Babies E-textile that monitors baby’s sleeping position, temperature, heart rate, oxygen levels and wet diapers
  14. 14. + How young is too young?
  15. 15. +Scanadu Lab-At-Home can replace doctor visits
  16. 16. + Wearables for Chronic Conditions Tiggerfish intraocular pressure, powered by induction circuits, made from graphene and silver nanowires display. Contacts measure glucose-level in tears Contact lenses that slowly release pain killers, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatory drugs
  17. 17. + Wearables for Neuromodulation Thync targets nerves and facial muscles to modulate alertness, and emotion ReliefBand, FDA-approved electrically relieve nausea, and vomiting
  18. 18. + Wearables for Drug Compliance Future platforms will track drug metabolism. Proteus is a drug adherence platform based on an ingestible sensor made of magnesium and copper
  19. 19. + Wearables to see our insides SmartPill is an intestinal sensor that measures pressure, pH, temperature and gases as it travels through the gastrointestinal (GI) tract.
  20. 20. + Pre-natal diagnosis by attracting fetal stem cells to arm patch Wearables for Pre-natal Checkup Eddy Lee et al. Molecular Human Reproduction
  21. 21. How do we get there AKA WHAT INVESTORS ARE LOOKING FOR
  22. 22. +Needed: Cross-Disciplinary Science System Design SmartPills Chemistry Health ScienceWireless Pill Data Science
  23. 23. +Needed: Cognition Science Analytic companies that offer cognition-as-a-service or CaaS Virtual Assistant provides 24/7 chronic disease management. IBM’s Watson understands human languages
  24. 24. +Needed: Genetic Diagnosis We will need miniature devices to detect RNA, proteomics at home Xu et al from Harvard Science 2015 High throughput screening
  25. 25. +Needed: Biological energy NanoRibbons let beating hearts power their own pacemakers Glucose-driven lenses has electronics to derive power from blood
  26. 26. + The Message Interdisciplinary Miniaturization Continuous Diagnosis Therapeutic Mobile & 24/7 Data Science
  27. 27. Acknowledgements Davis Masten Walter de Brouwer Julia Hu David Sze Pierre Fournier Collin West Kevin Talbot
  28. 28. + Bios Eddy Lee, PhD Head of Investments at Fenox Venture Capital Consulting Professor at Stanford University Eddy Lee, PhD invests in IT and Health Tech startups.To date, he has invested in more than 50 startups predominately in the US, Singapore and Indonesia. Investment areas include mobile health, big data and marketplaces. Apart from establishing enterprise partnerships, supporting product development, and enabling M&A exits of portfolio companies, Eddy helps startups enter international markets such as the US, Japan, Singapore and Indonesia. He is also a board member at which provides virtual doctor consultation. At a concurrent appointment at Stanford University, Eddy serves as a Consulting Professor at the School of Medicine, where he connects academic projects with commercial opportunities. During his research career at Stanford, Singapore and Australia, he devised medical imaging technology for visualizing stem cell migration and therapy. And while at Marvell and Lucent, he designed semiconductor circuits for high speed communications. Eddy completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Stanford University, and holds a Ph.D in Bioengineering and a B.Eng in Electrical Engineering. He has been an invited speaker at international conferences.
  29. 29. Thank You eddysmlee @eddysmlee Eddy Lee, PhD