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Kid a introduction presentation


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Kid a introduction presentation

  1. 1. Kid A
  2. 2. • Kid A is the 4th album by the English Alternative Rock band Radiohead. • Although the band orignally had this type of genre, Kid A set out a new style for the band; by producing electronic sound qualities to their music. • Most easily seen, and the best example of this, is the title track Kid A. • The song inside fufills the hollow, dense and spooky atmosphere the album has, and paints a picture of a sparcely populated, gloomy setting. In my main idea, I wish to make this picture visible. • The video has many clips from the film Empire of The Sun. As this is a film centered around WW2, this apocloyptic image is what also is aimed for in the final pruduct image wise. Background History To The Orgins of The Music
  3. 3. My Project • My Project will be based off the Project 7; A short 5 minute movie. Luckily, Kid A is roughly 5 minutes long. My basic idea is to create a music video for the song. I am aiming for this to be a stop motion animation, created out of anything from clay, plastercene, or any inanimate object. I also will design a poster magazine review Looking at many different media formats for inspiration, I will attempt to show different critereas in the movie shown:
  4. 4. • This is what made me have the inspiration of making this video reality. But other things related to the band have alos guided me to what I wish to have inside the film, and it’s target audience… This is the band’s album cover for the album Kid A. Here, the reason why I wish to articulate this in my Finished product is for two reasons. Firstly, the cover Already sets the correct landscape for what I believe relates to the title track. This collage-like look is what I think will suit the music that will accummpany the video. No only this, but this cover will help suit to the target audiecne. Although this dark, ambient tone will not appeal to younger audiences, fans of the band will be appeased by it’s refrences to the cover. The average age of a fan of Radiohead is also of a more maturer age, and so will also broaden the set target audience. This cover has let me understand what my overall theme for my poster should be. Having a
  5. 5. • This is a link to a music video by Animal Collective named ‘ .’ • I believe this to be a inspiration to my finished project, as the amount of contrasts that are used in the video appeals to me very well. The idea of having visible lights being used in the video will be used in my project, as since it will be a mostly dark feature, many parts will be needed to be occiasioanlly brighter than others. An idea of occasional colour being used is also something I’d be interesting in trying to do in effects. The amount of colours going on in this video has helped me think of this idea.
  6. 6. This is the the Film Poster for the 1977 David Lynch film ‘Eraserhead.’ As of the very low film budget (something I will also have!) not only do I take the abstract, and lo-fi lighting effects as something I have found an inspiration for my product, but as this had it’s poor budget, it had to have a simplistic poster. The dominant image is clearly the man’s face, but as it is clearly abstract and takes up most of the poster, this makes the audience understand it’s intended genre. As it is only one image, this also has a more sparce atmosphere. In my poster, I also wish to try and create a desolate feel, and although I don’t intend just to have one image, I wish to try and make the audience understand the experimental look as easy as possible.
  7. 7. Empty Spaces – Pink Floyd • This is a link to a scene from the Pink Floyd movie The Wall. In this dark animation, the theme of it all is taking apart the modern world, such as modern equipment ‘cars, guitars’ ect… • These features in the video will also be slightly taken for my poster. The main Mise-En-Scene will be industrail bits and pieces corrupted.
  8. 8. Uncut – Review of I Am Legend When researching inspirations from a Magzine review, I uncovered a photo of Uncut’s review of I Am Legend. What made me interested in what the editors done here, is how they used the dominant image to show not only the acting of a scene from the film, but the creators of the film in the midst of making the film. As I Am Legend is a rather tenebrous film, I feel that this will relate to my final product. As of this, the review I will do in my final product will also show Behind- The-Scenes footage, as well as showing the ongoing’s in the film.
  9. 9. The White Stripes – Fell In Love With A Girl This is the music video by The White Stripes. Afarom this video, I very much liked how the creator used many different camera angles to show different aspects of what was happening. There is many uses of establishing shots not only for showing how the video changes in many different ways, but allows the viewer to allocate the surreal landscapes. Through this, this has allowed me to think about how I will edit and use different angles for my product, and my overall angle for my poster.
  10. 10. Aphex Twin - 4 This is a fan-made music video created by David Firth. What drawn me to this work was the huge amount of different quick edits that incorporated a lot of different scenery. What he does in this video that I also will do, is having the edits work togather with the music. For example, 4 has the frantic beats playing alongside the edits, which gived it a strange, but compellign nature which I hope my product will also achieve in doing.
  11. 11. EMI • EMI is the company that owns the song Kid A. I will be contacting them by asking if I can have the priviledge of using the song. If it all goes to plan, EMI also develop music videos. Hyperthetically, I would ask EMI to help fund my video.