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Overview of LBS for the Enterprise


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Rip Gerber, President & CEO of LOC-AID, the world’s first and largest LaaS (Location-as-a-Service) provider, presented an overview of LBS for the Enterprise and discussed the demand drivers behind it. The LOC-AID presentation was at the Florida Venture Capital Conference which showcased companies that are capable of producing high rates of return for their investors.

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Overview of LBS for the Enterprise

  1. 1. LOC-AID Technologies Location Matters™ Florida Venture Forum February 2011
  2. 2. Any device, any network, any location need LOC-AID 100% OF EVERY MOBILE FOR ANY LOCATES NETWORK DEVICE LOCATION LOC-AID works LOC-AID has built LOC-AID can reach LOC-AID can locate everywhere. the largest global 100% of network. over 500 million Indoors or outdoors. carrier footprint for For any mobile devices. GPS or CELL-ID. location data application. No GPS chip* needed. High accuracy or access. No app download. Instant Locate No user action. On any platform – 2G, 3G and 4G. The world’s largest location gateway for enterprise LBS2 * Over 80% of wireless devices are not “smart.”
  3. 3. Why LOC-AID matters Disruptive technology Tollbooth for enterprise LBS $150M LBS enabler3
  4. 4. How Do You Own Mobile Location? 1. Lock up Supply-Side Build an inter-carrier gateway 2. Lead on Demand-Side Focus on enterprise apps 3. Drive Volume, Value & Voice Lead on Privacy and Location Service4
  5. 5. Phase 1: Build the platform in Miami  LOC-AID’s platform is hosted in Miami, a Tier-IV facility with N+2 power and cooling infrastructure with Terremark  Miami has been ranked as one of the top-five best interconnected cities in the world (ahead of San Francisco)  LOC-AID selected Miami for its numerous telecommunications carrier facilities, fiber loops, international cable landings and multiple power grids.
  6. 6. Phase 1: Lock up network supply 90M 48M 34M 92M 7M 58M 8M 7M 2005-2008 2009 2010 2011 US: 14M 120M Commercially Available Int’l: 42M Connection Underway 7M MOU/Contract Total Locatable Subs (MM) 7 14 62 120 120 120 212 302 344 400 407 527 Markets Cum. % of market 31% 63% 18% 72% 83% 98% 96% 100%6
  7. 7. Phase 1: Build an inter-carrier gateway7
  8. 8. Phase 1: Achieve cost advantage LOC-AID Xchange Gateway Technology Investment • $10M dollars and 180 man-years in R&D, development and engineering Stability • Two redundant systems • Hosted in Tier IV data center • 99.99% uptime • Real-time alerting to operations team Scalability • Standard platforms and open standards • Virtualization and load balancing built in • Low-cost platform and business model • Increasing volumes drive operating efficiencies Security • Extensive privacy framework already built • Passed “blind” carrier audit in Q1 2010 Intellectual Property • One patent issued, four pending8
  9. 9. Phase 1: Locate any device Network-Based App-Based US Addressable Subs 290 M 50 M Adoption Hurdle NO DOWNLOAD App Install, User Action iPhone, Android, BB, Platform-specific App NONE: ALL DEVICES Win, Symbian Speed 0-6 Sec 15-35 Sec Accuracy 5 – 500m 5 – 100m Indoor Coverage YES NO Downtown Coverage Ubiquitous Spotty Battery Drain NONE Severe9
  10. 10. How Do You Own Mobile Location? 1. Lock up Supply-Side Build an inter-carrier gateway 2. Lead on Demand-Side Focus on enterprise apps 3. Drive Volume, Value & Voice Lead on Privacy and Location Service10
  11. 11. Phase 2: Make it easy for developers Single API accesses any mobile device on any carrier network One price per locate One contract One point-of-contact Developer certification and app on-boarding Privacy management per CTIA Guidelines11 Copyright © 2009, LOC-AID Corporation. Confidential - do not copy or distribute 4
  12. 12. Phase 2: Simplify the demo12 Copyright © 2010, LOC-AID Technologies. Patents pending, all rights reserved. Confidential - Do Not Copy or Distribute
  13. 13. Phase 2: Focus on enterprise LBS Demand drivers of Enterprise LBS. Value of a location look-up  Mobile fraud management Fraud Prevention New  Authentication and verification Authentication business  Resource tracking models Verification  Monitoring “presence” Analytics  Employee monitoring Cost Tracking Savings  Asset tracking Mobile Mktg  M2M Geoservices  Proximity mobile marketing Revenue  Mobile analytics Consumer Apps and  Consumer geo-service Gaming customer growth  Hyper-local search Social networks  Privacy management 0 1 2 3 4 5 Market value per ping Source: Merrill Lynch, Frost & Sullivan, Berg Insight and LOC-AID analysis; April 2010.13
  14. 14. Phase 2: Build Pipeline As of Q4 2010 Cloaked. Because we don’t know all of you (yet).2009 2010 2011
  15. 15. How Do You Own Mobile Location? 1. Lock up Supply-Side Build an inter-carrier gateway 2. Lead on Demand-Side Focus on enterprise apps 3. Drive Volume, Value & Voice Lead on Privacy and Location Service15
  16. 16. Phase 3: Beyond gateway services CARRIERS ENTERPRISE CONSUMERS Monetize capacity Increase app value Privacy management On-ramp apps Mobile ROI/CRM LBS-centricity Counter Google/Apple “Presence” disruption Tracking Data Mining Focus Focus Focus Build Platform Differentiation Universal access Lock Up Supply New LBS Tools Data monetization Integrate billing Pricing Advantage Market insight Connect to Carrier Networks Build Customers and Drive Traffic Add Features and Grow Profits16
  17. 17. Phase 3: Beyond locates = privacy17
  18. 18. Phase 3: Gateway + privacy = ∑insight Carriers Enterprise$12bn $12bn Process Access Services Control System Insight18
  19. 19. Experienced wireless team in placeRIP GERBER TOM STAHL DAVID ALLEN RON ZARAGOZAPresident & CEO Chief Operating Officer Technology Sales • COO: Telephia (Nielsen • Original team, location • Head of Business Mobility:• EVP/CMO: Intellisync (Nokia acquired for $440M) standard, Qualcomm Nokia (to AT&T, VZW, Cisco) acquired for $510M) • Wireless ops exec at Bell • Director-Location Products: • Int’l Sales Director: Tellabs• CMO/CSO: Commtouch, (IPO) South SnapTrack (Qualcomm (EMEA & LA)• Senior mgmt roles at Digitas, acquired for $1B) • Systems analyst: Mitre • Midwest Branch Sales Deloitte, American Express • Director, Samsung, Motorola Manager: Lucent • Fluent in Mandarin• Process engineer: Firestone • BS Eng, Purdue; MBA, Illinois • BS Acctg., Western Illinois • BS Eng, Duke; MBA, Haas• BS Eng, Virginia; MBA, • 23 years experience • 22 years experience Harvard • 22 years experience• 23 years experienceNAOMI MORITA JEFF ALLYN SHAULI CHAUDHURIDevelopment Product Mgmt. Marketing• VP Service Delivery, iLoop • Product head for VZNavigator • VP, Global Marketing: Phoenix Mobile Technology (PTEC) • Product head VZW Network-• Product Manager for Family Initiated APIs • Director, Software Marketing Minder (Autodesk) for Nokia Enterprise Mobility • Product leadership –• IVR Dev for TellMe, acquired maintained and grew multi- • Director Mktg.: Intellisync, by Microsoft billion dollar portfolio Mitek• BS IEOR Berkeley, MS Applied • 15 years experience • MA, Ohio State Univ., MBA, Math Santa Clara San Jose State• 18 years experience • 18 years experience19
  20. 20. Backed by leading venture capital and private equity Intersouth Partners is one of the most active and experienced venture capital firms in the Southeast, having invested in more than 100 private companies. Founded in 1985, Intersouth manages $780 million in seven venture capital limited partnerships, making it the largest venture capital fund in North Carolina and one of the largest in the Southeast. John Glushik, General Partner, is a director on the LOC-AID board. H.I.G. Growth Partners is the dedicated growth capital investment affiliate of H.I.G. Capital, a leading global private equity investment firm with over $8.5 billion of capital under management, with over 250 investments across a wide range of industries and transactional dynamics. John Kim, Managing Director, is a director on the LOC-AID board. Hamilton Lane provides private equity asset management services with over $107 billion in total assets under management and supervision, including over $15 billion for managed accounts and $49 billion in commitments to non-U.S. funds, principally in Western Europe and the Asia Pacific region. Greg Baty, Vice President, is a board observer for LOC-AID.20
  21. 21. Unfair Advantages Lowest cost operating platform Largest gateway globally Distribution strategy lock-up Pricing and “margin lock”21
  22. 22. Why LOC-AID matters Disruptive technology Tollbooth for enterprise LBS $150M LBS enabler22
  23. 23. LOC-AID Technologies Location Matters™ Rip Gerber President & CEO23