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on line wealth take a look. http://goo.gl/5UCHY

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on line wealth

  1. 1. ==== ====on line wealthon line wealth here you go. http://goo.gl/5UCHY==== ==== Pay per Click (PPC) is the best way to advertise. It is a goldmine but only if used properly.Some marketers have the wrong perception about PPC and tend to make the worst mistakes. The most common Pay per Click mistake that almost everyone makes is not targeting thekeywords. This is common with new Pay per Click marketers, who usually think any keyword isusable. Using the wrong keywords will be very costly in your PPC campaign. When you use the simple keywords, you are putting yourself in a dangerous position. Marketerswho have been in the game for a long time will quickly use your weakness to knock you out of thegame. Do not choose a keyword just because the volume of traffic is huge. Find the least commonkeywords as those overused words might cost you more than you will earn. Break the keywordsinto small-targeted groups. Another Pay per Click mistake that is being made by marketers is using the home page as thelanding page. In your PPC campaign, your potential clients will click on your ad, the decision ofwhere to direct them lies in your hands. Most marketers have a tendency of directing their traffic tothe home page. The home page is not the landing page. By using the keyword, clients havealready become specific on what they need. Your home page is like a big department store. Yourclients will ask where you place your tinned fish and you will tell them somewhere in the store.The landing page is basically that page where you present what your client is looking for from yourwebsite. This is the page where there is a tight focus on the keyword. Clients are most likely tomake a purchase when they become satisfied with the specificity of your landing page. Another common PPC mistake is crowding the landing page. Some business owners want to put anumber of products and services on one landing page. Your PPC ad should be specific to yourlanding page. A potential client may become confused about what it is that you are really offering ifyou crowd the landing page. The client may just wonder whether you are the right site that he orshe is looking for when seeing other products and services that are not related to the keywords.The best way to turn your prospects into your clients is to customise your landing page. You caneven use a video to appeal as much as possible to your prospective client.No matter which search engine you are using whether it is Yahoo! or Google, you should strive tosecure a top placement. From research it has been noted that the top three positions have themost clicks. All the search engines have their own way of determining the position that your addeserves. Some of the search engines look at the relevancy as well as bid price of the ad. Foryour PPC ad to be the most relevant, make sure your keywords are very specific to the product orservice that you are offering. You need to thoroughly research on the best keywords. This can bedone with the aid of a keyword search tool like Wordtracker.
  2. 2. Now you can confidently go out there and get people clicking away!To learn more about MLM strategies and Erics latest opportunity visithttp://www.bankeasycash.comEric Cole is well known as one of the top offline and online six figure income marketers in theUnited Kindgom. Eric also works closely with entrepreneurs from around the world and is also anin demand consultant to new and established network marketing companies. Eric devotes most ofhis time and effort into helping average people to have wealth, success and time freedom in theirlives.Article Source:http://EzineArticles.com/?expert=Eric_Cole==== ====on line wealthon line wealth here you go. http://goo.gl/5UCHY==== ====