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Health & Fitness : Exercise & Fitness


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get fit.

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Health & Fitness : Exercise & Fitness

  1. 1. ==== ====Visual Impact - A Workout For The Lean Hollywood look!work out. ====The best way to get ripped is not by doing many repetitions of low weight as you may have beentold. It all depends on the kind of exercises you do and the amount of work in your workout. Let meexplain...If you are doing sit ups the range of motion and the amount of weight that is moved is not as greatas doing a dumb bell snatch moving a 40lb weight from the floor to above your head. Or, if you arecurling a certain amount of weight you are just moving that weight from your hips to your chest. Ifyou take that same weight and clean and jerk it from the floor to your chest and then over yourhead you are moving it significantly farther and exerting significantly more effort.In fact, you are exerting so much effort that you actually throw your body into a metabolic shockthat causes you to become a calorie burning furnace for days after the workout and this is what itsall about. You see, to be considered ripped men need to get down to under 10% body fat andwomen need to get below 16%.To do this you need to do the right kind of exercises. These are referred to as compoundexercises that work multiple muscle groups such as the bench press, dips, pull ups, chin ups,dead lift, squats, lunges and others.Lets take a closer look. If you were doing two handed kettle bell swings with a 24kg bell and did35 seconds of work with 35 seconds of rest for 40 cycles that would be 800 swings and a total of42,400 lbs. moved. Now that, is a lot of work in your work out and equates to 805 calories burnedin a little less than an hour. Thats how you go about getting ripped!But thats just the tip of the iceberg. If you would like to learn more click herehttp://www.absnotflab.infoYou can also read plenty of other fitness articles at Source:
  2. 2. ==== ====Visual Impact - A Workout For The Lean Hollywood look!work out. ====