Building the Next U.S. Innovation Platform for Research and Economic Development


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CASC Annual Meeting, Washington, DC
February 29, 2012
Jim Bottum, VP & CIO, Clemson University
Dave Lambert, President & CEO, Internet2

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Building the Next U.S. Innovation Platform for Research and Economic Development

  1. 1. CASC  Annual  Mee+ng,    Washington,  DC  February  29,  2012    Jim  Bo@um,  VP  &  CIO,  Clemson  University  Dave  Lambert,  President  &  CEO,  Internet2      Building  the  Next  U.S.  Innova5on  Pla7orm  for  Research  and  Economic  Development  
  2. 2. Building  the  Next  U.S.  Innova+on  PlaNorm  for  Research  and  Economic  Development   Contents   •  Understanding  what  enabled  innova+on  in  the  past   •  The  story  con+nues—what  enables  innova+on   today?   •  The  next  U.S.  Innova+on  PlaNorm:  What’s  the   vision,  and  how  do  we  build  it?   •  Building  your  piece  of  the  Innova+on  PlaNorm  2  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  3. 3. Crea+ng  new  innova+on  opportuni+es     begins  with  understanding   what  enabled  innova+on  in  the  past   •  The  research  and  educa+on  community  played  a  seminal  role  in   the  crea+on  of  the  modern  Internet  and  the  applica+ons  that   have  made  it  the  most  transforma/ve  technology  of  the  20th   and  21st  centuries   •  34  of  these  leading  universi+es  created  Internet2  in  1996  3  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  4. 4. R&E  networking  ROI  has  been  staggering   Total  30-­‐year  federal  investment  to  enable  the  precursors     of  the  Internet  is  very  small…  ß  ARPAnet,  ~$150M  ß  CSNET,  ~$5M  ß  NSFnet,  ~$75M   Internet  Service  Providers,  ~$40B   Internet  Sofware  &  Services,  ~$100B   Network  Hardware  Vendors,  ~$100B   …compared  to  the  massively  successful  Internet     businesses  it  sparked   4  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  5. 5. R&E  networking  ROI  has  been  staggering   Total  30-­‐year  federal  investment  to  enable  the  precursors     of  the  Internet  is  very  small…   seminal  investments   These  ß  ARPAnet,  ~$150M   •  Put  the  R&E  community  “way  ß  CSNET,  ~$5M   out  in  front”  of  commercial  ß  NSFnet,  ~$75M   markets   Internet  Service  Providers,  ~$40B   •  Created  a  new,  bandwidth-­‐rich   playing  field   Internet  Sofware  &  Services,  ~$100B   •  Enabled  innova+ons  that  Ved  to   ~$100B   Network  Hardware   l endors,   a  global  transforma/on:  our   …compared  to  the  massively  successful  Internet     informa+on-­‐based  economy   businesses  it  sparked   5  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  6. 6. * •  Many  informa+on     technologies  have  roots  on     university  campuses   •  Personal  Ethernet  services   created  massive    campus   “innova+on  test  beds”   •  Commercial  carriers  were  s+ll   offering  dial-­‐up  service  and   figh+ng  the  Internet  technology  Princeton  Archway,  courtesy  of  Queerbubbles,  Wikimedia  Commons   vision   6  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  7. 7.   Center  for  Seismic  Studies   *   MFS  Communica+ons  7  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  8. 8.     *8  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  9. 9. *    9  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  10. 10. *10  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  11. 11. “packet  networks   wont  be  as  reliable  as   circuit  networks”   “this  decentralized   * model  can’t  scale   or  be  manageable”   Despite  all  arguments,     the  Internet,  created  by     the  R&E  community,     became  the     de  facto  standard   Internet  Sofware  &  Services,  ~$100B  11  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  12. 12.   Almost  all  early  routers  had     their  roots  in  R&E  community   —the  Proteon,  from   * Cisco’s  first  routers,  from   and  NSFNET’s  first  router,     the  Fuzzball,  from  12  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  13. 13.   The  first  mul+-­‐protocol   *   routers  were  developed   in  1981  at  13  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  14. 14.   The  early  commercial   * router  was  based  on     Stanford  technology,     developed  by   First  customers  were   R&E  networks   Network  Hardware  Vendors,  ~$100B  14  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  15. 15. * Security     Routers     Systems       Search     Stanford     Univ  of  Michigan   Stanford   Social     Computer       Media     Worksta+ons     Network     Caching     Berkeley,  Stanford   Harvard   MIT  15  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  16. 16. The  crea+on  of  whole  new  markets  has   benefited—and  driven—our  economy   •  Innova+on  is  disrup+ve   •  R&E  innova+on  has  created   or  re-­‐invented  many   companies   •  Even  reluctant  companies   have  become  beneficiaries  16  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  17. 17. The  innova/on  story  con/nues…   What  R&E  does  today  sets  the   groundwork  for  the  next  stages  of   Internet  development  and  enables   the  economies  of  the  future   (or  not)  17  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  18. 18. An  observa+on   about  our  past   and  the  future   1.5 Mb – 100 Mb 100 Mb – 10 Gb 10 Gb – 1Tb Gb innova/on  accelerates   innova/on  slows   innova/on  opportunity   R&E  out  in  front   R&E  leadership  fades   where  is  R&E?   Ethernet   introduced  in   Uncompressed   R&E   video   ?   Browser   VoIP   ?   &  WWW   Search   ?   Large  data   ?   Chat   exchange   Video   Theme  in  this  era  is   Theme  in  this  era  becomes   What  will  the  theme  of    investment  and  posi/oning   aggrega/on,  cost  savings,   this  era  be?   for  the  future   efficiency,  compe//on   18  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  19. 19. The  R&E  community  s/ll  plays  cri+cal  role   continue to move! •  We  moved  the  world  from  proprietary  to  open  networking   continue to lead! •  We  led  the  paradigm  shif  from  bandwidth  scarcity  to   bandwidth  availability   continue to enable! •  We  enabled  game-­‐changing  applica+ons  on  campuses  and  in   research  labs   continue to spark! •  We  sparked  leading  new  companies—and  en+re  industries  19  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  20. 20. R&E  partnerships  with  the  private  sector     s/ll  generate  economic  opportunity   continue to create! •  We  created  new  markets  by  building  networks  and  applica+ons   that  advance  the  state  of  the  art   continue to prototype! •  We  prototyped  service  technologies  that  turn  into  viable   commercial  offerings   continue to build and validate! •  We  built  and  validated  the  early  models  and  applica+ons  that   create  demand  for  commercial  providers   are creating and influencing tomorrow’s! •  We  created  and  influenced  today’s  user  and  consumer  base  20  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  21. 21. We  s+ll  can’t  predict  the  future—but  we  can   s/ll  construct  condi/ons  that  spur  innova/on   What  enables  adop+on  and  creates  demand?   R&E  Approach   ✓ Commercial  Approach   X Widespread  bandwidth  (and   Limited  bandwidth  (and   applica+on)  availability   applica+on)  availability   An  innova(on  pla+orm  must  encourage    u(liza(on,  not  limit  it  21  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  22. 22. We  s+ll  can’t  predict  the  future—but  we  can   s/ll  construct  condi/ons  that  spur  innova/on   How  do  real  game-­‐changing  applica+ons  evolve?   R&E  Approach   ✓ Commercial  Approach   X Ubiquitous  deployment  in   Small  pilot  demos  with   real  user  communi+es   short-­‐term  ROI  required   Small  pilots  don’t  provide  adequate  scale     and  real-­‐world  condi(ons  required  to  fully     test,  incubate  and  deploy  a  successful  applica(on  22  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  23. 23. We  s+ll  can’t  predict  the  future—but  we  can   s/ll  construct  condi/ons  that  spur  innova/on   How  can  we  ensure  that  innova+on  will  flourish?   R&E  Approach   ✓ Commercial  Approach   X Give  innovators  an   Give  innovators  an   environment  where  they’re   environment  where  they’re   free  to  try  new,  untested,   limited  to  current   unpopular,  ridiculously   capabili+es,  popular   challenging  things   thinking,  and  warned  not  to   break  anything   Innova(on  requires  a  big  playground  23  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  24. 24. What  does  the     next  U.S.     Innova/on  PlaSorm   look  like?  24  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  25. 25. Innova/on  PlaSorm  vision:   “No  barriers”  bandwidth   Innova5on  roadblocks   Innova5on  route   •  Limited  capacity  a  major   •  Raw  capacity  now   research  barrier—need   available  on  Internet2   more  than  incremental   Network  a  key   boosts   imagina+on  enabler   •  IP  switching  costs  are   •  Internet2  Network  offers   many  +mes  too  high   switching  costs  at  a   frac+on  of  commercial   alterna+ves  25  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  26. 26. Internet2  already  driving     the  bandwidth  innova+on  route   •  Through  100G/8.8  terabit  Internet2  Network,  R&E  community   can  now  offer  “no  barriers”  bandwidth  to  innovators  across  the   U.S.   •  We’re  moving  aggressively  to  realize  this  vision  at  our  leading   research  universi+es   •  We’re  crea+ng  business  model  incen+ves  for  innova+on-­‐level   capacity  to  be  extended  deep  into  research  campuses  for  non-­‐ commodity  uses  26  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  27. 27. Innova/on  PlaSorm  vision:   Sofware-­‐defined  networking  (SDN)   Innova5on  roadblocks   Innova5on  route   •  Proprietary  sofware  in   •  New  paradigm  opening   routers  and  switches   up  network  layer  to   •  Network  cost  model   innova+on   resembles  mainframe   •  [New  cost  model?]   cost  model   •  Hardware  can  be   •  Communica+ons  with   virtualized,  innovators   hardware  limited  by   can  create  alterna+ve   actual,  physical,   solu+ons,  transparently   proprietary  components   access  networking  data  27  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  28. 28. Internet2  already  driving     the  SDN  innova+on  route   •  Already  crea+ng  NDDI  with  partners  IU  and  Stanford.  (First   phase  underway  and  well  received.)   •  Expanding  collabora+on  with  NSF/GENI,  who  are  crea+ng  the   regional/campus  early  adopter  community.  (GENI  plans  to   migrate  its  network  to  NDDI.)   •  Developing  an  SDN  “applica+on  store,”  allowing  innovators  to   offer  products  on  trial  to  a  wide  user  base.  (The  same  user  base   that  jump-­‐started  the  Internet.)   •  Coordina+ng  with  industry  partners  to  make  Internet2  viable   for  commercial  innova+ons.  28  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  29. 29. What will ! U.S. innovators do with the! next ! Innovation! Platform?!29  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  30. 30. Internet2  R&E  Community:  already  building     the  next  U.S.  Innova+on  PlaNorm  30  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  31. 31. Internet2  R&E  Community:  already  building     the  next  U.S.  Innova+on  PlaNorm   We’re  commiTed  to   •  Building  a  new  $96.5  million  na+onal   network  owned  by  the  R&E  community   •  A  new  na+onal-­‐scale  sofware  defined   networking  plaNorm   •  Expanding  R&E  networking  capacity  to  24   +mes  current  levels   •  Na+onal  coordina+ng  programs  in  research,   health,  educa+on  and  service  31  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  32. 32. Building  your  piece  of  the     next  U.S.  Innova+on  PlaNorm   •  Will  you  be  an  innova+on   leader?   •  Will  you  partner  with   innova+on  leaders?   •  The  Internet2  R&E   community—helping  you   build  your  piece  of  the   innova+on  plaNorm   •  What  can  we  build   together?  32  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2  
  33. 33. BUILDING  THE  NEXT  U.S.  INNOVATION   PLATFORM  FOR  RESEARCH  AND   ECONOMIC  DEVELOPMENT   Thank  you.  For  more  informa+on,     visit  h@p://  33  –  3/21/12,  ©  2012  Internet2