SeaFare Design Brief


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A design brief for a leaflet promoting the mock launch of a new cross channel ferry route.

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SeaFare Design Brief

  1. 1. Design Brief<br />Project Name:Dover – Calais Launch Leaflet <br />Client:SeaFare<br />Submission Date:Monday 5th June 2006<br />Client/ Project Background:<br />SeaFare are a UK ferry operator that currently run five routes out of the UK. They offer customers an affordable way to travel by ferry without losing any of the luxuries like some other low cost operators.<br />SeaFare are launching a new route from Dover – Calais on the 14th July 2006 with a low introductory fare of just £4.99 per passenger each way. The company’s new ship the ‘Spirit of England’ offers 3 restaurants, 3 bars, a shopping mall, cinema and wireless internet access. The ferry has a contemporary feel which mirrors the company’s corporate identity.<br />Primary Project Objectives:<br />Produce a leaflet publicising the new ferry route.<br />Other Objectives:<br />Introduce latent and aware publics to the SeaFare brand.<br />Promote new wireless internet access service as well as other facilities.<br />Communicate schedules, booking information, special offers and other SeaFare services.<br />Target Audience:<br />Young Families<br />Families<br />Older Couples<br />Students/ Low Income<br />Graphic Size:<br />A5 Double Sided, Matt Paper<br />Style:<br />SeaFare corporate identity and branding to be used throughout<br />Look / Feel: Contemporary, Modern, Simple <br />Quantity/ Allocation:<br />5,000 x 170gsm<br />Budget:<br />£2,000<br />Content:<br />Front:<br />External view of ‘Spirit of England’ <br />SeaFare logo and marketing strap line ‘SeaFare a Revolution in Ferry Fares’<br />1 x Image of couple on deck of ferry (supplied)<br />1 x Image of timetable overview for Summer ’06 Dover – Calais route (supplied)<br />Copy: <br />Sail Dover-Calais from just £4.99 per person!<br />Copy:<br /> For more information or to book visit our website at or call 0800 123 456.<br />Copy:<br />Introductory Offer: Book before the end of August and receive a 25% discount on all vehicles.<br />Back:<br />1x Image of Main Restaurant (supplied)<br />1x Image of Shopping Mall (supplied)<br />1x Image of person using Wireless Internet Access (supplied)<br />1x Image of Children’s Play Area (supplied)<br />Copy: <br />Our new ferry ‘Spirit of England’ includes the following facilities:<br />3 Restaurants<br />3 Bars<br />Cinema<br />Shopping Mall<br />Wireless Internet Access (the first UK ferry operator to offer this service)<br />Children’s Crèche<br />Copy: <br />We also sail to these destinations:<br />Image of UK map showing other SeaFare routes (supplied)<br />Copy: <br />For more information or to book visit our website at or call 0800 123 456.<br />SeaFare Logo and Marketing Strapline ‘SeaFare a Revolution in Ferry Fares’<br />Delivery Date:Monday 3rd July 2006<br />Delivery Details:Stuart Townsend<br />TED PR<br />London<br />SW11 6TG<br />Contact Details:Stuart Townsend 0208 2551855/ <br />Laura Try 0208 2551856/ <br />RATIONALE FOR DESIGN BRIEF<br />Aim/ Objective:<br />List clearly the appearance, style and content needed to produce a leaflet for the launch of SeaFare’s new route. <br />Ensure that all corporate style guides and approved photographs are used.<br />Reduce the risks of mistakes and costly reprints that could affect the timing and budget of the project.<br />Target Audience:<br />Internal Stakeholders<br />Ted PR Personnel.<br />External Stakeholders<br />SeaFare / John Rodgers.<br />Design for Life (DFL) design agency.<br />Key Message(s):<br />Announce new route to all potential publics.<br />Provide contact information so that potential customers can make enquires or a booking.<br />Planned Activity:<br />Confirm style guides from SeaFare and acquire images and copy needed for content.<br />Produce initial briefing document for DFL.<br />Check mock up of leaflet at appropriate stage.<br />Sign of final version after agreement from interested parties.<br />Tactics:<br />Research target audience for leaflet.<br />Include a client/project background, this provides useful information to the design company.<br />Involve SeaFare in the design process as much as possible.<br />When briefing a design company it is essential that the brief is as clear as possible so that mistakes are not made.<br />Include clear contact details in the event of any problems.<br />Evaluation: <br />The resulting leaflet looked great and SeaFare were very impressed.<br />The project led to a more unified style guide for SeaFare.<br />Using this leaflet as a template, SeaFare can announce special offers on other routes. This reduces future marketing costs.<br />