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Be Resilient


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I have to teach resiliency to people. Often times it is an audience who's attendance is mandatory due to some program. To go in with a stock keynote of DBPP (Death by PowerPoint) will get nowhere. I've tried to be as engaging and entertaining as I can. Often times while giving these these I'll catch people looking up with a look of "that sounds like me" on their face.

As usual, the videos are disabled here. I am unwilling to spend the current price of this site just for videos at this point in time.

Be Resilient

  1. 1. Resiliency Eddie Black JTAP
  2. 2. 16 Ounce Glass 8 Ounces of WaterFULL EMPTY
  3. 3. Resiliency does not mean‘withstanding’.
  4. 4. Flourishing
  5. 5. Two Types of HappinessThe price of success is hard work, dedication to the job at hand, andthe determination that whether we win or lose, we have applied thebest of ourselves to the task at hand. Vince Lombardi
  6. 6. Anxiety Depression Anger Warns us Marks loss of Highlythat danger something opinionated lurks dear Warns that Fuels Moves us to evil is planning divest and trespassing get used to against usSearch for absence alternate Tells us to ways strike out
  7. 7. Activating Thoughts Reaction Event
  8. 8. Behaviors Emotions
  9. 9. 20
  10. 10. 21
  11. 11. B C 21
  12. 12. Psychology
  13. 13. Wisdom and Knowledge Justice Curiosity/Interest Citizenship/Duty/Loyalty/ Love of Learning Teamwork Open-mindedness/ Equity/Fairness Judgment Leadership Originality/Ingenuity/ Temperance Creativity Forgiveness/Mercy Perspective Modesty/HumilityCourage Prudence/Caution Bravery/Valor Self-control/Self- Industry/Perseverance regulation Integrity/Honesty Transcendence Zest/Enthusiasm Appreciation ofHumanity Excellence/Beauty Love/Intimacy Gratitude Kindness/Generosity/ Hope/Optimism Nurturance Humor/Playfulness Social Intelligence Spirituality/Religiousness
  14. 14. www. authentic happiness .com 26
  15. 15. 503-737-5968 www.warrior-resiliency .com www. orng-smfs .org www. cadreprogram .org