Digital Killed The Fashion Store


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We take a look at 5 case studies o

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Digital Killed The Fashion Store

  1. 1. Digital Killed the Fashion Store Social Marketing & Fashion
  2. 2. We look at 5 examples of howecommerce companies are using digitalplatforms and social marketing toenhance their offering.
  3. 3. Moschino’s ‘Pic Me’
  4. 4. Campaign: Moschino’s ‘pic me’ app encouraged users to upload aphoto of themselves, in a Moschino branded Polaroid-styleframe. Users can upload personal messages to each photo, andshare with friends. They are also able to upload the photo to theMoschino website.
  5. 5. Moschino received strongFans are able to embrace traffic to their site. Theirthe Moschino brand and brand was shared onsend fun content to their Facebook creating more fanfriends. They are able to likes. The brand alsohave their photo placed received a strong level ofon the Moschino website. PR.
  6. 6. 24 Hour Museum
  7. 7. Campaign: Prada hosted a 24 hour museum in Paris to launchthe re-opening of it’s Parisian store. To ‘hype’ the nightPrada launched a Facebook app to encourage visitors tocreate their own portrait. Photos were shared and publishedon Prada’s new site:
  8. 8. Fans are able to embrace Prada were able to buildthe Prada brand and send awareness of their 24 hourfun content to their museum. The museum wasfriends. They are also used to re launch the Parisable to have their photo store. It was created as oneplaced on the Prada big event which receivedwebsite. very strong press attention.
  9. 9. Content Partnerships
  10. 10. Diesel and DKNY have both decided to use bloggers to createcontent on behalf of their brand. They believe that bloggers cancreate content for them, not directly from the brand, butsupporting and championing the brand. This confirms thethought process content is king!
  11. 11. It’s not just linking with good qualitycontent that is important.Design and layout of content is everevolving. We are moving away from atraditional ‘blog homepage’.
  12. 12. Karl Lagerfeld andNet-A-Porter
  13. 13. Campaign: To launch the Karl Lagerfeld range at Net APorter, an iphone app was created allowing consumers to‘Karl themselves’. The app contained content, shoppableproducts and a QR code giveaway that worked with QR codesin pop up stores around the world.
  14. 14. Chloe ‘Karl’s’ herself
  15. 15. Fans are able create and Net A Porter publicise theshare funny Karl new KL range. Sell contentLagerfeld iconic photos. through the app, andThey can also win prizes received a large level ofand products through the press due to the event. TheQR codes. content was very sharable and became viral.
  16. 16. Aldo andTumblr
  17. 17. Campaign: To attract more followers to the new Aldo Tumblr. Theycreated a competition to reward the ‘next stars of tumblr’. Theyinvited Tumblr bloggers to send short descriptions of their blogs toAldo. A creative agency would chose their favourite 5, and those 5would have 5 posts re blogged on the Aldo tumblr. A redesign wasmade for them worth $1,000. Participants had to follow Aldo first!
  18. 18. Aldo had lots of youngTumblr bloggers were in designers and artistswith a chance of having a following their new tumblr.redesign of their blog. They considered itThey also received 5 important to have youngposts to be reblogged on thought leaders looking atthe Aldo Tumblr. their content to help their content become viral.