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LFW Social Media Case Study


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We take a look at London Fashion Week 2012, and a few case studies of what fashion brands did in digital marketing and social media, inc Burberry.

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LFW Social Media Case Study

  1. 1. #LFW Digital Case Studies
  2. 2. Looking at..... • How the LFW organisers embraced digital? • A few case studies including Burberry, who went all out.
  3. 3. The BFC (British Fashion Council) live streamed 46 shows thisweek. This resulted in a 100% increase in viewers on last year.Video was streamed on their site, live on big screens at SomersetHouse, Youtube and their Facebook page. Commentaries weregiven on screen via Twitter. Video content also grew on othersites including Elle, Grazia and the Telegraph who were alsocarrying live shows.
  4. 4. London Fashion Week also embraced augmented reality. The LFWlogo and the front page of the daily newspaper ‘The Daily’ bothenabled augmented reality. They showed a daily video highlightingsome of the latest fashions.
  5. 5. Augmented Reality enabled logo
  6. 6. Augmented Reality enabled newspaper
  7. 7. Augmented Reality enabled site
  8. 8. Vogue Magazine showed highlights on a big digital billboardthroughout LFW at Westfield Shopping Centre. The billboards hadbehind the scenes content, and used Tweets to give a runningcommentary.
  9. 9. Topshop were also broadcasting shows from their site. Theyupdated their iPhone app to have shows broadcasted. Topshop alsoused QR codes to receive extra video content, showing contentsuch as ‘make-up tips’ and interviews.
  10. 10. French makeup brand Bourjois created a digital treasure huntduring LFW. Users were tasked to find the GPS-tracked BourjoisBelle on the streets of Shoreditch. Every day her location waspublished on the Facebook app, and once they had found her, theycan claim free products.
  11. 11. Prabal Gurung hosted their show online as the only way of seeingit. (No audience at the actual show).Passwords were given out to journalists, and they were able todownload the images immediately and the interviews were alreadytranscribed. Perfect for instant PR. As Christina Binkley said onTwitter: "Watching the ICB by Prabal Gurung online fashion showis like watching football on TV. Youre not there, but you see morethan if you were."
  12. 12. Burberry @ LFW
  13. 13. Burberry really did push the digital boat out.Teaser videos to promote the show, GIF’s on Twitter of therunway models as they are on stage, releasing photos onPinterest, releasing items on Polyvore, itunes release, Facebook,Harrods tie-up and adding special content to site.
  14. 14. Burberry released a trailer to launch their #LFWshow.
  15. 15. Last year Burberry had the ‘TweetWalk’, this yearthey took it one step further, by releasing GIF’s foreach runway model. (See Twitter photos)
  16. 16. Burberry released photos onto their newly launchedPinterest page.
  17. 17. Burberry released products onto Polyvore for fans tomake ‘fashion collages’ with.
  18. 18. Burberry released photos of the fashion show ontotheir Facebook page.
  19. 19. Burberry also published shots on Instagram
  20. 20. not only hosted the show online (HD Live Stream),but they also had a live feed of the Instagram shots beingcreated. Users were also able to click on each individual look.
  21. 21. Each individual look was available online. Users couldlook at 360 degree images, videos, and shop thecontent.
  22. 22. Burberry also released the fashion show soundtrackon iTunes.
  23. 23. Burberry also received some great publicity through Harrods.Harrods published all fashion shoot images on their Facebookpage, and asked fans to like their favourite image. Whatever‘look’ had the most likes would be purchased by Harrods to besold in the store.
  24. 24. Source: EDIDT
  25. 25. #ThatsAllFolksFollow:@EddGold@OTHERmedia