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  • Display parameters will determine the range of information for the account when displayed on the screen. For each period, the following is displayed: Total Debits Total Credits Balance DC (difference of debits and credits posted for the period) Account Balance (cumulative) It is possible to drill-down from this view to see the Line Items that make up this balance and then the document that posted the Line Item. This is possible only if the Display Line Items indicator is marked in the G/L Account master record. This functionality is available for all Customer, Vendor, and G/L accounts.
  • The following are initial functions available when displaying Line Items: Line Item Selection: used to select the type of Line Item to be viewed: Open Cleared All According to their type Normal Noted Parked Special G/L Transactions (For Customer and Vendor Line items) Vendor/ Customer items (For Customer and Vendor Line items) A flexible selection of line items is possible using a range (account numbers, company codes, document numbers, etc.) or using the Multiple Selection icon . These options replaced the functionality of Work Lists used in prior releases. The system also allows us to choose a display variant- line item layout for the line item display, which contains the fields that will be displayed for line items and the order of these fields. The variant can be changed within the display itself. (Display variant - Line Layout configuration will be discussed in Chapter 16). Within the line item display itself it is possible to narrow down the line item selection according to user-defined criteria using the filter, summarize them according to various criteria, change them, sort them, display master data of accounts to which line items belong and perform other functions.
  • The Dynamic selections enables the user to make more specific selections than the initial selection screen.
  • The Line Item Display screen shows the line items selected based on the criteria entered in the previous screens. The information displayed is controlled by Display Variants (discussed later) The initial order of displayed Line Items is determined by the Sort Key - Assignment field even if the field is not displayed in the particular variant or it is not in the leading column. Once the line items are displayed, they can be sorted by any field on the screen. From the Line Item Display screen, the user can: Quickly see the status of a particular line item Drill-down to the actual document Maintain the account master record Change documents one at a time Change documents in mass
  • The Sort Key field in the master record determines how line items are sorted when displaying the Line Items in an Account. The Sort Key, which populates the Assignment field, is defined by a Rule. A Rule can have one to four individual fields or parts of individual fields not to exceed 18 characters in total. Any field in a document can be used for the Allocation field, and it can be overwritten by a manual entry in the Allocation field on the actual document Line Item. When displaying Line Items, the field(s) used for the Sort Key do not need to be a part of the Display Variant (Line Layout). Changing a Sort Key in a master record will not retroactively change values in the Assignment field of documents posted before the change. The new value will only appear in subsequent postings. IMPORTANT NOTE! Prior to version 4.5 the Assignment field was called the Allocation field.
  • A Display Variant (Line Layout) specifies which fields are displayed and the order in which they are displayed for a line item of an account. It can have up to three lines, although only one line display variant is usually used. On the application side, Display Variants: Can be created in addition to the standard variants delivered with the system. Are created directly in the line item display screen by copying the standard variants (moving them from the group of hidden fields into the actual variant). Are named by entering text in the Description field. Are account type specific (G/L, Customer, Vendor Account). For fields contained in the Display Variant, a user can specify the position within the layout (1,2,3…) and also the length. It is possible to limit the field length and display to display only a part of the field value. IMPORTANT NOTE! Prior to version 4.6, Line layouts (not Display Variants) were used to determine the fields for line item display. They were configured strictly in IMG in a slightly different way from the display variant configuration, which is done on the application side. While you can still configure Line Layouts, they are no longer used. However, SAP still uses the term Line Layout in its documentation.
  • The Display features in SAP use an application called the ABAP List Viewer (ALV). ALV provides similar functionality across the various modules; therefore, the features in Line Item Display are similar to those found in Document Display. You can use traditional line item display or list display. This choice is set in editing options using menu path: Accounting  Financial accounting  General ledger  Environment  User parameters  Editing options The above document is displayed in list format. The line item display will show each line item separately. You can now select a document in the document display by entering the reference number. The setting is also in editing options. Display of a complete cross-company code transaction is also possible through list display.
  • Sort Key - A field in Account master records that determines the field(s) used to populate the Allocation field in Line Items. They are configured by defining a Rule in the IMG, which can contain up to 18 characters from up to four fields. Assignment field - The field by which Line Items are sorted when they are displayed. It is populated based on the Sort Key assigned to the master record or can be filled in manually Selection Criteria - Provides the user a way to limit the display of account line items (e.g., Posting Date, Amount and Business Area). Display Variant (Line Layout) - Specifies which fields are displayed and the order in which they are displayed for a Line Item of an Account.
  • SAP FI Display Accounts And Documents |

    1. 1. Chapter 15 Display Accounts & Documents <ul><li>The system offers easy access to information on a real-time basis. Financial information can be reviewed by displaying the account balances and their line items as well as the documents that have been posted. </li></ul><ul><li>Chapter Objectives </li></ul><ul><ul><li>Provide an understanding of the system’s ability to display financial information. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Display the Balances and Line Items in G/L, Customer and Vendor Accounts. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Display documents. </li></ul></ul><ul><ul><li>Understand Sort Key configuration and what it is used for. </li></ul></ul>
    2. 2. Displaying Account Balances
    3. 3. Displaying Line Items This is the screen on the application side that users see when they want to view Line Items in an Account.
    4. 4. Line Item Display <ul><li>Line item display utilizes a dynamic selection if the intial selection screen does not provide enough options. </li></ul>
    5. 5. Line Item Display Display Variant controls Assignment Field Document & Master Record Maintenance
    6. 6. Line Item Display: Configuring the Assignment Field and Sort Key
    7. 7. Display Variant (Line Layout) for Line Item Display DISPLAY VARIANT Line 1 Line 2 Line 3 Col.content Pos. Length Assignment 1 18 Doc. Number 2 10 Amount 3 20 Currency 4 5 Doc. Type 5 2 Text 6 12 . . HIDDEN FIELDS Col.content Length Asset 12 Posting Key 2 Tax Code 2 Clearing document 10 Order 12 Posting Date 10 Line Item 2 Account 10 Profit Center 10 etc…….. .
    8. 8. Document Display
    9. 9. Display Accounts & Documents Chapter Summary <ul><li>Key Terms: </li></ul><ul><li>Sort Key </li></ul><ul><li>Assignment Field </li></ul><ul><li>Selection Criteria </li></ul><ul><li>Display Variant (Line Layout) </li></ul>