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Recognition awards


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Receiving an award is always an occasion to be proud of. Awards are fun to give and receive, and they can be used for a wide variety of events.

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Recognition awards

  1. 1. Recognition Awards
  2. 2. Employee Recognition Awards Employee awards show your staff just how much you appreciate their hard work and effort around the office. Earning awards can make employees strive towards a positive goal and it can improve office morale.
  3. 3. Types of Employee Awards There isn’t just one type of award your employees can earn. They have the chance to show their commitment in many different ways. Some types of common employee awards include: • Teamwork awards • Employee of the month • Sales awards
  4. 4. Glass and Crystal Awards Glass and crystal awards are impressive and show your employees that their dedication is noticed and appreciated. Striking glass and crystal awards last for much longer than other types of material and are usually used to craft more prestigious awards.
  5. 5. Sports Awards Recognition awards aren’t just for employees however. They can also be used to recognize sports teams as well. It doesn’t matter whether you use trophies, plaques, or medals, any sports team you support would be honored to have a recognition award for their team spirit and victorious wins!
  6. 6. Acrylic Awards Acrylic awards make wonderful recognition gifts for business and sales awards. They aren’t quite as expensive as crystal and glass awards, but they are stylish and can be easily engraved with any message you wish. Many acrylic awards can also be custom made for any type of occasion.
  7. 7. Custom Made Awards Custom made awards can be crafted for any special event. As an employer, custom made awards show that you really believe receiving the award is a big deal and the employee deserves special recognition, not just a routine pat on the back.
  8. 8. Custom Name Badges For minor awards and office contests, custom name badges and table displays are the perfect gift. Personalized table displays are also an excellent way to commemorate the number of years an employee has been with the company. It shows that you value your employees like a family and you want to celebrate the time you’ve spent together.
  9. 9. Academic and Religious Awards Personalized awards can also be given for academic achievements or for religious ceremonies such as confirmation. Contests like spelling bees, art and music concerts, and academic club accomplishments are also suitable occasions to receive a custom award.
  10. 10. Why Give Awards? Giving awards of any kind shows appreciation for a job well done. It’s a tangible reminder of hard work and a strong commitment to excellence. Hard work isn’t always appreciated, but when it is, it’s all the more rewarding and satisfying.