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New Madison Ave


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Introduction to New Madison Ave Specialists in using technology to generate revenues and grow the top line.

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New Madison Ave

  1. 1. Digital Strategy | Marketing Technology | Change Management Helping executives achieve their goals using revenue generating technology
  2. 2. Why do executives need help leveraging Revenue Generating Technology? Because there is just so much of it, it’s complex, the number of companies offering solutions are growing, and to be effective it must integrate with your strategy, operations and existing technology. Things we do to support your business growth 1.  E-Commerce 12. Affiliate Links 2.  Social Media 13. API Economics 3.  Search Engine 14. Web Analytics 4.  i-Phone Apps 15. Media Analytics 5.  facebook Apps 16. Social Media Monitoring 6.  Android Apps 17. Ad Networks 7.  Content Management 18. Online Merchandising 8.  Digital Asset Management 19. Site Search 9.  Campaign Management 20. User Generated Merchandising 10. E-mail Marketing 21. Geo-based Marketing 11. Customer Relationship Management 22. Predictive Modeling 23. Business Intelligence A digital strategist can help executives conceptualize new ideas and then make them happen.
  3. 3. E-Commerce •  Full Service B2B | B2C •  Revenue Generating On-Line Merchandising Developed and implemented e-commerce strategies and solutions for B2b and B2C Evaluated client site against Internet 500 companies. Industries include publishing, retail/ Retailer best practices. Gap analysis resulted in three major initiatives to increase sales from catalog, manufacturing, not for profit and media/ entertainment organizations. Client revenues 15% to 35%. ranged from $50 million to $4 billion. •  Making the Right Choice •  Exceptional Customer Experience Managed technology selection, as well as Developed integrated, multi-channel B2B and designed and implemented numerous e- B2C web sites, call center and retail point of commerce systems and SaaS solutions. Technologies included Websphere Commerce, sale customer experience strategy, using touch point analysis and customer satisfaction ATG, Demandware, GCI, open source and research. This effort resulted in a multi-year other smaller SaaS providers. technology strategy to improve the cross •  Other channel customer experience for a luxury brand. Participated in social shopping pilots, •  E-Commerce Optimizes Supply Chain recommendation engines, geo-marketing Developed B2B e-commerce and e-service technologies and other Web 2.0/Commerce integration aspects. strategy that closely integrated supply chain planning, resulting in improved inventory turns and reduced customer service costs for a $2 billion text book publisher.
  4. 4. Social Media •  Social Site to Support Global Marketing •  Social Site to Drive Not-for-Profit Designed and develop global portal for 15,000 Membership person advertising and marketing professional Currently developing social media strategy for services firm. It was successful for knowledge global, not for profit, as a way to better connect and content management and coordinating donors to the people or activities they are global advertising campaigns for global supporting. The goal is to increase donor consumer and business brands. Additionally, it contributions and the number of donors through provided the logistical foundation for work improved communications, social bonding and virtualization and the realization of the “think relationship building. global, act local” operating strategy. •  Social Platforms •  Social Site Drives First Choice Strategy Facebook, Ning, Crowd Factory, Sparta Social Managed the design & implementation of a Networks, Kick Apps, open source software social network for teachers. First of its kind, it solutions and other SaaS providers. allows teachers to share lesson plans, •  Other classroom materials and insights. Seeded with Experience in community building. 15 advocates, the site is invitation only, and has grown to over 50,000 teachers, and is generating significant user generated content.
  5. 5. Search Engine Marketing •  Display Ads Optimization •  Site Search to Improve Merchandising Collaborated with display ad networks and Implemented Endeca site search engine for demand side platform provider to reduce client $450 million online retailer. Provided guided banner CPM cost by 30% and improve click selling and other merchandising capabilities that through rates by 15%. increased conversion rate by 18% and extended •  Optimizing Media Planning & Buying time on site. Evaluated the benefits of in-sourcing display •  Vertical Search to Increase Site Traffic ads, PPC keywords, e-mail, newspaper and Implemented vertical search engine for online magazine planning and buying for $50 million information company that was specialized for a marketing budget. Included staffing plan, community of 2 million. Vertical Search technology plan, business process evaluation capability successfully increased site traffic, and new business policies. increased frequency of visits and created a •  Search Engine Optimization brand halo. Utilizing Google Analytics, Omniture and other •  Other data mining sources, created paid keyword Completed survey of software-as-a-service campaign with over 3,500 unique terms that providers that offer merchandising and improved ROI by 33%. Executed multiple like marketing platforms, and the pros and cons of engagements. each.
  6. 6. Marketing Analytics & Business Intelligence •  Advertising Campaign Optimization •  Category Management Infrastructure Conceptualized, designed and developed an Conceptualized, designed and developed advertising planning and optimization model that category management system for luxury brand. allowed a major Hollywood studio to reduce System provided real-time evaluation of product marketing expenses by 10%, saving over $50 sales, category performance and relative million annually. sensitivity to promotions to help better manage •  Big Box Channel Optimization inventory and sales. Developed demand chain strategy for large, fast •  Advertising Predictive Models moving, consumer products company that Developed system to predict impact of incorporated vendor managed inventory, marketing expenditures. Using statistics and collaborative planning, forecasting & demographic data, identified profitable customer replenishment into a common system that segments and identified markets with like improved inventory forecasting, improved characteristics. inventory turns and reduced out-of-stock •  Customer Segmentation conditions. Using e-commerce platform, developed •  Multi-Channel Media Optimization customized customer segmentation engine that Conceptualized, designed and developed large allowed marketers to easily develop customer marketing data warehouse for billion dollar segments and evaluate segment performance advertiser to better track marketing investment against a control group. by geography, media and effectiveness.
  7. 7. Technology Management •  IT Organization Rationalization •  Project and Budget Control Evaluated cost structure of numerous IT Created project management offices for e- organizations and recommended and commerce, marketing campaign management implemented actions that saved over 35% in and global IT organizations. Improved annual operating costs. management control, enhanced organizational •  Accelerate Time to Market coordination and cooperation and reduced costs Designed and developed integrated agile through improved vendor management. development methodology, PMO and visual •  Lower Software Development Costs software design for large online retailer that Created software development process reduced 9 month development cycles to 4. This specially designed for off-shore development. accelerated innovation, reduced development Allowed client to reduce software development costs and improved system reliability. costs without increasing management time and •  Right Tool for Right Problem involvement. Extensive experience in developing large scale, •  Vendor Management Cost Saving mission critical, custom software using various Significantly reduced operating costs through types of technologies, methodologies and improved vendor management both at a local sourcing strategies. and global level. This included purchasing of hardware, software, consulting and communications services. Normally drove 10% immediate cost savings with recommendations to increase to 25% over three years.
  8. 8. Change Management •  In-Sourcing Media Planning •  Global Marketing Chain Developed organizational assessment to To better service a major consumer products evaluate the feasibility and business case for company that just implemented global shared bringing media planning in-house at large services strategy, we were engaged by a global Hollywood Studio. Included people, process and agency to invent a global marketing chain to technology evaluations. Successfully support the delivery of marketing services. It implemented change management program and allowed for the management of global, saved company $20 million annually. integrated marketing campaigns including •  Global Shared Services collaboration, content creation and storage, Designed global shared services strategy for knowledge management, business intelligence and financial reporting. Capability was used in large consumer electronics and media and new business pitch as a way to differentiate entertainment firm. Strategy resulted in moving from decentralized country or state based services. organization model to centralized shared •  Data Driven Media Buying services for human resources, finance and Assisted not-for-profit to pilot mathematically accounting, information technology, purchasing driven optimization models to improve display and engineering. Resulted in tens of millions in ad effectiveness and reduce CPM. Change annual savings. proved difficult and numerous strategies were employed to gain trust and build an atmosphere where people can risk experimentation.
  9. 9. Ed Cannon “CMO’s CIO” | Founder & Partner | Ed is the founder of New Madison Ave. A marketing and technology services firm that helps clients use technology to drive top-line growth. New Madison Ave offers internet marketing services as well as e-commence, multi-channel, CRM, social media, search, mobile and marketing business intelligence solutions. Founded in 2003, New Madison Ave has premier clients in the publishing, entertainment, apparel, retail and not-for-profit sectors. Prior to founding New Madison Ave, Ed held Chief Information Officer position’s for branded companies such as Sony, MTV and Grey Global Group. He was instrumental in creatively integrating business strategy, marketing and technology that drove new ways of doing business, especially in marketing and media functions. He managed organizations of 300+ with combined operating and capital budgets in excess of $100 million, and was an officer of a NYSE company. Ed authored a book on Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), published by Holt Reinhart, and was one of the first in the world to champion and implement supply chain technology. Given his expertise in cyber-security, he participated in the US Naval War College Digital Pearl Harbor war game, that was designed to help secure cyberspace from terrorist threats post 9/11. Ed’s talents are not limited to technology and business process optimization. He has extensive real life experience in marketing from an advertiser, media supply and agency perspective. Known as Grey Advertising’s “secret weapon”, Ed was a member of the creative team that developed the highly successful advertising campaign, Oracle: Software Powers the Internet that repositioned Oracle from a data base company to an internet company. He was also instrumental in developing the long running Unisys: Imagine IT. Done campaign, designed to reposition Unisys from a hardware company to a services company. He also has the insight to spot promising emerging companies, having had experience with i2 (first pure play supply chain), Veridium, (marketing resource management software co. acquired by SAS) and iRise (“Top 5 of top 100 technology companies to watch” Gartner) as a corporate investor, early adopter or channel partner. Looking forward, Ed believes we are experiencing the “Digital Mediated Customer Experience” era, where rich content, interactive environments and “ always on” digital world have a direct impact on how consumers feel about a brand and company. Today, mobile, Apple iPad/ iPhone, marketing intelligence, predictive modeling and ad markets are Ed’s current interests. Ed holds a degree in Accounting and Computer Science from Long Island University, successfully completed the Harvard Business School Executive Management Program, is a member of the Executive Forum and the C Suite Media & Entertainment Group.
  10. 10. Recommendations •  “Ed Cannon is simply the most effective CIO •  “Looking for a "can do" executive with deep with whom I have ever worked. Ed is curious, technology skills and intuitive insights into innovative and a true leader. At Grey, Ed business issues, look no further. Ed provided brought about many changes that made us proactive solutions to our business more effective and efficient. Ed is also the only requirements, always delivered flawlessly on CIO I ever brought into the new business time, every time. I would have no hesitation to process. Ed's understanding of the issues and work with him again if the opportunity presented challenges facing Unisys was a key factor in itself.” Jon Kramer, CEO J Brown Agency darkGrey's winning of that account. And •  “Ed is an innovative, creative and enthusiastic because Ed is an IT guy who is articulate and leader. His ability to craft and align IT strategy can connect with people, he was right there with and solutions with business goals is remarkable. us as we pitched the client, which was Ed uses his unique blend of technology savvy, invaluable. Ed has stayed a friend over the business acumen and leadership skills to years and I know I can count on him to keep me successfully execute on the strategies he informed of the latest trends and changes in the authors. His passion for challenge, creativity information technology and media business.” and life-long learning assures his success in all Steve Centrillo, President New York Office -Foote situations. I really enjoyed working for Ed and Cone Belding learned a lot about leadership and driving key initiatives through large and complex Ed’s Linked-In Profile: organizations. I welcome the opportunity to work with him again.” Jeff Dodson, CIO Sony Disc