Corporate Responsibility og betydningen av samarbeid med underleverandører


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Foredrag holdt av Eric Fougner Ekern på EDBs høstkonferanse for bank og finans

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Corporate Responsibility og betydningen av samarbeid med underleverandører

  1. 1. The importance of being a responsible company - Corporate responsibility the Telenor Way Eric F. Ekern, Vice President, Head of CR
  2. 2. A global telecom company 14 countries 170 million mobile subscribers More than 40 000 employees
  3. 3. Telenor in Norway – visible, important and state owned - • ICT locomotive – critical to national competitiveness • Incumbent and market leader • 2nd largest Corporate – and the most international • The Norwegian state is majority owner (54%) The Norwegian agenda of special and high importance to the Telenor group
  4. 4. DJSI Member 2009 – an achievement As a top performer, Telenor Group is a Member of the DJSI 2009
  5. 5. Telenor Group has strong positions in three regions NORWAY #1 3.0 mill. SWEDEN #3 1.9 mill. DENMARK #2 1.8 mill. RUSSIA #2 61 mill. UKRAINE #1 23.5 mill. HUNGARY #2 3.7 mill. SERBIA #2 2.8 mill. MONTENEGRO#1 0.4 mill. INDIA PAKISTAN #2 19.4 mill. BANGLADESH #1 21.0 mill. THAILAND #2 18.7 mill. MALAYSIA #3 7.1 mill. Fi gur esQ408
  6. 6. Telenor Group has operations in a diverse world (World poverty map) World Bank
  7. 7. A WAKE-UP CALL
  8. 8. Sustainable business through integrated CR • Ethical response • Response to external • Sustainable value creation • Philanthropy focus on responsibility • Integrated in business • At arm’s length • Non-financial compliance development and operations • Innovation to develop benefits to society
  9. 9. Benefits of integrated CR Credibility We know communications Sustainability We have a long-term perspective on our business Effectiveness We can take advantage of existing expertise We should never lose sight of the opportunity to Revenue generate long-term revenues Doing more for less
  10. 10. Sustainable business through integrated CR Empowerment through access Decent work Safe services Climate challenge
  11. 11. Economic Impact A 10% increase in mobile density boosts GDP growth by 1.2 percentage points Job creation Impact on Economy as % of GDP 6% 250 000 5% 200 000 4% 150 000 3% 100 000 2% 50 000 1% 0 0% Pakistan Thailand Malaysia Pakistan Thailand Malaysia Source: Telenor/Deloitte. All figures from 2007
  12. 12. Several achievements during the past year • Set Group-wide goal to reduce carbon intensity by 40% by 2017* • Established “Education against child labour” project in Bangladesh together with UNICEF • revising Supplier Conduct Principles and developing new system for monitoring supply chain • Pilot project on “empowerment through access” in Serbia to empower marginalised Roma population • Initiated work on improving Non-Financial Accounting and Reporting *compared to 2008 baseline
  13. 13. Establishing responsible supply chain management • During 2008, Telenor strengthened its focus on responsible value chain management • The framework is based on a three-part strategy • Implementation is a comprehensive task that requires long-term commitment and continued high focus Formal framework Awareness building Supplier follow-up Updated Supplier Conduct Internal and external Risk based approach with Principles based on workshops and specialist surprise and routine visits international best practice HSSE training
  14. 14. Responsible supply chain Our goal is to ensure and promote good health, safety, security and environmental (HSSE) standards throughout our value chain. We believe that the best way to achieve this is through close and long-term engagement with our business partners. All suppliers and parties that have a direct contractual relationship with Telenor and offer products or services to Telenor must adhere to our Supplier Conduct Principles.
  15. 15. Telenor’s “Supplier Conduct Principles” • Sets out requirements Telenor would Areas covered: like to see achieved by all its suppliers (in a wide sense) over time 1. National law • Approved by Telenor Group’s Board 2. Human rights of directors 3. Labour standards • Published on the web ( 4. Health & safety 5. The environment • Group-wide applicability 6. Corruption and other • Non-negotiable standards prohibited business practices Supplier Conduct Principles
  16. 16. SCP implementation using ABC Process requirements 1. Implementation, monitoring and Agreement on follow-up responsible Business 2. Cascading of requirements (*) Conduct (ABC) 3. Transparency and inspection rights SCP 4. Notification and remediation at (Attachment) own cost Supplier Conduct 5. Sub-supplier termination Principles 6. Right to sanctions 16
  17. 17. The mobile industry has a key role to play in building a more sustainable world. We do this the Telenor Way:  Fighting climate change  Deliver safe products and services  Extend the benefits of mobile communications to a wider audience thank you