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IBM MobileFirst: The mobile world is open for business.


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IBM MobileFirst: Solutions for the second wave of mobile computing. This PDF appeared in the Wall Street Journal on Monday, February 25, 2013.

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IBM MobileFirst: The mobile world is open for business.

  1. 1. IBM, the IBM logo,, Smarter Planet and the planet icon are trademarks of International Business Machines Corp., registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at © International Business Machines Corporation 2013. VCC was a well-established THE MOBILE construction company specializing in large retail locations. Then the economic downturn happened. On the hunt for broader revenue WORLD IS streams, the company armed project managers with mobile solutions and sent them to pitch new projects in higher-growth industries. By using real-time It starts with an impulse. A person software that can verify customers that makes it 50% faster to add support for the latest phone, analytics to evaluate projects, they is walking through a mall or through their behavior instead tablet or touchscreen — or whatever were able to respond to RFPs faster presenting to a client or sitting of with cumbersome (and easily else comes next. and more accurately, allowing in bed at 2:00 AM, when suddenly misplaced) passwords. And they’re them to pitch—and win— 40% they feel a twinge—of need, putting it all together with In the Dutch city of Eindhoven, more new business than they did of inspiration, of curiosity, of... supply chains that make it simple commuters are avoiding traffic the previous year. anything. And, just like that, they for on-the-go individuals to jams with a little help from the pick up their smartphone or tablet reroute orders as easily as they most mobile devices of all— or reader. This simple gesture, a reroute themselves. their automobiles. Drivers use an seemingly automatic reaction, repeated around the world billions of times a day, is the mobile world at work. And it represents one of the greatest challenges—and the Global machine-to-machine connections will increase from 2 billion greatest opportunities—facing in 2011 to 18 billion at the end of 2022. companies today. A WORLD IN CONSTANT MOTION. As you walk down the street, take notice of the people around you: with devices in hand, they’re researching, buying, collaborating. Five petabytes of data are generated They’re doing business. With the every day by mobile phone subscribers around the world. launch of IBM MobileFirst, organizations now have the tools to help make these interactions THE NEW ESSENTIALS OF MOBILE BUSINESS. more personalized, more efficient The harsh reality is, the ability to and more secure than ever before. answer impulse with action is no Which means they can generate longer a nice-to-have—it’s the new essential of mobile business. OPEN With devices in hand, customers expect not only to make a purchase or check in online, but also to pay their mortgage, fill a prescription FOR BUSINESS. and perform a range of other confidential, personal transactions. Which means the onus is on every business to become a mobile business—because if they haven’t, someone who has is never more application to share their cars’ more value for companies— than a tap or swipe away. braking, acceleration and location and their employees, partners and Today, a new breed of mobile data with the central traffic customers—than ever before. It’s business leaders—marketers, authority, and receive alternate happening all around us—billions technologists, supply chain route recommendations in return. of transactions a day, millions managers and others—are using The pilot program is already of times a second—and the good Customers who shop on tablets a new class of integrated solutions tend to spend 21% more than those helping the city resolve roadwork news is, it’s just getting started. to generate more value from who shop on computers. issues and improve the driving On a Smarter Planet, the future mobile customers. They’re using experience for commuters. of business is quite literally in smarter analytics that learn from our hands. Or our pockets. Learn BUILDING BUSINESS, ONE And it isn’t just customers that each interaction, refining as they INTERACTION AT A TIME. more at are on the move. Companies are go, to help predict not only what For Air Canada, self-service employing these same kinds of a customer is likely to buy, but check-in is a win-win: not only solutions to create smarter, more LET’S BUILD A precisely where and when and how does it save customers time, it also useful transactions for their SMARTER PL ANET. they are most likely to buy it. saves the airline up to 80% of the employees and partners as well. They’re employing intelligent cost of a full-service check-in— but only if customers actually use the service. To encourage them to, the airline created a highly adaptable back-end infrastructure IBM, the IBM logo,, Smarter Planet and the planet icon are trademarks of International Business Machines Corp., registered in many jurisdictions worldwide. A current list of IBM trademarks is available on the Web at © International Business Machines Corporation 2013. Ad No.: BRA-12-21W R1 SAP No.: IMN.IMNBRP.12042.K.011 Ad Title: IBM OpEd - Mobility This advertisement prepared by: Ogilvy & Mather To appear in: Wall Street Journal Size: Page Color: 4/c Safety: 10.87”w x 21”h Creative Director: Mike Hahn/Ryan Blank Art Director: Sid Tomkins Copywriter: Fred Kovey Account Exec: Shrivika Ramaswamy Print Producer: Mike Piscatelli Traffic: Rachel Fuller Engraver: HUDSONYARDS 120872_02_BRA_12_21W_R1_Alt 120872_02_BRA_12_21W_R1_Alt.pgs 02.08.2013 12:42 PDFX1a