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Business aspects of social software and collaboration

  1. Ed Brill Business Unit Executive Lotus Software, IBM Software Group Business aspects of social software and collaboration
  2. Web 2.0 Technologies Enable Social Networking Solutions People Optimized Point Dynamic – Web 2.0 Process Optimized Information Optimized Integrated Publish Information Processes & Transactions Connecting People Web 2.0: Second-generation of Internet-based services that let people collaborate and share information online in new ways — such as social networking sites, wikis, communication tools, and social bookmarking .
  3. Deriving business value from Social Networking Who are you? Profiles: contact and organization information To what communities do you belong? Groups of people with a common interest or work objective What are you reading? What do you find valuable? Social bookmarking, tagging,
  4. Lotus Notes wiki
  6. “Situational” applications traditionally, all kinds of applications are data and collaboration silos situational application simple lots of them developed locally at the point of need short development cycle under the central IT radar little or no recognized budget enterprise application complex a few mission critical applications developed/deployed by central IT long development/deployment cycle dedicated IT budget business person business person business person business person business person IT developer IT developer enterprise lines of business central IT situational applications enterprise applications server Views Forms Save
  7. Composite Applications Workflow and Dynamic User Interface Business Components Content Composite Application User Interface Domino ERP JCR … Community & Roles
  8. Thin composites… Rich composites… Composite application, that delivers web-based services , within a security rich environment, in the context of a business process Composite application, delivering services , within a secure rich-client environment, in the context of a business process
  10. Communicating in real-time… Instant Messaging Presence Awareness Web Conferencing
  11. Example: Mapping team locations
  12. Thinkbox
  13. Integrating Services within Real-Time Applications Services Within Real-Time Business Service & Application Selection within Synchronous Communication
  14. SkillTap in action
  15. IBM Blog Central
  16. Wiki Central
  17. Embracing social networks – Lotus Notes open source community
  18. Embracing social networks – Domino blogging community
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