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The Art of Self-Coaching, Stanford GSB, Spring 2015


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A condensed set of slides from an introductory discussion on my new course, The Art of Self-Coaching, which I'll teach for the first time at the Stanford Graduate School of Business in Spring 2015.

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The Art of Self-Coaching, Stanford GSB, Spring 2015

  1. 1. The art of Photo by Seth Anderson [link] self-coaching Ed Batista Spring 2015
  2. 2. Questions? Who am I? Coaching/self-coaching Course concepts Class sessions Workload & grading Final thoughts Agenda Photo by Theresa Thompson [link]
  3. 3. Questions? I’ll answer as we go Interrupt me at any time
  4. 4. Who am I? Instructor LeadLabs & Leadership Fellows Touchy Feely Class of 2000 Executive coach & HBR contributor
  5. 5. Why coaching matters to me… Started as a client Changed my view of leadership Impact on my students & clients
  6. 6. Why self-coaching does, too 1% 6 to 16 months Help my students & clients help themselves
  7. 7. Coaching Not advising or mentoring Not diagnostic Coachee owns the agenda Coachee has the answers Photo by Seth Anderson [link]
  8. 8. Guiding our own growth & development Not a solitary experience, but self-directed Coaching partners are essential This course will be highly interactive Self-coaching Photo by Seth Anderson [link]
  9. 9. Photo by Alex Eflon [link] Where are we Change Emotion Happiness Resilience Vulnerability Unhappiness Success going?
  10. 10. How will we Work closely with 2 partners Professional & Personal Small group discussions Substantial reading Short lectures get there? Photo by Chloe Fan [link]
  11. 11. Photo by Seeming Lee [link] Course concepts
  12. 12. Class 1 Beginnings Photo by Judy van der Velden [link]
  13. 13. Class 1 Learning community & basic coaching skills Christopher Peterson on positive psychology Edgar Schein on coaching My work on coaching, group safety & Judy Willis & David Rock Beginnings
  14. 14. Class 2 Change Photo by Earls37a [link]
  15. 15. Class 2 Kurt Lewin & Edgar Schein on change Angela Duckworth on grit Maria Popova on Carol Dweck & mindset My work on change & goal-setting Change
  16. 16. Class 3 Emotion Photo by Judi May [link]
  17. 17. Class 3 Emotion Richard Davidson on emotional style Daniel Siegel on emotion regulation
  18. 18. Class 4 Happiness Photo by Kim Faires [link]
  19. 19. Class 4 Happiness Sonja Lyubomirsky on happiness strategies Christopher Peterson on values & strengths
  20. 20. Class 5 Resilience Photo by russellstreet [link]
  21. 21. Class 5 Resilience Karen Reivich & Andrew Shatté on RQ Linda Graham on resilience & neuroscience
  22. 22. Class 6 Vulnerability Photo by Alan [link]
  23. 23. Class 6 Vulnerability Brené Brown on vulnerability, empathy & shame
  24. 24. Class 7 Unhappiness Photo by Leo Reynolds [link]
  25. 25. Class 7 Unhappiness Oliver Burkeman on stoicism & Buddhism Pema Chödrön on failure & acceptance David Foster Wallace on life & work
  26. 26. Class 8 Success Photo by funca88 [link]
  27. 27. Class 8 Success Sonja Lyubomirsky on happiness myths Peter Drucker on self-management
  28. 28. Class 9 Endings Photo by Marco Ghitti [link]
  29. 29. Class 9 Endings William Bridges on transitions Christopher Peterson on the good life
  30. 30. Class sessions Photo by Robert S. Donovan [link]
  31. 31. Class sessions Check-in with Partner #1 Short lecture Small group discussion Coaching conversation Check out with Partner #2 Preview of next class
  32. 32. Workload Photo by Gregor Winter [link]
  33. 33. Workload Show up (Mandatory attendance) Show up prepared (Intensive discussions) Substantial reading 8 weekly assignments Final paper
  34. 34. Grading Photo by O C Always [link]
  35. 35. Grading Attendance 30% Weekly assignments 40% Final paper 30% Pass/fail allowed 3.45 mean GPA
  36. 36. Final thoughts Photo by Paul de los Reyes [link]
  37. 37. Act Reflect Conceptualize Apply What will I do the next time? What do these results imply? What conclusions can I draw? What happened? What resulted from my actions? Experiential learning
  38. 38. Act Reflect Conceptualize Apply What will I do the next time? What do these results imply? What conclusions can I draw? What happened? What resulted from my actions? Experiential learning
  39. 39. Why enroll? Photo © Andy Goldsworthy [link]
  40. 40. Why enroll? A course all about you Focused on your development Practice coaching & being coached A bridge to the real world
  41. 41. Why NOT enroll? Photo © Andy Goldsworthy [link]
  42. 42. Why not enroll? 10am is too early on Fridays Only First Years do the reading Tired of all this California hippy shit Waiting to be told The Answer
  43. 43. Thank you! Photo by Seth Anderson [link]