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Photos Publishedin Loveland Magazine

  1. 1. Photos Published in Loveland Magazine All Photos © David Miller/Loveland Magazine 2009 All Rights Reserved
  2. 2. This photo was taken during last September's wind storm - on the street where I live. My neighbors used a picnic canopy that had blown apart and used it for a sail. They were on quot;rip-sticksquot; a highly maneuverable type of skateboard. There were hurricane force winds here in Ohio that afternoon. All Photos © David Miller/Loveland Magazine 2009. All Rights Reserved.
  3. 3. This was taken in Remington, Ohio. A man was experimenting on an ad campaign for a local bug exterminator.
  4. 4. This photo was taken through the store front window of Pizzaz Studios in Loveland. It looked sad as summer was about over and the school year about to start.
  5. 5. The cicadas hit Loveland, Ohio last summer. We have a local coffee shop here called the buZZthru, and I found this text on their web site. The owner, although a delightful man, could not see the humor here. Then again... maybe there wasn't any. It is one of those, quot;You had to be here photos.quot; A comment on the buzzing of about a bizillion cicadas visiting town. Never-the-less, I had great fun photographing the cicadas. I now have a vast collection of close-up photos of these wonderful creatures.
  6. 6. A cicada peeking from behind a day lily about to bloom.
  7. 7. These brothers engage in the ancient sport whenever they can. There is pretty serious competition among family members.
  8. 8. At last year's Loveland High School graduation ceremony at X.U.'s Cintas Center
  9. 9. A photo I took to announce the first day of the school year.
  10. 10. Photo taken in Granny's Gardens on the campus of Loveland Primary and Elementary schools. Find out more about the program:
  11. 11. I did not take this photo, however I used the photo to design this illustration to promote Roberta's Granny's School Gardens on Loveland Magazine. Roberta has created one of the most unique volunteer school organizations in the country, transforming the Loveland Primary and Elementary School grounds into a beautiful out-door learning center. Learn more about the program here:
  12. 12. A photo I took as part of a series to duplicate turn of the century photos. The series was for an exhibit at the Loveland Historical Society. I received a grant from the Ohio Arts Council to take the photos, and this was my favorite, and the favorite of those attending the exhibit. I used a handmade filter, and deliberately over-exposed the photographs, using an obscure Kodak film for the series. However when I applied for another grant to the Arts Council, submitting this photo as an example of how I would do a series I wanted to do on I never bothered to write back and explain - quot;That's Loveland's Underground how they're supposed to look, old and crummy and Railroad history, the Arts such, as if stored away in a cigar box for a century.quot; I Council said I didn't take very just took there comment as a compliment on my good photos. technique. I guess my photos did look quot;crummy.quot;
  13. 13. Justin lives not too far from me - and the Little Miami River, and O'Bannon Creek. He lives to fish, and often he cuts our grass, so he has some $'s to pay the admission to a nearby fishing lake where he will spend the entire summer night fishing. This was a chance photo - as I was on the Little Miami River and he just appeared through the trees heading home with his catch. I believe his love of fishing is what has helped him become so independent, with such a good work ethic.
  14. 14. A CD Cover
  15. 15. Photos from a peace rally on Cincinnati's Fountain Square near the start of the Iraq War.
  16. 16. This is a very young pepper plant in the garden at Granny's Garden School on the campus of the Loveland Primary and Elementary schools. Read more about the unique garden program here: http://www. grannysgardenscho
  17. 17. Sparky's owner, Amy Hudova hired me to take photos of him for an Iams pet contest. Sparky is a quot;therapy pet.quot; This photo was taken at Hospice in Blue Ash where Sparky visits and brings cheer.
  18. 18. Taken in Symmes Park in Symmes Township, Ohio 2/09.
  19. 19. I took this photo on a cold, windy, rainy morning in Union Township as the procession bringing home the body of SSgt. Matt Maupin traveled up Rt. 32. After the photo was published, the mom with her hands on her daulghter's shoulders, wrote to thank me for publishing the photo, saying it brought her family, including her and her husband, closer together. Sneaking into a private and intimate moment like this is done carefully. I always watch eyes and body language, and know when to back away. Most people however, give you permission to photograph them in a very subtle manner, without having to speak.
  20. 20. July 4th Fireworks at Loveland's Veterans' Memorial