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Healthy Feet Project


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To save children from hookworms, the healthy feet project is carried by Lodge Kodaikanal

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Healthy Feet Project

  1. 1. Lodge KodaiKanaL HeaLtHy Feet Programme The on going charity programme of Lodge Kodaikanal No.235 A presentation by W.Bro.R.Vijayasekar
  2. 2. Object of the programme. •To educate children about the hookworm parasite. •To distribute free footwear to needy children. •To eradicate this pernicious parasite from affecting children.
  3. 3. •Hookworm is a parasite found in animals and humans. •It is endemic in many rural areas. •In some places the percentage of infestation is 100% in children. •Children affected by this parasite are anemic. •In severe cases of infestation, it is estimated that the pests consume almost half the child’s nutrition intake.
  4. 4. Life cycle
  5. 5. Picture shows a foot of an infected person. Eggs of hookworm
  6. 6. X
  7. 7. Never defecate in the open. Always use the toilet. Never go out barefoot Always wear footwear. X X
  8. 8. Wash your feet when you get home. Take deworming medicines.
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