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Unforgettable moments


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The most memorable moments during the project activities, especially in the

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Unforgettable moments

  2. 2. • Walking through old streets of Talin and feeling the warmth of its warm people is what we remember about this city.
  3. 3. • Meeting Nick at school and saying goodbye to him at Istanbul Airport is our second luck.
  4. 4. • Thanks to Estonia we started to build our friendship bridge there.
  5. 5. • Rita and her hospitable students are what has to be remembered.
  6. 6. • Walking through the woods for 4 kilometres is a thing which Bedrettin Teacher had never tried since his military service.
  7. 7. HOLA!
  8. 8. • If you are meeting an ocean for the first timei you can not be sure of how it behaves!
  9. 9. • A meeting of languages, cultures and colours.
  11. 11. • “People Şener” shared our happiness by welcoming our guests from airports.
  12. 12. • Where are all these people looking? Who was their attraction?
  13. 13. • With our students and our guests we felt as people of one nation.
  14. 14. • Comenius Team with Mardin’s Governor Turhan Ayvaz.
  15. 15. • Muhammed Teacher is teaching Turkish to the guests. Catalin! Do you remember Kadir Baba?
  16. 16. • Rita’s message to the Turkish Comenius Team and their families was very
  17. 17. • MERHABA PORTUGAL!The country of Ana Gregorio,Margarida,David,Mariana,Madalena• Filipa,Carlos and the Taxi driver who was listening “Fado”.
  18. 18. • We started exploring Lisbon just as the explorings of the new world started.
  19. 19. • Ladies!You all are so cute.
  20. 20. • It was a good photo before a fabolous picnic.
  21. 21. • Nobody was as ready as Madalena was for the photo .
  22. 22. • Thanks to our hosts for what they had done for us.
  23. 23. CIAO ITALIA!
  24. 24. • What does he mean?
  25. 25. Andreea should we believe to fortunetellers?
  26. 26. • We are searching for the mysteries of Venice.
  27. 27. • Don’t forget to make a wish while passing under Ponte Di Rialto.
  28. 28. • Asya was the princess of the Venice meeting.Nobody has attracted anybody like she did.
  29. 29. • Rita:We will not forget you and your reflectors.You are very thoughtful.
  30. 30. • Thanks to the Italian Comenius Family for what they prepared for us.
  31. 31. • Everything was so good.Also we experienced a crash in a gondole.