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Where’s Waldo? Finding (and keeping) Multigenerational Board Members


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It seems everywhere we turn there are conversations about next generation leadership and nonprofit boards need to engage every generation they can to best serve their missions. With four generations available for nonprofit board service, it can be a challenge to lead with diverse perspectives and experiences. Learn how to get the most out of the generations to serve your board’s goals and the organizational mission.

In this session participants will learn:

• The characteristics of each generation including motivations, influencers, and more.
• Ways to leverage the best ideas and leadership to serve the board’s needs.
• Strategies to recruit and retain new leaders to your board of directors.

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Where’s Waldo? Finding (and keeping) Multigenerational Board Members

  1. 1. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD WHERE’S WALDO? FINDING (AND KEEPING) MULTIGENERATIONAL BOARD MEMBERS Habitat for Humanity of Colorado Camp Colorado: Sustainability Save the Day! June 4, 2014 Emily Davis, MNM, CGT Emily Davis Consulting #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  2. 2. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD TURN ON YOUR TECH Follow the conversation… @AskEmilyD #habitatforhumanity #governance #nonprofit #nextgendonors #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  3. 3. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  4. 4. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  5. 5. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD WHO ARE THE GENERATIONS? GENERATION TRADITIONALISTS (1900-1945) BOOMERS (1946-1964) GEN XERS (1965-1980) MILLENIALS (1981-1999) ALSO KNOWN AS… Veterans, Silent Generation, WWII Generation Baby Boomers Xers Gen Y, Nexters, Nintendo Generation INFLUENCERS World wars, The Depression Television, Vietnam War, Civil Rights Movements Internet, Madonna, Bill Gates, Friends, Rodney King Social media, iPods, 9/11, American Idol MARKETING Conservative imagery, legacy, family, well-known brands Healthy lifestyle, hard work, team work Inclusive, straight talk, environment images, multi- channel Multi-ethnic, green, sexier, celebrity #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  6. 6. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD TURN TO YOUR LEFT 1.  Name and generation you are. 2.  What were two social/economic/ political/world experiences that influenced you? 3.  How did one of those experiences shape your professional life? #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  7. 7. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD WHY SHOULD WE CARE? •  Next leaders •  Build loyalty to org •  Transfer of wealth •  Diversity •  New perspectives •  Incredible networks •  Time, talent, treasure & ties #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  8. 8. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD LET’S TAKE A POLL How many generations are involved in your organization? q One? q Two? q Three? q Four? #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  9. 9. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors NEXT GENERATION
  10. 10. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD FINDING SUCCESS Success! Joyful leadership Accountability Expectations ArtScience #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  11. 11. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD ESSENTIALS OF BOARD LEADERSHIP •  Mission comes first •  Greater responsibility •  Know the responsibilities •  Use committees •  Board terms •  Assessment •  Strategic plan •  Invest in learning #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  12. 12. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD 10 BASIC BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES 1.  Determine mission & purpose 2.  Select the chief executive 3.  Support & evaluate the chief executive 4.  Ensure effective planning 5.  Monitor & strengthen programs & services 6.  Ensure adequate financial resources 7.  Protect assets & provide financial oversight 8.  Build a competent board 9.  Ensure legal & ethical integrity 10.  Enhance the organization’s public standing #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  13. 13. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES •  Set organizational direction –  Long-term –  Not tactical •  Provide oversight –  Evaluation –  Financial & legal –  Policies •  Ensure resources –  Financial –  Human –  How resources are acquired #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  14. 14. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD THE HATS WE WEAR Legal Hat Ambassador Hat Volunteer Hat #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  15. 15. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD Board Leads Shares values thru policies that put mission into action Hires, supports, assesses ED Opens funding resources in community Oversees financial due diligence Recruits & retains new board members ED Leads Develops/ Proposes policy questions Hires, supervises, motivates staff Develops & implements programs Shared Leadership Strategic plan Fundraising plan & strategies Evaluations Prep board meetings SHARED LEADERSHIP #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  16. 16. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  17. 17. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD WHAT DOES NOT WORK? •  Unclear expectations •  Lack of commitment •  Low engagement •  Work load issues •  Under valued •  Under utilized #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  18. 18. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD WHAT DOES WORK? •  Commit adequate resources •  Adopt a mutually- beneficial mindset •  Conduct assessments •  Provide regular and appropriate recognition •  Understand diversity #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  19. 19. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD BOARD CULTURE •  How would someone new experience your board culture? •  What do you want your board culture to be? •  How can you model great leadership? •  Do others inside and outside of the organization see great leadership? #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  20. 20. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD RECRUITMENT PLAN •  Process & timeline •  Board member leads •  Job descriptions •  Board self-eval •  Application •  Interviews •  Notification #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  21. 21. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD BOARD ASSESSMENTS •  Skills & expertise •  Demographics – age, ethnicity, gender •  Networks •  Wealth & access to wealth •  Relationship to mission #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  22. 22. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD APPLICATION ELEMENTS •  Contact info •  Professional role(s) •  Education •  Nonprofit experiences •  Skills, background, expertise •  Interest in the org •  Leadership role(s) •  Committee interests •  Board leadership knowledge •  Motivation(s) for joining #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  23. 23. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD REACH OUT •  Current & past board members’ networks •  Committees •  Staff •  Volunteers •  Donors •  Online networks, social media •  Universities •  Young professionals groups #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  24. 24. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD CREATE A PIPELINE #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  25. 25. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD CANDIDATE DUE DILIGENCE •  Use interviews •  Match candidate with assessment •  Discuss with board development committee / entire board •  Learn about work ethic, past work •  Trust your gut! •  Invite final candidate(s) to a board meeting. •  Seek complete board approval •  Don’t tokenize! #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  26. 26. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD EVALUATION •  Feedback from board candidates •  Debrief among entire board •  Debrief in board development committee •  Make necessary revisions / improvements #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  27. 27. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  28. 28. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD WHAT MAKES ‘EM TICK* • Always YES • Wants to help everyone & everything • Caution! OVER-COMMITTED • Need lots to stay engaged • Don’t let them sit around BUSY, BUSY, BUSY • Verbal & print • Use titles & acknowledg ment LIKES RECOGNITION • Stays focused & on track • Great for events • May get discouraged by others’ lack of support ORGANIZER • Lots of ideas for improvement • Pair with an Organizer to keep things moving CREATIVE *Abigail Harmon #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  29. 29. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD GREAT RETENTION = GREAT ORIENTATION •  Overview & History •  Philosophy & Values •  Programs & Resources •  Fundraising Overview •  Board Structure & Resources –  Description & Expectations –  Communications –  Board manual •  Letter of commitment •  Committees •  Board Buddies!! #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  30. 30. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD KEY TO GREAT MEETINGS •  Time to socialize – have fun! •  Mission moments •  Board reports & consent agendas •  Rotating responsibilities •  Financial & volunteer accountability •  Follow up action plans #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  31. 31. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD BOARD REPORTS •  Keep focus on governance •  Save meeting time •  Share planning responsibilities •  Committee & project reports one week in advance •  Committee name & month •  Necessary votes, board discussion items •  Goal progress related to strategic plan •  Summary of meeting discussion •  Timeline & important dates •  Next meeting #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  32. 32. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD SHARED RESPONSIBILITIES •  Roberta’s Rules •  Mission moment •  Facilitation, time keeper •  Minutes •  Devil’s advocate •  Other? #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  33. 33. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT •  Critical for success •  In-services or required professional development •  Hire outside facilitator •  Examples: o  Financial management o  Communications o  Fundraising o  Leadership #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  34. 34. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD GOVERNANCE COMMITTEE •  Improve the overall quality of board service & experience •  Recruitment process •  Professional development •  Manage strategic planning •  Organize social activities •  Evaluate #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  35. 35. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD RECOGNIZE! •  Share successes •  Connect successes to board efforts •  Highlight individual board member accomplishments •  Proper recognition at term’s end •  Stay connected #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  36. 36. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD 10 WAYS TO WORK WITH EVERY GENERATION 1.  Know each gen’s value 2.  Recruit & retain emerging leaders 3.  Learn individual & generational motivations 4.  Be flexible with work/ life balance 5.  Encourage peer learning 6.  Invest in talent development 7.  Develop trust to advance the work 8.  Encourage emotional connection & intelligence 9.  Communicate what accountability looks like 10. Understand & communicate work’s relevance #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  37. 37. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD NEXT STEP? #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  38. 38. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? How many of you feel ready to take the first step toward meaningful next gen board engagement? #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  39. 39. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD RESOURCES •  BoardSource •  4Good •  David LaPiana •  The Policy Governance Model (Carver) •  Council of Nonprofits •  Fundraising and the Next Generation •  Next Gen Donors Report •  Millenial Donor Impact Report •  Roberta’s Rules of Order •  A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  40. 40. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  41. 41. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD BOOK GIVE AWAY! Books for sale & signing with a 30% discount: $34.95 for nonprofits Credit card & check #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors
  42. 42. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD Emily Davis, MNM Emily Davis Consulting (720) 515-0581 #habitatforhumanity #governance #nextgendonors