Crawl Walk Run to Social Media Success


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Around every corner we turn these days we hear about social media, bloggers, social networking. The list goes on and on. Using social media is just one tool in your outreach toolbox. Social media is an entry point and can be used as part of a larger plan to help you achieve your goals. Using Beth Kanter’s social media theory of Crawl, Walk, Run, Fly participants will plan their social media activities in easily accessible ways that help to serve organizational goals. Emily Davis will share the best practices for you and your organization no matter what your level of experience or comfort is with social media.

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Crawl Walk Run to Social Media Success

  1. 1. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting Emily Davis, MNM Emily Davis Consulting May 6, 2014 CRAWL, WALK, RUN TO SOCIAL MEDIA SUCCESS #socialmedia
  2. 2. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting UNDERSTANDING SOCIAL NETWORKS “Organizations don’t have to create… social networks; they exist all around us in a variety of forms. Networked Nonprofits strengthen and expand these networks by building relationships within them to engage and activate them for their organizations’ efforts.” (Fine and Kanter, 2010) #socialmedia
  3. 3. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting #socialmedia
  4. 4. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting •  Time investment •  New communication platform •  Always evolving •  Participation in new technology •  Transparency •  Loss of control WHAT STINKS ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA #socialmedia
  5. 5. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting WHAT ROCKS ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIA •  Additional tool •  STEWARDSHIP •  Build relationships •  Tell your story •  Transparency •  Get feedback •  Cost effective & green •  Quick & easy! #socialmedia
  6. 6. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting SOCIAL MEDIA LIFECYCLE #socialmedia
  7. 7. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting CRAWL #socialmedia CHARACTERISTICS AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT FIRST STEPS •  Not using social media consistently •  Resistant to change •  Struggle with control •  Need basic marketing plan (i.e. branding, print materials, online outreach, etc.) •  Leadership-driven change in culture to adopt online engagement 1.  Develop communications strategy (audience, goals & objectives, etc.) 2.  Listen & develop online presences 3.  Leadership initiated discussion about engagement
  8. 8. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting WALK #socialmedia CHARACTERISTICS AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT FIRST STEPS •  Using 1 or more social media platforms, but not consistently •  Online presence connected to marketing goals •  Learn & use best practices •  Focus on 1 – 2 social media platforms •  Need to link to campaign, program(s), objective(s) •  Need to link goals, objectives, and activities •  Need to identify audiences •  Collect data for measurement 1.  Low-risk pilot program to demonstrate ROI 2.  Build implementation capacity internally 3.  Create/revise social media policy 4.  Integrate and document measurement data
  9. 9. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting RUN #socialmedia CHARACTERISTICS AREAS OF IMPROVEMENT FIRST STEPS •  Strategic use of multiple social media tools •  Part time or full time staff for digital communications •  Board using social media in governance •  Social media usage integrated throughout org •  Has developed relationships & technology integration •  Need more sophisticated measurement tools •  Find ways to increase involvement from staff across the organization 1.  Social media staff trains & coaches other org staff 2.  Research more sophisticated measurement data, tools, and processes 3.  Evaluate, revise strategies 4.  Share success stories with other orgs
  10. 10. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting FLY #socialmedia CHARACTERISTICS •  Embracing culture of learning •  Using social media data to help the leadership guide decisions •  Demonstrating clear and compelling results •  Networking with other organizations showing similar success •  Internalizing social media communication best practices including: o  Strategy o  Implementation o  Integration o  Evaluation
  11. 11. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting WHAT DO YOU NEED FOR GREAT SOCIAL MEDIA WORK? •  A plan linking efforts to programs & mission •  Selected, targeted social media channels •  Skills & commitment to using social media •  Organizational investment •  Culture that embraces social media •  Willingness to listen, learn, & adapt •  Measurement & eval strategies •  Ability to take small steps to build from #socialmedia
  12. 12. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting #socialmedia TEN TIPS FOR USING SOCIAL MEDIA
  13. 13. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting #socialmedia “This is not the first time that nonprofit organizations and fundraisers have had to adapt to new technologies. The radio, television, newspapers, telephones, fax machine, and direct mail have all affected how we raise money. Some of the new methods that have evolved are more successful than others, and not all of them have been used with equal success by all nonprofits.” - Ted Hart and Michael Johnston in Fundraising on the Internet
  14. 14. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting 10 TIPS FOR USING SOCIAL MEDIA #socialmedia 6. Philanthropy’s next generation 7. It ain’t free 8. Not everyone “Diggs” social media 9. Selling social media 10. Have a plan 1. Social media is A tool not THE tool 2. Social media is a plant 3. Add value 4. Two way street 5. Prospecting, cultivation, stewardship
  15. 15. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting COMMUNICATIONS EVOLUTION #socialmedia Traditionalists Postal Mail Phone calls Boomers Television Facebook Email Generation X Websites E- newsletters Email Millenials (Gen Y) Social Media Websites Mobile Generation Z ??? Adapt or die! Every generation teaches us new technology
  16. 16. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting SOCIAL MEDIA IS A PLANT #socialmedia
  17. 17. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting ADD VALUE #socialmedia
  18. 18. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting TWO-WAY STREET #socialmedia
  19. 19. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting SOCIAL MEDIA POLICIES #socialmedia
  20. 20. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting WHY POLICIES? #socialmedia •  Insurance •  Not for the majority •  Set boundaries •  Protection for users •  Protect organization •  Professional standards •  Because you just never know…
  21. 21. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting EXTERNAL POLICY #socialmedia •  Users outside the org •  What is appropriate •  What is inappropriate •  Post publicly & regularly on website & social media channels •  Research examples
  22. 22. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting INTERNAL POLICY #socialmedia •  Staff, board & volunteers •  More insurance •  What is in/appropriate •  Set boundaries •  Share at orientation •  Representing the org •  Provide support & ideas •  Research examples
  23. 23. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting POLICY SAMPLES •  The Nonprofit Social Media Workbook (IdealWare) •  The Nonprofit Policy Sampler (BoardSource) #socialmedia •  Social Media Governance Policy Database  
  24. 24. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting LADDER OF ENGAGEMENT #socialmedia Awareness about service or giving Interest in learning about service or giving Desire to buy service from org or donate Action when service purchased or donation is made
  25. 25. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting SOCIAL MEDIA LADDER OF ENGAGEMENT #socialmedia Happy bystanders (Listen) Spreaders (Share) Clients (Money) Evangelists (Ask) Instigators (Create) *© 2010 Beth Kanter
  26. 26. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting RELATIONSHIPS DON’T CHANGE #socialmedia •  Cultivate, steward, & solicit •  Recognize •  Multi-channel communications •  Meet one-on-one •  Develop ambassadors •  Stewardship rather than solicitation •  Effective database
  27. 27. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting NEXT GENERATION #socialmedia
  28. 28. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting #socialmedia
  29. 29. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting IT AIN’T FREE #socialmedia “Many nonprofits (particularly the smaller ones) lack the resources to communicate effectively. The Internet offers the opportunity to cost-effectively build a community of supporters.”
  30. 30. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting NOT EVERYONE “DIGGS” SOCIAL MEDIA #socialmedia
  31. 31. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting INVESTING IN SOCIAL MEDIA #socialmedia
  32. 32. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting WHY SOCIAL MEDIA AT ALL #socialmedia •  Position as an expert •  Connect & collaborate •  New resources & ideas •  Outreach & awareness •  Develop brand •  Low cost
  33. 33. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting HAVE A PLAN #socialmedia Set Purpose(s) Goals & Objectives Tools & Strategies Implementation Evaluation
  34. 34. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting THE PLANNING PROCESS #socialmedia Discovery Environmental scan Strategy sessions Target audiences Channel identification Topic areas Documentation Best practices Start small & slow Calendar dashboard Measurement strategies Implementation Staff Brand identity Content per channel Collaboration Personal/professional boundaries Adjust as needed
  35. 35. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting PLEASE DON’T #socialmedia •  Smother with asks •  Ignore stakeholder input •  Make it hard to participate •  Stray from being unique •  Talk all about yourself
  36. 36. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting 5 THINGS YOU CAN DO TODAY #socialmedia ① Make a plan ② Watch other orgs ③ Attend trainings & ask for support ④ Invite participation ⑤ Support new ideas
  37. 37. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting ü Social media is as much art as it is science. ü Every org has different experiences. ü We are all learning. ü Social media is always evolving. ü Ten Tips to Using Social Media as a foundation. ü Listen and learn! #socialmedia
  38. 38. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting #socialmedia
  39. 39. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting PRINT RESOURCES #socialmedia •  Fundraising and the Next Generation •  The Networked Nonprofit •  Measuring the Networked Nonprofit •  The Complete Facebook Guide for Small Nonprofits •  Twitter Jump Start: The Complete Guide for Small Nonprofits
  40. 40. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting ONLINE RESOURCES #socialmedia •  Nonprofit Technology Network (NTEN) •  Network for Good • •  IdealWare • •  Alltop Nonprofit •  Beth’s Blog (Kanter) •  4Good •  John Haydon •  frogloop
  41. 41. /AskEmilyD/emilydavisconsulting Emily Davis, MNM Emily Davis Consulting (720) 515-0581 #socialmedia