Covering Your Governance Bases


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Presented through SVP Boulder County's Board with Brains training in December 2013.

Whether you are interested in joining a board, you are a first time board member, or are a veteran board member the foundational elements for board service are essential. Join us for a discussion on governance best practices that will help you better:

− Grasp governing roles and responsibilities.
− Understand hats you wear as a board member.
− Clarify expectations and commitments in board leadership.
− Ask questions to serve the mission and govern effectively.
− Become a standout ambassador for the organizational mission.

Matching the passion for a mission with governance essentials will serve you, the nonprofit, and create a more engaged board of directors.

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Covering Your Governance Bases

  1. 1. JOINING THE TEAM: COVERING YOUR GOVERNANCE BASES Emily Davis, MNM, CGT Emily Davis Consulting December 5, 2013 #svpgovernance101
  2. 2. TURN ON YOUR TECH Follow the conversation… @svpboulder @edaconsulting #svpgovernance101 #governance #nonprofit #leadership #philanthropy @edaconsulting
  3. 3. WHO •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  •  @edaconsulting AM I? Nonprofit professional Founder Board member AFP Author MNM 21/64 Consultant BoardSource CGT Donor Translator
  4. 4. QUICK POLL How many of you are… q Serving on 1 committee? q Serving on 2 or more committees? q Interested in joining a board for the first time? q Currently serving on 1 board? q Currently serving on 2 or more boards? @edaconsulting
  5. 5. 30 SECOND CHALLENGE AGENDA •  Name •  Organization(s) •  1 thing you are hoping to get from today •  Personal planning •  Board roles & responsibilities •  Shared leadership •  Examples @edaconsulting
  6. 6. WHAT ARE YOUR FEARS? @edaconsulting
  7. 7. PERSONAL PLANNING •  How many boards will you sit on? •  Board terms •  Type of board •  Board size, demographics •  Financial support •  Clarity of expectations @edaconsulting
  8. 8. 10 BASIC BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES 1.  Determine mission & purpose 2.  Select the chief executive 3.  Support & evaluate the chief executive 4.  Ensure effective planning 5.  Monitor & strengthen programs & services @edaconsulting 6.  Ensure adequate financial resources 7.  Protect assets & provide financial oversight 8.  Build a competent board 9.  Ensure legal & ethical integrity 10. Enhance the organization’s public standing
  9. 9. BOARD ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES 1.  Set ü Long-term planning Organizational (strategic plan) Direction 2.  Provide Oversight ü Philosophical direction ü Not tactical 3.  Ensure Necessary Resources @edaconsulting ü What does the board NOT do?
  10. 10. BOARD ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES 1.  Set Organizational Direction ü  Program 2.  Provide Oversight ü  Risk management ü  Financial 3.  Ensure Necessary Resources ü  Legal & moral oversight ü  ED evaluation @edaconsulting
  11. 11. BOARD ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES 1.  Set Organizational Direction ü  Identify resources needed 2.  Provide Oversight ü  Establish how resources are acquired 3.  Ensure Necessary Resources ü  Determine how committee will actively participate in resource development ü  Financially – contribute, access &, org stability @edaconsulting
  12. 12. WHY 100% BOARD GIVING?? •  Demonstrate personal commitment •  Gives confidence to ask others •  Encourages foundations to give •  Creates board “ownership” •  Board is ultimately responsible for financial stability of organization @edaconsulting
  13. 13. THE DIFFERENT HATS WE WEAR… Volunteer Hat Legal Hat Ambassador Hat @edaconsulting
  14. 14. BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES: LEGAL HAT Duty of Care: Using best judgment, paying attention, asking pertinent questions @edaconsulting
  15. 15. BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES: LEGAL HAT Duty of Loyalty: Avoiding conflicts of interest, putting aside personal & professional interests @edaconsulting
  16. 16. BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES: LEGAL HAT Duty of Obedience: Staying true to the mission, obeying the law (public & organizational) @edaconsulting
  17. 17. BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES: AMBASSADOR HAT •  Be an advocate •  Share info with org •  Separate personal & organizational opinions •  ED is the spokesperson @edaconsulting
  18. 18. BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES: VOLUNTEER HAT Board member (staff accountable to board) vs. volunteer (accountable to staff) @edaconsulting
  19. 19. BOARD/ED PARTNERSHIP •  Inherent tension –  Both govern –  Intersection of governance & management –  Board oversees ED’s work –  Calls for clarity of mutual expectations @edaconsulting •  Requires respect for… –  Differences in roles –  Differing responsibilities –  Personal styles •  Needs regular communication •  Benefits from board and ED assessments
  20. 20. ENSURE BOARD & ED ENGAGEMENT* E D E N G A G E M E N T ED is displacing board ED is in constructive partnership with board GOVERNANCE AS OBSERVATION GOVERNANCE AS LEADERSHIP ED is going thru the motions with the board ED is displaced by board GOVERNANCE AS ATTENDANCE GOVERNANCE AS MICROMANAGEMENT BOARD ENGAGEMENT * Source: Richard Chair et. al. “Governance as Leadership” @edaconsulting
  21. 21. SHARED LEADERSHIP Board Leads Shares values thru policies that put mission in action ED Leads Develops/ Proposes policy questions Hires, supports, assesses ED Opens funding resources in community @edaconsulting Strategic plan Fundraising plan & strategies Hires, supervises, motivates staff Evaluations Oversees financial due diligence Recruits & retains new board members Shared Leadership Develops & implements programs Prep board meetings
  22. 22. CONFLICT MANAGEMENT •  Don’t be afraid of conflict! •  What is the process for conflict resolution? •  Don’t take it personally •  What is best for the mission? •  How will you demonstrate excellent leadership? @edaconsulting
  23. 23. SAMPLES •  Types of meetings •  Running effective meetings •  Policies and procedures •  Professional development •  Assessments •  Recognition @edaconsulting
  24. 24. @edaconsulting
  25. 25. RESOURCES •  BoardSource •  IdeaEncore •  The Policy Governance Model (Carver) •  Council of Nonprofits •  Roberta’s Rules of Order •  A Fundraising Guide for Nonprofit Board Members @edaconsulting •  Nonprofit Board Answer Book •  Creating Caring and Capable Boards •  10 Basic Responsibilities of Nonprofit Boards •  The Board Building Cycle •  The Nonprofit Policy Sampler
  26. 26. DRAWING & SIGNING! Books for sale & signing with a 30% discount: $34.95 for nonprofits Credit card & check @edaconsulting
  27. 27. WHO Emily Davis, MNM Nonprofits & Philanthropy Emily Davis Consulting WHAT (720) 515-0581 Charitable Advising Communications Fundraising Governance HOW Consulting Speaking Training @edaconsulting