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Covering Your Board Bases


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Whether you are veteran nonprofit board member or are joining the Demolay International board as your first governance experience, the essential elements of board governance are critical for healthy leadership. Join nonprofit governance expert, Emily Davis, in a discussion about governance best practices including:

− Governing roles and responsibilities.
− Various “hats” board members’ wear and when to wear each one.
− Clearer roles, expectations, and commitments of board and staff in organizational leadership.
− Strategies for effective recruitment and retention of boards.
− Enhancing accountability among board leadership for sustainability.

Matching the passion for a mission with governance essentials will serve you as an individual board member, Demolay International, and create engagement within the board.

Published in: Government & Nonprofit
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Covering Your Board Bases

  1. 1. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance BRING OUT THE BEST IN YOUR BOARD Demolay International Emily Davis, MNM, CGT Emily Davis Consulting August 15, 2014
  2. 2. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance Follow the conversation… @AskEmilyD #governance #nonprofit #leadership #philanthropy TURN ON YOUR TECH
  3. 3. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance WHO AM I?
  4. 4. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance How many of you are… q Serving on 1 committee? q Serving on 2 or more committees? q Currently serving on the Demolay board only? q Currently serving on 2 or more boards (including Demolay)? QUICK POLL
  5. 5. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance 60 seconds or less Name & Title 1 Question for Today 1 Governance Buzz Word
  6. 6. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance WHAT’S ON TAP Essential Responsibilities 12:00 – 12:45 Fundraising 12:45 – 1:00 Shared Leadership 1:00 – 1:15 Recruitment 1:15 – 1:45 Retention 1:45 – 2:15 Closing 2:15 – 2:30
  7. 7. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance •  Step up step back •  Tune out tech, tune in to engagement •  Challenge each other, ideas to advance mission •  Every experience & perspective has value •  Trainer will keep us moving •  Other? •  Parking lot AGREEMENTS
  8. 8. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance WHAT ARE YOUR FEARS?
  9. 9. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance ESSENTIALS OF BOARD LEADERSHIP
  10. 10. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance 1.  Determine mission & purpose 2.  Select the chief executive 3.  Support & evaluate the chief executive 4.  Ensure effective planning 5.  Monitor & strengthen programs & services 6.  Ensure adequate financial resources 7.  Protect assets & provide financial oversight 8.  Build a competent board 9.  Ensure legal & ethical integrity 10. Enhance the organization’s public standing 10 BASIC BOARD RESPONSIBILITIES
  11. 11. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance How does the board as a whole perform the 10 responsibilities listed? Rate the board as a whole on a scale from 1 – 4. 4 = Outstanding 3 = Good 2 = Fair 1 = Poor
  12. 12. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance Set organizational direction Provide oversight Ensure necessary resources BOARD ROLES & RESPONSIBILITIES
  13. 13. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance WHY 100% BOARD GIVING??
  14. 14. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance •  Board giving $$ •  Overall fundraising •  Funds from each category – Individuals – Grants – government, foundations – Corporations – Earned income – Other WHAT ARE YOUR GOALS?
  15. 15. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance THE GIVING PYRAMID
  16. 16. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance SPHERES OF INFLUENCE NEW DONORS direct mail, events ANNUAL DONORS Direct appeals, volunteer involvement MAJOR DONORS Personal relationships Committee and board involvement PLANNED GIFTS Personal relationships & involvement Could be anyone!
  17. 17. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance FUNDRAISING PROCESS Prospecting Identification Preparation Cultivating Build the Relationship Engage the Donor Ask for the Gift Stewarding Recognition Reporting Communicating Engagement
  18. 18. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance FUNDRAISING BY TIME Prospecting Stewardship & Cultivation Acknowledgment Solicitation
  19. 19. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance 3 POSSIBLE OUTCOMES YES!! Yes, but not that much No
  20. 20. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance
  21. 21. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance FEARLESS FUNDRAISING: A BOARD MEMBER CHECKLIST! Fundraising opportunities and responsibilities for board members Be honest. Be realistic. Take a risk!
  22. 22. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance Legal Hat Ambassador Hat Volunteer Hat THE DIFFERENT HATS WE WEAR…
  23. 23. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance ENSURE BOARD & ED ENGAGEMENT* ED is displacing board GOVERNANCE AS OBSERVATION ED is in constructive partnership with board GOVERNANCE AS LEADERSHIP ED is going thru the motions with the board GOVERNANCE AS ATTENDANCE ED is displaced by board GOVERNANCE AS MICROMANAGEMENT E D E N G A G E M E N T BOARD ENGAGEMENT * Source: Richard Chair et. al. “Governance as Leadership”
  24. 24. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance ACTIVITY TIME! Write “board” in the space provided if you think it is a board responsibility. Write “staff” if you think it is a responsibility carried out by the staff. Write “both” if you think it is a responsibility shared by staff and board.
  25. 25. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance Board Leads Shares values thru policies that put mission in action Hires, supports, assesses ED Opens funding resources in community Oversees financial due diligence Recruits & retains new board members ED Leads Develops/ Proposes policy questions Hires, supervises, motivates staff Develops & implements programs Shared Leadership Strategic plan Fundraising plan & strategies Evaluations Prep board meetings SHARED LEADERSHIP
  26. 26. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance Dramatic Disengagement Conflict Of no real consequence Compliant Anticipates Plans Sees opportunities HOW FUNCTIONAL ARE WE? Unconscious Conscious Enlightened Dysfunctional Functional Responsible Exceptional
  27. 27. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance
  28. 28. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance RECRUITMENT & RETENTION… THAT ROCKS!
  29. 29. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance LEADING THE PROCESS
  30. 30. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance TIMELINE Month 1 Review docs & past recruitment Design self-eval Month 2 Conduct self-eval & demo matrix Design application, interview questions & outreach messaging Month 3 Add to website & send to networks Month 4 Schedule & conduct interviews Invite to board meeting Month 5 Host at board meeting Make recommendations
  31. 31. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance EVALUATION
  32. 32. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance APPLICATION ELEMENTS
  33. 33. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance COMMUNICATE EXPECTATIONS
  34. 34. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance ALWAYS SHARE…
  35. 35. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance OUTREACH
  36. 36. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance WHERE’S WALDO?
  37. 37. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance CREATE A PIPELINE
  38. 38. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance VETTING CANDIDATES
  39. 39. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance RECOMMENDATIONS
  40. 40. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance WRAP UP
  41. 41. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance
  42. 42. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance FINDING SUCCESS Success! Joyful leadership Accountability Expectations ArtScience
  43. 43. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance ORIENTATION
  44. 44. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance BOARD CULTURE
  45. 45. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance CONFLICT MANAGEMENT
  46. 46. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance NEXT GENERS Gen Y, Millenials Generation X
  47. 47. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance
  48. 48. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance E-GOVERNANCE EMAIL VIRTUAL MEETINGS CLOUD SHARING POLICY
  49. 49. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance COMMITTEES
  50. 50. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance BOARD REPORTS
  51. 51. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance ADDITIONAL MEETINGS
  52. 52. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance PROFESSIONAL DEVELOPMENT Trainings Associations Practice leadership
  53. 53. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance WHAT MAKES ‘EM TICK* • Always YES • Wants to help everyone & everything • Caution! OVER-COMMITTED • Need lots to stay engaged • Don’t let them sit around BUSY, BUSY, BUSY • Verbal & print • Use titles & acknowledg ment LIKES RECOGNITION • Stays focused & on track • Great for events • May get discouraged by others’ lack of support ORGANIZER • Lots of ideas for improvement • Pair with an Organizer to keep things moving CREATIVE *Abigail Harmon
  54. 54. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance RECOGNITION
  55. 55. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance ARE YOU READY TO ROCK? What is ONE thing you will take towards your board recruitment or retention practices?
  56. 56. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance
  57. 57. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance
  58. 58. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance Books for sale & signing with a discount: $39.95 for nonprofits Credit card & check DRAWING & SIGNING!
  59. 59. /emilydavisconsulting /AskEmilyD #nonprofit #governance Emily Davis, MNM Emily Davis Consulting (720) 515-0581