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  1. 1. Location - final draft -
  2. 2. Scene # Description of the scene Location Important details #1 Main character (Kacey) meets another main character (Jonathan) while she is relaxing in the park Golders Green Park Available of anytime #2 and #3 Main characters (Kacey and Jonathan) are in relationship and they spent time together Golders Green Park Available of anytime #4 Jonathan reads a latter from hospital and plays with pills Golders Green Park Available of anytime #5 Jonathan kidnaps Kacey Golders Green Park Available of anytime
  3. 3. Location photos In this part of park I will used to film scene, when main character is running (when she runs from her boyfriend) I chose this part of park, because it seen to be an isolated place, where someone can easily kidnaps another person, without any suspicion from people in the park. I will use part of the park, where are benches, because this good place for the scene when two main character meet each other. Public location is common convection of thrillers/psychological movies. Also I will use similar place to scene when Jonathan reads a latter from hospital and plays with the pills.
  4. 4. Location Ewelina Paulina Dawid Golders Green Park BUS BUS BUS Ewelina’s Garden - - BUS Travel details Health & safety Health & safety risks Precautions Travel risk Make sure that everyone travels with someone Location risk Not leave the camera at any time, make sure camera is secured firmly onto tripod Equipment risk Use carefully every props and equipment for filming, for example you can get paper cut from paper in the book or you can break light, tripod or phone, which is used in one scene Personal risk Make sure is someone takes any medication that they take it with them. For example Asthma inhalers