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  1. 1. Conventions
  2. 2. Conventions Convection in the film - Mentally unstable person - Slow and fast pace to create a tension - Isolated and public locations - Editing – e.g.: POV - Light – day and night Convection in trailer - The audience will be introduced to characters and surroundings - The trailer will ends with the shot of prop in the shed, which will link to one of the character and this part in abduction - There will be two locations – urban and isolated - Character will be introduced as normal person, however in real he is mentally ill - The trailer will show two period of time – before and after abduction - Two types of music shows two period of time of main character, the victim
  3. 3. Conventions are from - Story/plot - Characters - Narrative structure - Locations - Costume/props - CAM/SAM - Editing - Music
  4. 4. Convection Use Develop Challenge Was there an inspiration from real? How? 1. MES Main characters has normal clothes Normal clothes represents him as normal person. This shows that mentally ill people looks the same as health people. 2. CHARACTER One of the main characters is mentally ill, as it this genetic in his family. However his illness wasn’t visible until he fall in love and he starts to has obsession over his girlfriend/victim. I took inspiration from ‘gone’ , where abductor by all means wanted to get back his victim. I challenged this convection as usually psychological movies involves people, who are unstable mentally, because of their past experience. It’s rare that character is mentally ill, because of family genetic. Moreover I challenged this convection as character who is mentally ill is portrayed by people around him as normal person 3. LOCATIONS Park and shed In my trailer I will use two locations. In the park will be scenes before the abduction and after, however main character will be kidnapped on the street and imprisoned in the shed. So overall I will develop this convection as locations will be changing from urban to isolated places. Also I took inspiration from ‘gone’ , where antagonist imprisoned his victim in the forest
  5. 5. Convection Use Develop Challenge Was there an inspiration from real? How? 4. LIGHTENING Most of the scenes will happen at day time, however there will be some scene at night/evening time – when main character is kidnapped Lighting is develop as there is use of day time light, which is natural light, sun, and also there is use of artificial light, when are night/evening scenes. In lots of psychological movies actions take places at the evening or night. 5. EDITING Mostly medium pace, however there is also slow monition and fast pace to crate a tension. Moreover Montague is from the time before and after abduction, which are ‘interspersed’ In most psychological movies they use medium pace to show realism. In my trailer this is important as mentally ill character is portrayed as normal, so through medium pace I support this idea. Moreover through slow motion and fast pace there is a tension, which makes trailer more interesting Also Montague ‘interspersed’ scenes before and after abduction to show different emotions etc 3. MUSIC There are two different types of music There are two types of music : One is used with the scenes after abduction, and second one is used after abduction. This develop this convection as music is changing together with scenes and moreover helps audience which scenes are after/before abduction.
  6. 6. Use Develop Challenge - MES - EDITING - LOCATION - LIGHTENING - MUSIC - CHARACTER I have range of use and develop convection in my trailer and some challenge Therefore my trailer has aspect of unique and its different in some way