Architecting Information as the Enterprise DNA - EuroIA 2011


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While some organisations realise that digitisation goes beyond just implementing more and more tools for different purposes, people in touch with an enterprise (a company, a brand, a service etc.) still find themselves dealing with an overwhelming mass of scattered information in disconnected media. Drawing on an IT legacy which concentrated in the past on adding more and more features and data, these systems fall short of making relevant information easy to find, functionality easy to use, and achieving a good overall experience beyond a single medium or tool.

This talk will be about architecting information beyond isolated web sites, digital services, or customer experiences. In essence, structured information is the basis (DNA) for any enterprise to do what it has been created to do, but only if it is meaningful for the people involved. Inspired by overarching IA approaches for information spaces across media and devices, this presentation portrays IA as the linking force between the full range of stakeholders of the enterprise, creating meaning across all exchanges and touch points.

A language for IA professionals in strategic design projects, aiming to shape shared information structures on a meta-level to drive the information flows in a dynamic socio-technical system, and between a large and divisive group of people.
Using human-centred IA on the enterprise level to facilitate business transformations, envisioning, delivering and enhancing products and services, driving communication processes, reshaping the customer experience, and streamlining the technology landscape.
Positioning IA as the strategic tool to get the right information in the right format at the right time to the right people, and bridging the needs of these people with business aspirations and information systems.
How such an overarching IA translates to people’s experiences and a system of tangible artefacts that drive these experiences.

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Architecting Information as the Enterprise DNA - EuroIA 2011

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  4. 4. ---------------------------01today’s iachallenge---------------------------02ia and theenterprise---------------------------03vocabulary---------------------------04informationas dna
  5. 5. ---------------------------01today’s iachallenge
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  7. 7. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------enterprise canhelp with that!
  8. 8. ---------------------------02ia and theenterprise
  9. 9. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------enterprise?
  10. 10. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------behind the firewall
  11. 11. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------about IT
  12. 12. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------an organisation
  13. 13. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------big
  14. 14. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------en·ter·priseFrom Old French via Middle English and Middle French,feminine past participle of entreprendre (“to undertake”)entre (“in between”) + prendre (“to take”)A company, business, organization, or otherpurposeful endeavor.An undertaking or project, especially a daringand courageous one.A willingness to undertake new or risky projects;energy and initiative.
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  18. 18. --------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------our scope Enterprise
  19. 19. --------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------ux and theenterprise Investors Enterprise UX Organisation Brand Enterprise Architecture Suppliers Sales Customers Channels UX UX CX UX ID Service Design UX UX Partners
  20. 20. --------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------enterprisedesign
  21. 21. ---------------------------03vocabulary
  22. 22. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------enterpriseanatomyperspectivespacerendering
  23. 23. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------enterpriseidentityarchitectureexperience
  24. 24. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------enterpriseidentityarchitectureexperience
  25. 25. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------anatomyactorstouchpointsservicescontent
  26. 26. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------viewpointspeoplebusinessstructurefunction
  27. 27. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------spacecommunicationinteractioninformationorganisationoperationtechnology
  28. 28. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------renderingproductsenvironmentssystems
  29. 29. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------enterpriseanatomyperspectivespacerendering
  30. 30. ---------------------------04informationas dna
  31. 31. --------------------------- -----------------------------------------------------------------------------a roadmap forenterprise ia Lou Rosenfeld, 2005
  32. 32. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------“Data” IA “User” IAAccuracy UseQuality MeaningReliability RelevancePerformance FindabilityMaintainability LabelingIntegration ContextProcesses Format Shared ground Mapping / Modelling Classification Organisation Integration
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  36. 36. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------spacecommunicationinteractioninformationorganisationoperationtechnology
  37. 37. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------information
  38. 38. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------structured informationis the dna of the enterprise
  39. 39. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The same structured information occurs every-where in the enterprise space.It is the DNA of the enterprise, driving everythingbeing said and done.Enterprise data architecture and human-centredinformation architecture are two sides of the samecoin, and should work together.The IA practice employed today can be appliedto the enterprise level based on an adequatevocabulary and holistic thinking.
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