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EdRover for Your School


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Coming Soon! EdRover is an iPhone application that will help your school raise funds whenever supporters visit sponsored locations. Get ready to earn in 2011 by signing up today at

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EdRover for Your School

  1. 1. Introducing edRoverYour PTA’s New BFF
  2. 2. Are You Looking for Funds in Allthe Right Places?• edRover is a booster club for every school in the US• We line up contributions from caring national and local businesses• Your supporters collect funds by: “Checking-in” to sponsored locations with our award winning apps (no purchase necessary) Shopping online at at over 100 top retailers
  3. 3. Businesses Want to Help• Most businesses support education• They find it difficult to respond to so many requests for school donations• We’re making it simple for them to give back whenever your supporters visit or shop online
  4. 4. Aren’t you tired of asking thesame individuals for funds?
  5. 5. edRover Mobile AppsPress a button, earn a Quarter! Available Coming SoonOver 40,000 check-in locations offering donations across the US!
  6. 6. edRover Local Directory
  7. 7. Over 100 Top Retailers Give a % BackWhen You Shop on
  8. 8. What people are sayingBeing bombarded with fundraising requests year after yearstakes its toll on parents generosity! I have to tell you that ILOVE the concept of edRover! - Laura, Buffalo Grove, ILChecking in at your local bakery will become the new bakesale. @writescAn iPhone app that makes fund-raising quick, easy andeffective. -
  9. 9. Getting Started• Your school is automatically eligible. All US public and private schools are listed on our website.• To maximize success, promote edRover to your supporters with our convenient checklist.• Earn even more by signing up local businesses.
  10. 10. edRover Checklist Circulate flyers (available online at Add to newsletters and social media Email your supporters about edRover Add to your school/organization website Make public address announcements Have an edRover Rally Hold an edRover coloring contest Ask parent business owners to join edRover and sponsor check-ins at your school and in your community
  11. 11. Get Started Today!Active Rovers earn $10-25 a month fortheir schools at no cost to you!If 100 of your families use it regularly for10 months, that’s $10,000-$25,000 a year.Contact Us For More Information:ed@edRover.comedRover.com661-34ROVER(661-347-6837)