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Predictions for 2011


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Predictions for 2011 by Influx Insights/BSSP

Published in: Business, Technology

Predictions for 2011

  1. 50 Predictions for 2011 Prepared by: Influx Insights/BSSP January 2011
  2. 50 Predictions for 2011• Some educated guesswork on some of the things we might see in 2011• Inspired by posts written on Influx Insights in 2010• No specific order or structure• Just some thought starters
  3. 50 Predictions for 2011 Facebook as End of Status Quo, Brand Educators, corporate icon, Explosive Rise of Banking Recovery, China as Skype, Census Revolutionized,Innovator, Emerging Impacts, Old Curators Rule, Uber Markets, Not Made Society, Behavioral Luxury, Cultural in China, More Experiments, Google Cage Matches, Leaks, Walled Meltdown, Business Intelligence Gardens, Social Underground Revolution, In LoveMedia Management, Massive, Brands Like with Analog, PowerMobile Power, Data Media Cos, Brands Unleashed, as Marketing, Amateurs will The Sharing Generational Strife, Continue to Economy, More Peak Travel, Peak Surprise, Re-Use and Start Arounds, TheWater, Peak Oil, The Recycle, Gaming Rise of Cultural Rise of Reputation Everywhere, Change Agents,Management, Hybrid Extreme Local, Brands will be Real- Creative, London, Labs,Brand Time Relevant,Brazil, Publishers Re- Universes, Work will Be Think, iPad Customer Service Reinvented, Taste Explosion, Returns, Graphs Matter
  4. 1. Facebook asCorporate Icon
  5. 1. Facebook as Corporate Icon • Facebook will rise from corporate newbie to be the envy of Corporate America • Companies will seek its magic • Its internal culture will be studied and written about extensively- with a best- seller by the year end • Reference: blog/article/2654/facebook-s-culture--all-
  6. 2. Recovery
  7. 2. Recovery• The “R” word will be everywhere this year• Things will be turning around in a number of categories, but not all and the craziness of the past won’t return• Some things will take longer than others- unemployment and housing• Reference: currents/post/65007
  8. 3. China as Innovator
  9. 3. China as Innovator• Look for China to look for a new path of value add• Not content to copy- it will have to innovate• Look for world class design talent emerging from China• Look for technological innovation• As labor costs rise - China will be looking for phase 2 of its miracle to kick in• Reference: business/02unboxed.html?_r=1
  10. 4. Emerging Markets
  11. 4. Emerging Markets• With slowing growth in the West- the corporate titans will look to emerging markets for growth• This could mean moving their best people overseas• Marketing in emerging markets will become increasingly sophisticated with new tools, channels and new audiences• Reference: Business-News/City-Unilever-to-enter-a-decade-of- growth
  12. 5. Not Made in China
  13. 5. Not Made in China• Increasingly people will look to find ways to bring local manufacture to prominence• Rising labor costs in China will be the excuse to look elsewhere• Not having anything made in China will be a status symbol for certain stores, hotels and restaurants
  14. 6. Retailing Re-Thought
  15. 6. Retailing Re-Thought• Greater transparency on pricing will prove to be a huge challenge for most retailers• Only way to compete will be to re-think the experience • How can they do something different? • What role can service play? • How can mobile promotions impact?• Reference: 2659/retail-hacking.html
  16. 7. More Leaks
  17. 7. More Leaks• Leaks will become more widespread• People who’ve been done wrong will find allies in hacker culture• Companies will try to spin the leaks and minimize damage with aggressive lawsuits• Reference: business/03wikileaks-bank.html• brands-and-wikileaks.html
  18. 8. Walled Gardens
  19. 8. Walled Gardens• Consumers will be building their own “Walled Gardens” and be more careful about who they engage and interact with• They want to create and manage their own spaces- social spaces, media spaces, etc• Marketers will have to work so much harder to gain access• Reference: getit/2684
  20. 8. Social Media Management
  21. 9. Social Media Management• Users will become savvier about how they manage their social networks• They will optimize their friendships and better organize the layers
  22. 10. Mobile Power
  23. 10. Mobile Power• Phones will be getting more powerful• Cameras much more sophisticated• Video functionality enhanced• Location based opportunities expanded- limited only by imagination and creativity• We will see a very big idea in this space by the year end• Reference: phones--all-mobile-ads-will-be-like-iads.html
  24. 11. Data as Marketing
  25. 11. Data as Marketing• Look for marketers to share more data with their users• Anything that can help enhance the relationship• Help users better understand themselves in contrast to others• Visualization will make it accessible
  26. 12. Generational Strife
  27. 12. Generational Strife• It’s already started, but the Boomer backlash is just beginning• See it Europe with student tuition fees• What looks currently like a happy co- existence is likely to change• Reference: books/2010/feb/07/the-pinch-david-willetts
  28. 13. Peak Travel, Peak Water, Peak Oil
  29. 13. Peak Travel, Peak Water, Peak Oil• Much discussion about “peaks” in limited resources• Won’t be widely understood, but many will try to grabble with the challenges of finding solutions• PR management will be key here• Reference: 2011/01/study-suggests-weve-hit-peak-
  30. 14. The Rise of Reputation Management
  31. 14. Reputation Management• Everyone will have a transparent reputation• Brands, employees• Reputation is everything so how it’s managed is key• Brands will be looking to generate increased volume of user comments and review, but also manage and control them• Reference: interview-joe-fernandez-from-klout/
  32. 15. Hybrid Creative
  33. 15. Hybrid Creative• Look for more creative ideas that combine multiple media • Video and HTML code • Out of home and mobile • Mobile and performance • Reference: article/2582/communication-hybrids-- interesting-or-die.html
  34. 16. London
  35. 16. London• As London readies itself for the 2012 Olympics look for more creativity to come out of the city• Greater focus and attention, world class design and art schools > exposure for new ideas• Digital creative talent will continue to shine• Reference: node/17581635
  36. 17. Brazil
  37. 17. Brazil• Brazil’s rise from the BRIC will be startling• Companies now cash rich and looking to expand• More Brazilian brands will make their mark• Focus on the country in the lead up to the World Cup• Reference: idUSN0526454820110105
  38. 18. Publishers Re-Think
  39. 18. Publishers Re-Think• Publishers will continue to struggle• Core print publications will shed readers• Experiments in micro-payments and walled gardens will be problematic• iPad experiments will fail• Reference: 2011/01/02/ipad-publishing-time-to-switch- to-v2-0/
  40. 19. iPad Explosion Pt 2
  41. 19. iPad Explosion• Not that it hasn’t already happened, but iPad 2 will be bigger and better• More features and more technology will mean a more capable machine and therefore more opportunities for interesting experiences• Past efforts in understanding the device will pay off for those with patience and discipline• Reference: frenzy-%E2%80%93-sales-forecast/
  42. 20. End of Status Quo
  43. 20. End of Status Quo• CEO’s of broken brands will be hoping that the recovery will happen fast to drive some growth to their bottom line• Reality is that weaklings will be found out and culled• If you don’t have a POV or a point of difference, get one, fast.
  44. 21. Explosive Rise of Skype
  45. 21. The Explosive Rise of Skype• Skype will become a power brand in 2011• It will be widely used• It’s platform will become more sophisticated• Corporations will embrace it• Brands will find interesting ways to partner with it
  46. 22. Census Impacts
  47. 22. Census Impacts• By the middle of the year, we will have all the census data available• It will chronicle a population who’s growth is slowing, is getting older and more diverse• Smart marketers will meta-analyze the data and work out the real implications• Reference: SB100014240529702042040045760499524
  48. 23. Old Society
  49. 23. Old Society• Old age in America will become more pronounced as a cultural phenom• Boomers are getting old at a faster rate • Healthcare will be the issue • Retirement will be delayed• Look for culture to cater even more to those aging boomers• Reference: plugs-into-your-iphone-05123278/
  50. 24. Behavioral Experiments
  51. 24. Behavioral Experiments• Agencies fresh from lunches and dinners with Behavioral Economists will start putting their ideas into action• Agencies “Behavioral Experiments” will make great case study films and document how a brand tried to change the behavior of an Alaskan village• They will win awards and demonstrate the new generation of smart creative• Reference: winner.html
  52. 25. Google Meltdown
  53. 25. Google Meltdown• Google will have had enough of Facebook’s fame and try to deal with its own problems• “Google has become a snake that too readily consumes its own keyword tail. Identify some words that show up in profitable searches -- from appliances, to mesothelioma suits, to kayak lessons -- churn out content cheaply and regularly, and youre done. On the web, no-one knows youre a content-grinder.The result, however, is awful. Pages and pages of Google results that are just, for practical purposes, advertisements in the loose guise of articles, original or re-purposed. It hearkens back to the dark days of 1999, before Google arrived, when search had become largely useless, with results completely overwhelmed by spam and info-clutter.” -Paul Kedosky • It will try to do something big to make up the “gap” • Could be an acquisition • Could be a focused initiative • Could be a big cultural change
  54. 26. Underground Massive
  55. 26. Underground Massive• The unmentioned underground is huge• Sites like BitTorrent might be the “no go” zone for brands, but they have 20 million daily users• Environments like 4Chan might have been off the radar, but their power is undisputed• Reference: article/2565/inside-the-souls-of-young- males--4chan.html
  56. 27. Brands More Like Media Cos
  57. 27. Brands More Like Media Cos• Brands will look more and more like media companies• They will look to develop and create content at every opportunity• Some content will be developed in-house, others will be collaborations with outside parties like bloggers
  58. 28. Amateurs WillContinue to Surprise
  59. 28. Amateurs Will Continue to Surprise• With low-cost technology, some knowledge and a lot of time- amateurs will continue to surprise us• Recently a British amateur astronomer discovered 4 planets- without a telescope, but used his spare time to analyze University data
  60. 29. Re-Use and Recycle
  61. 29. Re-Use and Recycle• New markets will emerge for new product forms made from old• If companies are recycling and re-using, questions will be asked• Reference: index.php/2010/12/21/chevrolet-volt-recycling-gulf- of-mexico-oil-spill-components/
  62. 30. Gaming Everywhere
  63. 30. Gaming Everywhere• Games will play a more important role in unexpected areas• Energy efficiency, car fuel efficiency, dieting, exercise, nutrition• Look at SCVNGR- location based, but game focused• Reference: Interview-SCVNGR-talks-social-location-brands- and-check-in-competition
  64. 31. Extreme Local
  65. 31. Extreme Local• Restaurants will follow NOMA- Copenhagen• Looking to create the best dishes from ingredients found in their backyards• Restaurants will hire foragers to help them find ingredients• Creativity will come from constraints• Reference: 2010/07/10/urban-forager-from-sidewalk-cracks-a- side-dish/#more-195553
  66. 32. Labs
  67. 32. Labs• Demands for new technological solutions aren’t going away• Labs are going to be need to help companies stay ahead of the advances• Some will take the form of internal teams of technologists- inspiring the current process- others will be skunk works-like and external• Reference: article/2636/why-agencies-need-labs.html
  68. 33. Brand Universes
  69. 33. Brand Universes• Instead of thinking about media as networks, sites and publishers think of your brand universe• If brands are now “media”- what brands compliment yours and how could you best work together for mutual gain?• Reference: blog/article/2662/think-beyond-media-what- s-your-brand-s--brand-universe-.html
  70. 34. TV to Dominate Media
  71. 34. TV to Dominate Media• Not only are more people watching TV in more places, other media is becoming more like TV• Established publisher brands are looking to develop TV properties• Web properties want to be more like TV• Demand for TV ads isn’t going away, but they will need to evolve-shorter, more interactive, etc.• Reference: will-be-television.html
  72. 35. Customer Service Returns
  73. 35. Customer Service Returns• Companies will pay more attention to customer service in 2011• They will remember what a powerful differentiator it can be if its done right• It won’t all be about people, but the unison of people, technology and self- service to deliver excellence• Reference: check-in-qantas.html
  74. 36. Brand Educators
  75. 36. Brand Educators• People are keen to learn new skills and learn about new things?• Could you brand help them to become better drivers, cooks, mothers, fathers, athletes?• How can a brand go beyond information and educate instead?
  76. 37. BankingRevolutionized
  77. 37. Banking Revolutionized• Look out for the launch of start-up BankSimple• This company is trying to challenge the status-quo of traditional personal banking• Its focus will be on customer service• Reference: blog/article/2658/changing-the-face-of- banking.html
  78. 38. Curators Rule
  79. 38. Curators Rule• The role of the curator will become even more important• They will help select music, food, fashion• They will have their own stores, restaurants, web experiences• They will have followers and fans• They will help launch new careers and new brands
  80. 39. Uber-Luxury
  81. 39. Uber-Luxury• Forget luxury as usual• Luxury brands will look to create new lines that cater for only the super-rich
  82. 40. Cultural Cage Matches
  83. 40. Cultural Cage Matches• The power of two• The power of juxtaposition• The power of collaboration• Bringing the unusual and iconic together guarantees interesting results• Think Banksy and The Simpsons• Reference: article/2609/expression-of-the-day---cultural-cage- match-.html
  84. 41. Business Intelligence Revolution
  85. 41. Business Intelligence Revolution• Think real-time data correlations• Smart brands will simply become more intelligent than their competitors• They will know more, faster and be able to take competitive advantage• Reference: blog/article/2597/the-data-intelligence-
  86. 42. In Love with Analog
  87. 42. In Love with Analog• As the world gets more digital, analog will become more important• Old technology will acquire new value and will return to culture- think Polaroid• Don’t forget reading real books• Watch out for new analog experiences- new book formats and new newspapers• Look for new technology with old design cues
  88. 43. Power Brands Unleashed
  89. 43. Power Brands Unleashed• Brand owners will wake up• They will realize the power brands they have sitting in their portfolios• They will “shine them up” and unleash them into new categories and territories• Reference: blog/article/2588/p-g-s-practical-
  90. 44. The Sharing Economy
  91. 44. Sharing Economy• Forget buying and think renting and sharing• Car sharing of course, but what about land and tools?• People will start thinking about what they really have to buy• Reference: http://
  92. 45. More Start Arounds
  93. 45. More Start Arounds• Tim Armstrong of AOL coined the term• It’s all about how you take a dying brand and breathe life into it• Infuse some of the key elements of discipline of start-up culture and see if it works• Others will try it, but success will be hard to achieve• Reference:
  94. 46. Thought Leadership Returns
  95. 46. Thought Leadership Returns• Nothing wrong with a brand having a POV and some leadership• Pepsi- thinking about health, environment and technology• Levi’s- rebuilding community- teaching and educating• Reference: blog/tag/
  96. 47. The Rise of Cultural Change Agents
  97. 47. The Rise of Cultural Change Agents• Corporate America’s biggest problem is its internal culture• CEOs will get frustrated with the challenge of cultural change- can’t make change happen fast enough• New breed of consultants will emerge to fast-track culural change• Inspire, inform, give people new codes to work by• Reference: change-agencies.html
  98. 48. Brands Will Be Real- Time Relevant
  99. 48. Brands will be Real- Time Relevant• Brands will need to think in the “now”• They will have conversational calendars• They will also be able to respond and contribute to the conversation• It’s not about the campaign- it’s about what you are doing right now• Reference: blog/article/2339/a-new-communication- space.html
  100. 49. Work Will Be Re- Invented
  101. 49. Work Will be Re- Invented• Everything is up for grabs• What the office looks like• What constitutes a productive meeting• How we collaborate• How we use technology• Reference:
  102. 50. Taste Graphs Matter
  103. 50. Taste Graphs Matter• Everyone knows about social graphs, but what about Taste Graphs• Can we have a better understanding of what we might like- based on the experiences of others?• Take a look at Hunch and see what you learn about yourself• Reference: article/2470/the-taste-graph--the-future-of- ecommerce-.html