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Observations and Headlines from Firestarters NYC @Google


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5 planners and strategists share perspectives on agency OS and the role of strategy within the OS

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Observations and Headlines from Firestarters NYC @Google

  1. 1. OS and the Agency 5 Perspectives Firestarters @Google NYC- December 3rd 2014
  2. 2. Firestarters • Established by Neil Perkin in the UK- 3 years ago for Planners • Google supported and sponsored • First US event- organized by Ben Malbon and his team at Google • Planner speakers • Sarah Watson- BBH • Johnny Vulkan- Anomaly • Spencer Baim- Vice • Ian Fitzpatrick- Almighty • Noah Brier- Percolate
  3. 3. Firestarters
  4. 4. Question • What’s the new agency OS? • Where does Planning fit?
  5. 5. What’s OS? • Software OS:Functioning code written with a POV on users and the world • Agency OS: A blend of culture and process that defines the the how, what and why of output
  6. 6. Learnings Old OS Current agency model- legacy OS makes change hard Recognize Opportunity/Need to Evolve OS Change structure Evolve process Add and evolve outputs Bring in new competencies Source of pride = smart solutions, not art
  7. 7. Learnings • Old code = Inability to adapt to changed needs • Need to build a new code, or strip layers away from old code • Understand what you want to make/do and can make/do • Hire people who know • Be comfortable with your definition of creativity • Be flat, flexible, adaptable- created and manage chaos
  8. 8. Learnings •Planners • Must fit the organization’s OS • Still need to be capable of answering the core strategIC questions- objectives, audience, etc • Find THE problem that needs solving • Need to be flexible- cannot be constrained by process • Go well beyond “the brief” • Need to roll up sleeves, make things, make things happen keep things moving- facilitation
  9. 9. Sarah Watson-BBH “Confront “The Beast””
  10. 10. Sarah Watson-BBH • Worldview: OS is hiding between values and process. Our OS is old and lethal • Role of Strategy: Conforms to the OS • Solution: Confront it
  11. 11. Sarah Watson-BBH
  12. 12. Ian Fitzpatrick-Almighty “There’s plenty of unsexy stuff that needs doing”
  13. 13. Ian Fitzpatrick-Almighty
  14. 14. Ian Fitzpatrick-Almighty • Worldview: We can find solutions for business that aren’t ads • Solution: Strip away the code of the OS by hiring people with no knowledge of legacy OS. “No one has heard of Lee Clow” • Strategy: = UX
  15. 15. Johnny Vulkan-Anomaly “Create a mosh pit of diverse specialists and see who wins”
  16. 16. Johnny Vulkan-Anomaly • Worldview: All types of creativity can be applied to solve business/ marketing problems. It’s not just about the P of promotion- product is key • Solution: Create a new OS by hiring creative specialists and place in flat organization with no pyramid- work like you do for a pitch, everyday • Role of Strategy: Locates the business problem, facilitates and manages argument(s)
  17. 17. Johnny Vulkan-Anomaly
  18. 18. Spencer Baim-Vice “Hang and talk to the kids, they know what to do”
  19. 19. Spencer Baim-Vice • Worldview: We are the cultural reporters/creators for the Millennial Generation • Solution: Hire young specialists in culture • Role of Strategy: Creates the Brand Strategy and the IDEA that links brands to culture
  20. 20. Spencer Baim-Vice
  21. 21. Noah Brier-Percolate “Marketing now has to be managed by an OS and a series of apps”
  22. 22. Noah Brier-Percolate • Worldview: Marketing management is dated, broken and incapable of dealing with today’s complexity • Solution: Build an OS capable of managing infinite complexity • Role of Strategy: An algorithm inside a real OS
  23. 23. Noah Brier-Percolate
  24. 24. Noah Brier-Percolate