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  • Not another boring PowerPoint Presentation! None of us want to sit an watch a lifeless presentation. We certainty don’t want to be the one’s giving it either! These slides will provide ways to create a great presentations design as well as delievery.
  • Creating a well designed Presentation is crucial. The following slides will provide you with tips to make useful and helpful slides. Most of your presentation will be on the basis of you and how you present. The design of your slides is only there to assist you
  • Keep the slides simple. You should not put too much information on each slide. People will retain the information better if it is presented one at a time! Absolutely no paragraphs should be present within your presentation
  • Everyone enjoys products of good quality. Make sure to always use high quality photographs in your PowerPoint. This will make your presentation more enjoyable for the audience.
  • Your fonts and background should always contrast well in the design of the PowerPoint. You want everything extremely readable and visible on your page. If it is not, it will be a distraction to your audience. Choose colors that work!
  • Along with contrasting colors, you need readable fonts. Keep your text simple and large. In particular, Microsoft Sans tends to be the most readable and reliable.
  • Videos and audio can be a great edition to your presentation. However, only use them when needed. Useless entertainment will only bore your audience. Only use this feature if it is an asset to your overall point!
  • Use appropriate charts when displaying information. To display percentages, you may want to use a pie chart visual. Different charts will show your findings more accurately. Be careful with which chart you choose.
  • Even thinking about bullet points can put an audience to sleep. Avoid these bullet points and try to limit transitions. You do not want to have your slide filled with a ton of different ideas.
  • Try not to get off track within your presentation. Have a constant theme in your design so your audience can follow. Avoid using overused PowerPoint templates that everyone has seen.
  • Be sure to organize your slides logically. You do not want to have your audience confused with where you are taking them. Keep it simple and in an order in which they can follow. Also, always be willing to change the order of your slides. Switching slides is not a bad things to do
  • The following are tips to help you improve your presenting skills. After you have mastered a great PowerPoint design, you must follow through with a great presentation. The design can only do so much. The presentation should be there as a guide for you.
  • Always present with passion. Try to talk about things that you have strong emotions for. Even if you don’t, find a way to relate it to something that you do. People will always be more interested when you are speaking with interest.
  • Be comfortable. Make your audience feel warm and welcomed. If you are feeling awkward and nervous, so will your audience. Smile, relax, and keep presenting!
  • Tell your information as a story. This will engage your audience much more than just throwing facts at them. It will also make it easier for you to present. People love stories. They absoulutley hate lectures.
  • Eye contact is extremely important within your presentation. Be sure that while you are creating a comfortable atmosphere, you are making eye contact. This gives a connection to your audience. It will also make them focus on you more.
  • Don’t move too much in your presentation. This will distract your audience away from the point you are making. Some movement, is okay. Hand motions and subtle motions can help make your presentation more comfortable. You do not want to be pacing around while talking.
  • Believe it or not, smiling can do a lot for your presentation. It will make you feel more confident and energetic. It will also make your audience excited to learn about what you are going to say. Begin you presentation with a smile. Also be sure to use appropriate emotions.
  • Be your own microphone. Make sure that everyone in your audience can hear you. Speak in a loud, clear voice. Don’t make your audience struggle to understand the message you are trying to say.
  • For one to hit a homerun you must practice. Make sure you are more than prepared when you go up to present. You should practice your speech at least 5 times before presenting. This will show that you know what your talking about. You will also be much more comfotable
  • Cis powerpoint.

    1. 1. Not Again!
    2. 2. Design Tips
    3. 3. One Idea
    4. 4. Quality
    5. 5. Contrast Colors
    6. 6. Large Fonts
    7. 7. Appropriate Videos
    8. 8. Appropriate Charts
    9. 9. No Bullet Points!
    10. 10. Constant Theme
    11. 11. Organize
    12. 12. Presenting Tips
    13. 13. Passion
    14. 14. Comfort
    15. 15. Story Tell
    16. 16. Eye Contact
    17. 17. Limit Movement
    18. 18. Smile
    19. 19. Volume
    20. 20. Practice, Practice, Practic e!
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