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Action plan 1

  1. 1. Vision: ● short term ● long term: -10yrs from now: ○ established legislation; be able to refer for xrays; laboratory, take xrays; ○ recognition? too much vs. too little ○ protection of DC title- primary care physican ○ well organized/ professional - how can we be more united. ○ reimbursement for patients ○ public awareness for patients and co-management with other professionals ■ set-up seminars with other professionals- MDs, physios, ○ more DCs ○ good intercommunication amongst members ○ interprofessional awareness ○ prescribe sick leave; to other specialists ● Prioritize; as per our vote (we should revisit this occassionally) a. Recognition b. Organization c. Reimbursement, Interprofessional awareness (close vote)What steps do we need to take to achieve these goals? ● group & individual responsibilities and accountability to our agreed tasksTo achieve:Recognition ● educate/contact politicians, as a team- never alone (2 or 3): we can involve ECU in our delegation and to provide resources- possibly obtain information from other countries who have already achieved what we want ● educate public and professionals ● follow ECU/WHO guidelines on education and continuing education and help from ECU/ WHO ● establish CPD statutes ● recruit a professional politician to help with support on what we need, how to approach objectives etc.. ● hire someone to establish meetings, financial matters Prioritized by vote: 1. get professional help 2. involve ECU 3. contact politiciansOrganization ● well established agenda including purpose, desired outcomes, flow of meetings/staying on topic / have a chair for each meeting- formalize ● communication amongst members
  2. 2. ● clear vision ● delegation and definition of roles ● regular meetings. ● read Robert Rules and apply ● institute a chair for each meeting ● recruitment/vision of growth Prioritized by vote: 1. Formalize meetings 2.recruitment/vision of growth 3.effective communicationInterprofessional awareness ● educate other professionals- meetings, seminars (speak on conditions: vertigo, lumbago, what does each profession do) ● standardized dossier for professionals we meet that we can all give out ● refer when necessary- offer our professional opinion (through letter/fax/email/phone) to specialist or GP (call and ask advice of MDs) ● lanuage skills ● invite professionals to your office Prioritize by vote: 1. arrange workshops 2. more contact with MDs & make brochure/pamphlet 3.Who does What and When.....Organization1. Formalize meetings - get Roberts Rules ● structure of the board ● how to run a meeting ● how often (make a plan) ● how to set up an agendaScott is responsible for this- next board meeting presents2.recruitment/vision of growth ● prepare/make propositions to next meetingLouis will do this3.effective communication ● how ● how often ● what needs to be communicated
  3. 3. Jesse will do this for next meeting.Recognition1. get professional help ● what exactly do we want ie. the same law as in Switzerland or Norway etc. ● board will come up with a plan on how to get the right professional helpJess responsible2. involve ECULouis will stay in contact with the ECU president ● tell ECU exactly what we want3. contact politicians ● goes hand in hand with #1 ● so this goes under Jess with the help from Bruno and Alexandre deadline: 7wksInterprofessional Awareness1. arrange workshops ● make plan: ○ how can this be done ○ what topics ○ who should be invited ○ how to promote Bruno’s responsibility for next meeting in 2 months2. more contact with MDs ● ongoing but can we formalize how ie. forms used, in what waysAlexandre’s responsibility3. make brochure/pamphlet ● for professionals- 1. for MDs, 2. for physios ● for public- use this one since the brochures replicate other things we do. ● contact other associations (Brits, Norway, Sweden etc) to see if we can translate their materials they already have.Jess, Scott, & Bruno.Notes & afterthoughts... ● constant pressure from our association on politicians to speak our case is effective ● what country’s law to choose : Danish or Norwegian or Swiss, 4th is UK ● we set up the meetings and ECU can now help ○ ie. want the professional help to have this purpose at this meeting so now the ECU can help with finding the right professionals to get this point across (help with research)
  4. 4. ● was also earlier in the evening suggested by Louis that we pay our fees in advance (pay in Jan for the year) and also suggested that we pay additional fees so that there is a float in the account. seemed to be general agreement but not vote or formal agreement made on the matter.