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Tourism Bratislava


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Published in: Travel, Business
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Tourism Bratislava

  1. 1. Case Study of the Impacts of Tourism BRATISLAVA
  2. 7. Reasons for Growth Deregulation of air travel in Europe, resulting in more competition between low-cost airlines, and cheaper more frequent flights to more destinations EU Membership Spas, skiing, mountains, wooden churches, skanzen, Increasing expat community, KIA, Peugeot Opera, Christmas market, old town New destination in Europe (change from Prague and Barcelona) Cheap beer and beautiful girls! Is part of an established tourist route, Vienna to Budapest Dunaj cruises. Increasing popularity of short stay city breaks, increasingly disposable income, more leisure time, more retired people travelling. On the Danube cycle route
  3. 8. Threats to growth Eurozone makes Bratislava more expensive Recession in other countries slows demand Other destinations become more popular Airlines change their routes Local bars and restaurants stop welcoming “stag group” tourists because of problems
  4. 9. Bratislava Tourism How is Bratislava marketed? Cheap airlines, Danube cruises, stag night organisers, Slovak tourism board. What services/attractions are on offer for Danube Cruises and Stag nights?’
  5. 10. Cost benefit analysis of tourism in Bratislava Environmental Social Economic Negative Positive