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Steppe (Jess And Lucy)


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Published in: Education
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Steppe (Jess And Lucy)

  1. 1. Secondary Succession & Halosere Jessica Feix Lucia Cabarkova
  2. 2. Secondary Succession or Plagio Climax The progression of plant communities occurring on areas where there has been previous vegetation (destroyed by fire, farming, or other).
  3. 3. •Tropical Rain Forest The forest "creates" the rainfall through the process of transpiration. When the trees are removed, the rainfall stops. The land then becomes arid. The resulting new climax community is often desert shrubs •Abandoned Farms Examples
  4. 4. Halosere The series of communities succeeding one another, from the pioneer stage to the climax, and commencing in salt water or on saline soil.
  5. 5. Examples •Alnmouth, Northumberland Alnmouth is a village located at the mouth of the River Aln on the Northumberland Coast. First colonized by green algae and eelgrass, contains halophytes It is considered to be the largest salt marsh in Eastern England
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