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Population 7 - Ageing Populations


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Population 7 - Ageing Populations

  1. 2. Long Life Expectancy in MEDCs
  2. 3. Low Birth Rates in MEDCs
  3. 4. Post-war Baby Boom
  4. 5. MEDC - Ageing Population Summary Because of... Birth rates and fertility rates Life expectancy Post-war baby boom
  5. 6. Example case studies where the issues of an ageing population are happening now. Italy, UK, Germany, (western Europe), Japan, South Korea Maybe even China???
  6. 7. Effect on population structure...
  7. 9. But this will be a global issue...
  8. 11. Problems of an ageing population Economically active pop, dependency, hospitals, care homes, public transport, pensions, housing...
  9. 12. Opportunities of an ageing populaiton The grey Euro Place in the sun Skilled 'wise people” Part time workers Child care
  10. 13. Policies and solutions Retirement age Immigration Pro-natalist policies Private pensions Less schools
  11. 14. Did You Know <ul><li>That if the current demographic trends in Japan (very low BRs) continue, there will only be 500 people left by the year 3000. </li></ul><ul><li>There are 127.5 million people in Japan today. </li></ul>