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6 Cultural Integration


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6 Cultural Integration

  1. 1. Globalisation and cultural integration
  2. 3. Globalisation, in its broad sense, refers to the diffusion (spread) of; manufacturing, services, markets, culture , lifestyle, capital, technology and ideas across national boundaries and around the world. Also the integration of these geographically dispersed economic and social activities. The particular character of individual countries, regions and even localities interacts with the larger scale general processes of change to produce quite specific outcomes. (P. Dicken - Global Shift 1992)
  3. 4. How can we define culture and cultural integration ? Culture can be seen as a “way of life” which is passed down through generations. A product of our collective intellect and memories which shapes the way we try to make sense of the world. It is made up of beliefs, myths, language, literature, music, food, arts, institutions, technology, architecture, sports etc.
  4. 5. How can we define culture and cultural integration ? Cultural integration is the increasing integration of the different cultures found throughout the world and the diffusion of a dominant “global culture”. It could be argued that this leads to a reduction of the cultural differences and a dilution of local cultures.
  5. 6. You must read and make notes from the following sources; Planet Geography – Globalisation and cultural integration (pages 698 to 724) (Full view available on googlebooks) Development, globalisation and sustainability – Views on globalisation (pages 40 to 44) Open World by Philippe Legran – Chapter 12 Culture Clash Globalisation and Culture
  6. 7. The following links will provide more views on globalisation. Discussion on Globalisation – Noam Chomsky Globalisation is Good – Johann Norberg New Rulers of the World – John Pilgner Many articles, interviews, books and films on globalisation from a social justice point of view. - Naomi Klein http:// /main
  7. 8. Key questions… As you read the sources think about the following questions; What factors contribute to cultural integration? To what extent do you agree with the statement that globalisation decreases differences between countries? Discuss the extent to which globalisation has reduced physical and cultural diversity on an international scale. Is globalisation just Americanisation? Discuss the extent to which globalisation can be viewed as a global process with local effects. Different countries and cultures respond to globalisation in different ways. Discuss Your own question to discuss….?
  8. 9. Student led tutorials Introduce your question Define key terms Put forward a balanced argument referencing and discussing sources Put forward you own ideas, opinions, questions Try to encourage a discussion to develop and lead that discussion ensuring full participation Conclude with a summary of your ideas and reference to points which have come up in the discussion.