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Middleware Migration Case Study: Moving from Unix and Entera to Linux and NXTera


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Published in: Technology
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Middleware Migration Case Study: Moving from Unix and Entera to Linux and NXTera

  1. 1. Middleware Migration Case Study: Moving from Unix and Entera to Linux and NXTera!
  2. 2. Meet Jane.!
  3. 3. She’s a director of infrastructure at a major bank.!
  4. 4. She works with a great team and it’s a really cool job (most of the time).!
  5. 5. Her team manages a strategic trading system that is built on Borland Entera middleware.!
  6. 6. It is a great application – and the bank is very happy with it.!
  7. 7. But the UNIX operating system the trading system and the databases Jane’s app depend on are old!
  8. 8. And soon support for the operating system will be ended as Jane’s vendor moves on to newer technologies.!
  9. 9. This is a problem. It is more expensive and risky to run important applications, like Jane’s, on operating systems and databases that are out of service.!
  10. 10. Recently, management mandated that all applications be re-hosted on newer Linux platforms and set a deadline. !
  11. 11. But Jane wasn’t sure how to get that done in the time she had.!
  12. 12. Jane evaluated her options. She considered reengineering the application with new middleware but it was expensive, time consuming and there were too many unknowns for her to be sure she could meet the deadline.!
  13. 13. She also considered rewriting the application but from experience she knew that was even more expensive, time consuming and risky than re-engineering. What if they spent all that time and it didn’t work?!
  14. 14. Finally, Jane decided that porting the application as it was to LINUX and upgrading Entera would be the ideal solution. !
  15. 15. An upgrade would require the fewest changes and would allow her to work with what she had. She just wasn’t sure how to do it.  
  16. 16. That’s when Jane turned to eCube Systems and NXTera, eCube’s authorized replacement for Entera. It provided the middleware plugand-play compatibility Jane needed. !
  17. 17. Swapping Entera for NXTera was faster and cheaper than a rewrite or re-engineering. eCube, who had experience working on similar projects, helped her plan, manage and implement the upgrade with her team and outsourcing partners. !
  18. 18. Jane was able to meet her deadline without any disruption to her other work and the application.!
  19. 19. The result was a NXTera-based trading application that ran faster and better on Linux- with modern integration capabilities and lower operating costs.!
  20. 20. Jane’s managers were delighted with the outcome – and happy she’d thought of it.!
  21. 21. Delight your managers: modernize your platforms, re-host your applications on Linux, upgrade your middleware to NXTera and ultimately improve application performance while reducing your costs and risks with eCube.!
  22. 22.!!