world wide web (www). electronic data interchange (edi) electronic funds transfer (eft) electronic business formal credit operational effectiveness organizational efficiency iterative refinement organizational culture stakeholder engagement practical application theoretical concepts implementation strategies business process management (b sustainability regulatory compliance qualitative research e-commerce global trade convergence structural break labour index gross value added business efficiency automation information systems machine learning computer vision image recognition invoice processing image processing economy sports industry communication managerial decision-making ema responsibility accounting balanced scorecard abc cvp comparative analysis economy. smes finance jordan coronavirus multivariate analysis. education production function (epf) economics of education cobb-douglas production function canonical correlation analysis (cca) people management organization’s role ordinary logistic regression employee loyalty poor financial records increase in uptake of debt poor service delivery local government authority debt management record keeping financial challenges informal sector ( smes value relevance. historical cost basis of accounting new economy firms presumptive tax tax systems informal sector (smes) empowerment financial inclusion blockchain bitcoin cyptocurrency moving averages technical analysis business growth cash management financial literacy foreign banks financial performance camel rating system
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