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EPiServer Marketing Arena 090924 Low Res (2)

  1. 1. Marketing ArenatuRNING WEb tRAFFIC INto REVENuE Integrated modules for marketers Deploy and track better campaigns • Monitor visitor activity in real time Generate more relevant traffic • Test landing pages • Improve your SEO every day
  2. 2. Marketing the Engaged Website Online marketing is not just about driving traffic to your Web site, instead marketers want the ability to create dynamic Web online experiences that attract the right people and drive them to the right actions – as well as measuring everything on the way. We call this the Engaged Web and it’s changing the way marketers approach Web sites and Web campaigns. the key is to be able to create these engaged Web experiences in an efficient way and to track performance to make sure you’re always maximizing results. WhERE thE ACtIoN IS For many of the world’s most successful marketers, the best place for creating, tracking and monitoring Web content, campaigns and landing pages is inside a Content Management System (CMS) – where the content itself is created. Standalone marketing automation and CRM tools can never give the level of integration, transparency and ease of use that a CMS platform has with online marketing in its DNA. Integrating marketing automation with your CMS means: • You are actually doing instead of just planning • You can track your performance in real time • Your Web editors become real marketing resources • You’re only a few clicks away from better results • You don’t need to involve the It department every time you make a change. EPiServer has become the world’s fastest-growing commercial CMS because it’s also a powerful Web marketing platform. Now we have put together a set of marketing modules that make it even easier for marketers to succeed online.2
  3. 3. MARKETING ARENAINTRODuCING ThE EPISERvER MARKETING ARENAEPiServer Marketing Arena comprises a powerful bundle of marketing modules andhosted services designed to meet the individual needs of marketers. the tools pro-vided make it easier for marketers to deploy more relevant and effective campaigns,track the success of those campaigns in real-time and capture the generation data,benchmark digital visibility against the competition and increase sales.EPiServer Marketing Arena lets you: • Deploy more relevant and effective campaigns, faster • track the success of web campaigns in real time • test and improve campaigns, landing pages and offers • Drive more traffic by improving SEO performance of all pages • benchmark your Digital Visibility against similar companies • See who is visiting on your Web site and target them with relevant content.And because all this is integrated with your EPiServer CMS, you never find yourselfexporting data to and from ‘silo’ applications; rekeying rules and parameters; orusing out-of-date data to track your progress. 3
  4. 4. Marketing Arena modules Instant, integrated Web marketing EPISERvER CAMPAIGN MONITOR AND OPTIMIzATION (CMO): OPTIMIzE AND MEASuRE yOuR WEb CAMPAIGNS Effective Web campaigns are always tested. but until now, testing and monitoring campaigns have been too complex and too hard to fit into your normal marketing workflow. While you will always need your full Web analytics package, you also need a simple way to analyze campaigns and landing pages, rather than whole sites. EPiServer CMO includes two new dashboards designed by marketers for marketers: CAMPAIGN MONITOR A clear, intuitive and graphical dashboard that shows you, in real time, how your campaigns are performing: • Set as many Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) as you like (from clicks and views to downloads and form completions) • See your KPI performance displayed graphically in real time • Monitor users’ conversion rates between predefined Web pages to reach a deeper understanding of visitor behavior online. • Generate detailed reports of statistics and test data • Watch live visitor traffic with our exclusive Live Monitor view • track and manage your Web Campaigns against predefined goals LANDING PAGE OPTIMIzATION the fast and easy way to perform A/b testing of all landing pages to ensure the best possible conversion rates: • test performance and analyze your landing pages • Watch results in real time with graphical ‘meters’ • Decide the test period, choose the winner and kill the losers • Run perpetual testing: new challengers versus the champion. because they are inside the CMS, it is incredibly easy to create your testing and tracking plan at the same time that you create your campaigns. In short, EPiServer CMO is campaign tracking and testing with the benefits of being simple, integrated and real-time.4
  5. 5. MARKETING ARENAEPISERvER SEO:IMPROvE yOuR DIGITAL vISIbILITyWith more than 50 percent* of online purchases originating from a search it is ob-vious that getting Search Engine optimization right is hugely important. however it ishard to ensure you are optimizing every time you build new pages and that your Webeditors are getting it right whenever they publish. EPiServer SEo automates andsimplifies your SEO, putting it where it belongs: where the Web content is created.EPiServer SEO works at the two critical points in the Web publishing cycle: whendevelopers create and code your pages; and whenever Web editors add new content.It combines SEo reporting tools, automated best-practice advice and integrated SEoguidance for editors: • Editor advice: receive complete visibility on each page of what is good from an SEo perspective and what can be improved • Instant SEO status of your digital visibility is verified after each adjustment • Prioritized action lists where most important items are clearly listed for editors and for developers • Key top line SEO figures with drilldown details: who finds a particular page, how and where are they coming from • Click mapping and heat maps to show your Web site hotspots and user click behavior Your Digital Visibility report • Robot view: see what the search spiders see Digital Visibility is where SEO meets • Daily SEo-friendly Web editing best-practice Web usability and it’s fast becoming a must-have metric for Web • Digital visibility reports – where usability and SEO merge marketers. • Technical advice: check SEO status during the development phase and adapt as necessary. Essentially, your Digital Visibility score tells you how findable your contentthis means that you take control of SEo processes instead of hoping for the best; is from outside your site (via searchyour Web editors get daily insight and advice to make every page SEo-friendly; so engines) and from inside your site (viayou increase relevant traffic and conversion rates. Simply. navigation and linking).EPiServer SEO is an important new weapon in your marketing arsenal – and it’s built EPiServer SEO shows your Digital Visibil-into the EPiServer CMS, so creating content and optimizing is combined into one ity score for any given page or your entireeasy process. site – and lets you map your improve- ment over time as well as benchmarking*Source: Doubleclick/performics/comScore “Search before Purchase” against other companies like yours. 5
  6. 6. EPISERvER b2b PROSPECT: IDENTIfy yOuR ONLINE PROSPECTS IMMEDIATELy In the b2b sector, knowing who’s on your site and what pages they are visiting is a great sales and marketing asset. Capturing one of your greatest assets, your Web traffic, and being able to act on it immediately will have a powerful impact on your company revenues. EPiServer b2b Prospect is an easy-to-use module that uses the world leading Dun & bradstreet database to tell you in real time which company as well as what industry and geography each visitor comes from, based on his or her IP address. With EPiServer b2b Prospect, you get access to brand new prospects as soon as they visit your Web site. You become aware of how potential customers, some of who may already be in a sales cycle with you, are behaving on your Web site as well as existing customers who you want to retain and sell more to. Know- ing when and how often they come to your Web site and which pages they have viewed is powerful intelligence which will have a major impact on your sales and marketing efforts. • Generate hot leads for your sales team • Increase up sell and cross-sell to existing customers • Improve marketing intelligence get immediate feedback on campaigns • Rapid feedback through weekly reports, in multiple formats • E-mail subscription reports • traceability through a reports archive. You get a much better view of who your prospects are and also to what extent your existing customers visit your site and what new products or services they may be interested in. Simply invaluable information. b2b Prospect is a hosted service, so there’s no extra software to own – just pay a low monthly fee on an annual contract to get complete access to the solution.6
  7. 7. MARKETING ARENAEPISERVER b2b ADAPtPERSONALIzE yOuR CONTENT fOR b2b vISITORSEPiServer b2b Adapt is a personalization module that lets you serve targeted Webcontent to each visitor, based on their industry, geography or location. using theDun & bradstreet database, EPiServer b2b Adapt matches the information shownwith who is visiting your site. by identifying your visitors you can match theirpreferences with relevant content. • Give several target groups a higher level of attention simultaneously • Easy to use and deploy, with a few settings, it runs automatically in the background • Strengthen specific offers or campaigns • Choose a level of personalization suitable to your organization • Combine easily with other online business tools from EPiServer.Setting up rules is incredibly easy and the results are impressive! You present theinformation you believe to be the most important for a specific segment – forexample, pharmaceutical buyers get presented with relevant pharmaceutical whitepapers; German visitors get German case studies; and that important prospectdoesn’t see a case study from a competitor!the Engaged WebThe EPiServer Marketing Arena is an online marketing toolset that lets you create,manage, monitor and improve campaigns while optimizing every site to generaterelevant traffic and sales leads.It helps you improve relevancy and end user engagement with insight into visitorbehavior and real-time analysis of click traffic. It’s a simple, non-technical way totrack, test and optimize your campaigns and content, contributing to successfulonline marketing and the ‘Engaged Web’.And because it’s integrated with your EPiServer CMS, you never need to gluetogether standalone tools, import data files, re-enter rule sets, retro-fit yourWeb content or go hat-in-hand to the It department for every little change. 7
  8. 8. September 2009. We assume no responsibility for any errors in the text. We reserve the right to alter functionality and technical system requirements. About EPISERVER EPiServer AB is the world’s fastest growing provider of Web Content Management (WCM) and online social community platforms. More than 2,500 customers worldwide use EPiServer CMS to create collaborative and engaging Web sites. The platformEuropean HQ United States HQ EPiServer CMS is the foundation of more than 8,500 Web sites and is used on a daily basis by more than 130,000 Web editors. EPiServer delivers its Web Content Management platformEPiServer AB EPiServer Inc. through an extensive network of more than 320 competent partner companies in 25 countries.Regeringsgatan 67 One Lincoln Center, EPiServer is a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, with an AAA-ranking by Dun & Bradstreet sinceSE-111 56 Stockholm 18W Butterfield Rd. 2000. The company was founded in 1994 and has offices in the United States, Sweden,Sweden Oakbrook Terrace, IL 60181 Denmark, Norway, Finland, the Netherlands, Australia, South Africa and the United Kingdom.Phone: +46 (0)8 555 827 00 United states For more information, please visit www.episerver.cominfo@episerver.com Phone: +1 630-613-7550www.episerver.com salesus@episerver.com EPiServer is a registered trademark of EPiServer Ab.