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Pre-production power point


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Pre-production power point

  1. 1. Pre-production work By Nikthiya
  2. 2. 3 initial ideas
  3. 3. Peer assement
  4. 4. Chosen idea • The chosen idea is the deadly dare. • I chose this because it is original and basic. • And will not be hard for people to act.
  5. 5. Storyboards
  6. 6. Script
  7. 7. Pros and cons • Both my story board and my script are at least two minutes long.; • F0r my storyboard I think that the pictures could have been improved. • I think I could have made my script longer and even more detailed.
  8. 8. Potential problems • Where will I find an old house? • Who will play what?
  9. 9. How will I overcome them? • I will have a back drop of an old house. • I will find people to play the parts
  10. 10. Secured permissions • I have permission to use room 22 from Miss.Porteilli. Though this will depend no the day and time.
  11. 11. Budget • At least £10 for food and drinks.
  12. 12. Equipment • Camera • Tripod • Make up • Fake blood • Lighting • Hair spray • Backdrop of the house
  13. 13. Health and safety Activty- Flim Production What are the hazards? Describe who is at risk and how may they be harmed? What will be done to control the risk? Action by whom? Wheather contiton Actors or the people helping out might fall or slip due to the wheather. We will check the whether before we go out to to film and have the week planed out for when we do go out to flim. me Dark-accidents People might get seriosly hurt or injuerd. I will ensure we flim before it is to dark. Probaly before 4.30. But just to be extra sure I will bring a first aid first. me movent In one of my scences there will be fire scence. I will hold the fire close to the camera but not to close so the camera can catch fire. Get someone else to do this Transport Things might get damaged We will walk. me Thef Expensive eqipment might get stolen We will cover up all the eqipment with dark sheets so no one can see what we are carring. me
  14. 14. Costumes and props • Casual cloths (actors will bring their own) • wheelchair • White sheet
  15. 15. Pitch • My idea should get chosen because it is creative yet original. • Because it’s really safe. • The location has been sorted out. • And the budget is at least £10. • And I put time and effort into mine.