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Pre production powerpoint

  1. 1. Pre-Production <br />By Chloe Nicolas<br />
  2. 2. <ul><li>Title: Silent Night
  3. 3. Tagline: You won’t stay home alone againn!!
  4. 4. Sub-genre: Super natural.
  5. 5. Brief synopsis of plot of whole film: A girl parents go out for a night, and the girl invites 2 of her friends round to a sleepover because her parents are going out. There are 3 girls and they are all 14. After the girl parents goes they watch TV then they heard a big BANGG up stairs and all of the electric goes of (the TV goes off) and then the radio turns on by its “self”. They all go up stair to see what the big bang was, they was trying to call there parents but it said no signal........Then the house phones rings.</li></li></ul><li>Main characters: The 3 girls and the parents and the scary ghost. <br />Opening settings/location: In a house. <br />Characters involved in the opening: Parents and the 3 girls.<br />Description of opening narrative: Sleep over, with the 3 girls and goes up stairs a see a ghost sitting on her bed. <br />Costumes and props: TV, phone, handbag.<br />
  6. 6. Title: The Road Trip <br />Tagline: Follow the road.<br />Sub-genre: Super Natural <br />Brief synopsis of plot of whole film: A girl is going to her parents house and she don’t know the way to her mum house but she has a map and a Navigator (Tells you how to get to places) And her Navigator runs out of battier half way there to her parents . So she is just following the signs but she goes to wrong way and she goes down a very long bushy road and it full of trees and she didn’t know where she going Main characters: The girl and her mother.<br />Opening settings/location: In a car and forest.<br />Characters involved in the opening: mum and her daughter <br />Description of opening narrative: A girl is driving to her parents house and get lost and don’t have a clue where she is. Costumes and props: Phone, Navigator.<br />
  7. 7. Title: Vampire Maze<br />Tagline: The more you walk the more you will scream.<br />Sub-genre: Super natural <br />Brief synopsis of plot of whole film: There are 4 teenage girls and they are trapped in a scary maze, with no adults. They think that the vampires are acting (fake) but the vampires are not fake and they get lost in the maze.............<br />Main characters: The 4 teenage girls and the vampires.<br />Opening settings/location: In a adventure land at night.<br />Characters involved in the opening: 4 teenage girls and there parents.<br />Description of opening narrative: 4 girls on to a adventure land at night. (Rides)<br />Costumes and props: hand bag, phones, (fake) money. <br /> <br /> <br />
  8. 8. People I need<br /><ul><li>Camera = Carl
  9. 9. Sound = Chris
  10. 10. Lighting = Janan
  11. 11. Directing = Chloe
  12. 12. Actors and actress = Nicola, Tiah, Georgia, Zoe, Tia </li></ul>Location list<br />My Location is going to take place in a house and I have got permission to film my film there. <br />
  13. 13. Equipment List<br />Clothes <br />Jeans<br />make up<br />Top<br />shoes<br />make up<br /> Mascara <br />Foundation <br />Face paint <br />Eyeliner <br />Lip-gloss <br />Blusher <br />Food<br /><ul><li>Pizza
  14. 14. Drinks (coke, fainter, water.)
  15. 15. Plates
  16. 16. Cups</li></li></ul><li>Peer Assessment. <br />
  17. 17. Script<br />Mum: Katie get up.... Katie: 1 minute. (Katie goes down stairs and has breakfast.) Katie: Good morning dad and mum. Dad: Good morning. I just was disgusting with mum; we are going out on Saturday night, it’s your uncles 40 birthday? Do you want to come? <br /> Katie: Naaaaa that’s boring for me! Can my friends come round and stay that night? Mum: We will think about it. Katie: Alright. Bye mum. Bye dad.<br />(Katie goes to school.) <br />(Katie comes back from school.) Mum: Hello how was school? Katie: Yeah it was good. Did u think about having my friends over, when you go out on Saturday?<br />Mum: Yeah we did. You can have your friends over but only 2. <br />Katie: Okay mum, ill will ask them if they want to come tomorrow at school. <br />(Next day at school.) <br />Katie: Hello. My mum and dad are going to my uncle birthday and I don’t want to go? Do you want to stay round that night?<br />
  18. 18. (Katie friend Lucy and Alex girls…) Lucy: Yeah ill ask my mum. Alex: Yeah ill ask my mum too. (Next day at school.) Alex: Kate; my mum said I can stay round! Lucy: I am allowed too. Katie: Good! Come to my house tomorrow at 7.00 pm. Lucy: Okay. Alex: Okay.<br />(Saturday night.) Mum: make sure you call me before you go to bed, lock the doors and don’t do any think stupid. Katie: Okay.<br />(Door bell rings.)<br />Katie: that must be them.<br />(Opens the door to her friends.) Katie: Hello Lucy and Alex. Lucy: Hello. Alex. Hello.<br />Parents leave house.) Katie, Lucy and Alex: Bye. Parents: Bye.<br />(Goes to the front room and desisting what film to watch?) Katie: let’s watch twilight. Lucy: Okay. Alex: Okay.<br />
  19. 19. (Puts the film on and goes on the softer; In the middle of the film.)<br />(BANG, up stairs.) Katie: What was that? Alex: I don’t know. Is there anyone else home? Katie: No, it’s just us.<br />(They pause the film. Kate try to call her parents, but there no answer and the signal don’t work.) Katie: There is no signal. Lucy: Try it again.(Katie try's it again but the signal don’t work. Home phone rings. They go up stairs a they didn’t see any thing so they go down stairs.) Katie: there Nothing there. Alex: Why is the window open? Katie: I closed that earlier. <br />(They go back down stairs and watch the rest of the film.<br /> <br />
  20. 20. Story board<br />
  21. 21. Pros and cons(Script)<br />Pros:<br />I think that I have set it out in the correct format. I have put mostly every think that needs to be in my presentation. I think I have done well <br />Cons:<br />I have not exactly included every think in my presentation, and my story board isn't that clear. I should of tipped more writing in my script. <br />Why I chooses that film: <br />I chooses because silent night was the best one out of the three. Silent night is easier than the other one’s to set out. The other one’s were more compacted. <br />
  22. 22.
  23. 23. Budget.<br />My budget in about £10for.<br /><ul><li> Clothes
  24. 24. Make up
  25. 25. Food
  26. 26. Films
  27. 27. Fake money</li></li></ul><li>Pitch<br />I think that you should pick me because I work very hard, and I will produce a good film. I think that I have done very well, with the films and making them up, I‘m a creative thinker .I have done 3 good films but silent night (film) Is the best one, out of the three :D <br />