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Pre production power point presentation


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Pre production power point presentation

  2. 2. Initial ideas These two initials are two of my old Idea’s then I thought of the new one I done.
  3. 3. PROPS •Camera (rotating) •Lighting •Fake blood •Fake knifes •Fake guns
  4. 4. Clothing Ryan: A school fleece with his initials on it ,blue jeans and a white top and stripped styled vans. Raven: Black leather jacket with a mask of there killers then changes features, big black boots with metal parts all around it and black gloves.
  5. 5. Where will I work?? and what equipment will I use?? I will be working at my church because we have apple Macs and I know how to use final cut express and I will be able to shorten things extend things do the lighting and sound for the parts. I will use all of the equipment from my church such as lighting, sound, and recordings.
  6. 6. Potential problems ! What are the hazards? Describe who is at risk they may be harmed? What will be done to control the risk? Action by whom? Time of filming The people who will be acting in the film or helping. Have adults to help by standing around. Me and my family and others. Place of filming. All the people on set is at risk of theft. Try a place that looks similar. Actors and workers.