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Media pre production powerpoint

  1. 1. Today I am going to talk through my slide show and explain it well.
  2. 2. Unleashed  There are 3 Teenage girls talking their dreams and what's going happens the next day, so a man called Jim tries to understand these girls dreamwith out them knowing .
  3. 3. Danger night The party starts at SARAH house , everyone talking, dancing suddenly the music stops and the lights starts flicking on and off .A strange music started to play, the door open and closes. DAVID and the CREW creep up behind LUCY ,AMY and SARAH makes them jump ,they start running towards the door a shadow was coming towards them and all the other friends screams aloud.
  4. 4.  Abducted Amy walks up stairs talking to her teddy, wondering what was that shadow by the door, gets into her bed puts on lamp and music sister walks into room when her sister reads her a story but she doesn't want to listen s the sister walks out of the room .After Amy falls into a deep sleep , when she gets Abducted.
  5. 5.  I picked the idea Abducted because it’s the most inserting. Also because I worked on it really hard to make it my own so it was differed from the others .
  7. 7.  Pictures from scenes  Title of front cover  Background colour (Black)
  8. 8. Done by tia
  9. 9. pictures of story board
  10. 10. 2 1
  11. 11. 3
  12. 12.  detail of what happens.  Camera direction . What's bad about my story board ?  need more detail .  A bit more clean .
  13. 13. Amy walks up stairs talking to her teddy, wondering what was that shadow by the door, gets into her bed puts on lamp and music sister walks into room AMY: Hello Rubert it's time for you to go bed ,now it's been a long day even for me . Rubert you stay here time to put on music . SAVANNAH: Hi i just pop round. Now trun off that music i am going to read you a bed time story mum said. My Script
  14. 14. AMY: can my Rubert listen ? SAVANNAH: yes he can but you’re too old for Rubert AMY: no I want my teddy SAVANNAH: ok once apond a time there was a princess AMY: was she a pretty one SAVANNAH: mmmmmmm yes SAVANNAH: she wore clipperty , clupperty shoes and had a yellow pollow AMY: what does clipperty ,clupperty mean? SAVANNAH: it go's click ,clouck . AMY: click clouck. SAVANNAH: I can't read you thins story anymore!
  15. 15. AMY: no wait. SAVANNAH: bye good night NEXT DAY SAVANNAH: (OPENS DOOR) WHO IS IT? DETECTIVE CHLOE: hello I am detective Chloe here to help you. SAVANNAH: ok come in. DETECTIVE CHLOE: where are your parents? SAVANNAH: they die in a car crash (cries) DETECTIVE CHLOE: oh I am sorry; when last did you see your sister? SAVANNAH: last night when I went to read her a bed time story. But she was not listening to me so I said good night and went down stairs (upset voice crying a bit) DETECTIVE CHLOE ok we will find her, (at the door) be strong bye SAVANNAH: bye
  16. 16.   Party clothes  Pj’s  Cd player ( to play music)  Camera  To ask for permission  Weird music (off cd or computer)  People (sister ,friend and a group of boys )  Accessories (jewellery, cups, tables)  House (my house maybe )  Tripod ( for camera )  Props  Camera man or women  Director  Make up: blue / black and red eye line foundation , blusher lip gloss.
  17. 17.  Camera (school)  Lighting : blue light differed colours  Sound : everything build into the camera.  Equipment would be from home and from school
  18. 18. I got permissions to use drama room permissions to take people out of class
  19. 19.  My budget will be around £ 10 pound .
  20. 20. These pictures are from the front cover . Get a clean look
  21. 21.  Time to watch a example of my movie Idea. Its about 7mins .
  22. 22. health& safety hazards What are the Hazards? Describe who is at risk and how can they may harmed? What will be done to control the risk? Acton by whom? Weather Might fall and hurt them self By listen to the weather and to plan it out. Me (Annette ) Equipment (wires every where and bags on floor) Might trip and fall also might injures them self To put them in a area so they are not in the way Camera person Action / movement ( in the last scene ) Actors might get injure of hurt really bad If so use first aid act out so no one gets hurt Actors Transport Equipment might get lost or stole By looking after equipment Also putting into a safe bag . All go together. All of people carrying the equipment
  23. 23.  I think mine should be pick because I put my hard work and effort into this whole protect ,I also think that I should I get picked because my idea is high quality and inserting , I made it my own which I think is superior. My budget is only £10 so its no too high.