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Media coursework


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Media coursework

  1. 1. Media Coursework<br />By Emma Vosper<br />
  2. 2. 3 Initial Production Ideas<br />Idea 1<br />Title: Office Block<br />Tagline: You’ll never work late again<br />Subgenre: Supernatural<br />Brief Synopsis Of Whole Film: man tells friends/family he is working late, but really having an affair with secretary, building was once an asylum, man and lover can’t get out of the building, freaky ghost/spirit is trying to kill them, the lover dies, and comes back trying to kill the man, man’s wife comes to keep him company, lover kills the wife, man struggles to stay alive, whole film in the office block, in the end, a message on his office phone- heavy breathing/laughing, silent for a few seconds, machine shouts boo, scares the man who is already jumpy, a few seconds later the spirit/ghost comes to his face and kills him<br />Main Characters: Chris Williams, Josie Harris, Angela Williams, Evil Spirit<br />Opening Setting/location: in the office, dark outside<br />Characters involved in the opening: Chris and Josie<br />Description of Opening Narrative: hearing phone conversation of Chris telling Angela he is working extra hours, while you see Josie and Chris having an affair in the office at night, next take: going to open the door, ready to leave, but it won’t open, then the freaky things start to happen<br />Costume And Props: suit for Chris, pencil skirt and shirt for Josie, phone with message recorder<br />Potential Problems: actors willing to pretend they are having an affair, somewhere to be an office block/office<br />
  3. 3. Idea 2<br />Title: Incision <br />Tagline: let’s make something new to play with<br />Subgenre: torture <br />Brief Synopsis Of Whole Film: young boy, outcast in school, new young girl at school ( about age 10 ish) new girl befriends the boy, he invites her to his house, shows her his room in the basement, full of animals with different animal parts sewed to them, boy locks door, girl is trapped, boy says he is tired of operating on animals, chains girl up, cuts up animals, and girl, swaps body pieces around, no painkillers, just cuts them open, in the end, she is a mutant, but still alive, with different part missing/attached. Boy gets away with it- then it finishes<br />Main Characters: Matthew Allen (little boy), Louisa King (tortured little girl)<br />Opening Setting/location: in Matthews room/basement/torture base<br />Characters involved in the opening: Matthew, helpless animals<br />Description of Opening Narrative: seeing Matthews’s hands, but not him, so you can’t tell its Matthew, cutting up/sewing/drawing new ideas/ways to operate/cut up the animals, see a plan of the one he will later perform on Louisa, mutated animals scurrying about<br />Costume and Props: Dark, dirty, creased, dull clothes for Matthew, Louisa- girly pretty clothes, tools for Matthew, animals <br />Potential Problems: finding mutated animals, making it look like he is cutting them up, making the surgeries look real enough<br />
  4. 4. Idea 3<br />Title: going down<br />Tagline: the floor where it’s your fear<br />Subgenre: psychological<br />Brief Synopsis Of Whole Film: business people go to a job interview, get in a lift, lift starts going up, then suddenly goes down to a floor that before didn’t exist, doors open, people get out, lift goes back up, people stuck in a huge floor that no one knew was there, after a while, people start to get scared, their fears come to life, but just for them, so everyone else, can’t see what you see, hear what you hear and feel what you feel. Everyone thinks everyone else is going mad, all but one end up dying in the end, either die themselves, kill themselves or kill each other, one living person is just left crying in the corner of a room on the floor, surrounded by bodies and the fears she is imagining, film ends.<br />Main Characters: Whitney Jacobs (survivor), Isaac bell, Theo Myers, Tina Phillips, Deborah Coleman, Naomi Clark<br />Opening Setting/location: office building, before getting in the lift, then they get in the lift, then go down to the mystery floor<br />Characters involved in the opening: all of the main characters, receptionist<br />Description of Opening Narrative: people walk into building, register, when everyone arrives; they get in lift, lift breaks, crashing down, finally open, characters exploring the scene<br />Costume And Props: suits, smartly dressed, briefcases<br />Potential Problems: no lift, need good CGI and effects to do the fears around them/ what they see<br />
  5. 5. Peer Assessment Of Initial Ideas<br />Idea 1<br />Pros: easy to make, not a lot of cast needed<br />Cons: difficult to get an office block<br />Overall comments: good idea<br />Mark out of 10: 8<br />Idea 2<br />Pros: looks enjoyable, different, not typical victim/villain<br />Cons: hard work making it realistic<br />Overall comments: very good storyline, different, fun and gruesome <br />Mark out of 10: 9<br />Idea 3<br />Pros: good story line, scary but makes the viewer want to read on<br />Cons: not much description of what the ending of the girl<br />Overall comments: good, gripping, scary and psychological<br />Mark out of 10: 8.5<br />
  6. 6. Storyboard<br />
  7. 7. Script<br />EXT. BASEMENT/WORKSHOP. DAY<br /> <br />ESTABLISHING SHOT of MATTHEW in dark workshop, working, tools everywhere, zoom out slowly from MATTHEW’s back, can’t tell it’s him though. Animals scattering. ANIMAL SOUNDS and SAWING/WORKING SOUNDS.<br /> <br />Camera fades to cardboard box. Box has animal carcass in, and dead animal parts. Zoom in slowly. Quite dark- but light enough to see what’s in the box.<br /> <br />Camera fades to a corner with LOUISA chained up, hands above head, looking down, looks like in bad condition, zoom in very slowly, not too close so you can’t see her face/tell its her.<br /> <br />Camera fades to drawings/pictures/plans of ideas for creations, camera scans the first picture and slowly moves on to the next, then the next etc, then finally gets to the last biggest one, with a human (LOUISA) involved.<br /> <br />Camera fades to show a close up of LOUISA’s face, poor condition, looking down, looking weak, zoom out very very slowly, hardly zoom out.<br /> <br />Camera fades to a close up of MATTHEW turning round with medical gloves on, knife in hand, smiling slyly at camera as if it’s through LOUISA’s eyes. Camera cuts back to LOUISA’s close up, looking scared, then camera cuts back to MATTHEW, then camera cuts back to the drawing, etc, keeps getting faster and fast until it gets so fast that it suddenly stops showing the word ‘INCISION’ on black screen. Hear LOUISA’s SCREAM/CRY IN PAIN.<br />
  8. 8. Locations, Personnel<br />Locations:<br />Side room, connecting the art rooms (permission secured from Miss Portelli)<br />Personnel:<br />Matthew<br />Louisa<br />Camera person<br />Lighting person<br />Sound person<br />Director<br />Helpers<br />Make up artist<br />Costume designer<br />
  9. 9. Equipment and Costumes/Props/Make up<br />Equipment:<br />Camera, lighting, microphone<br />Costumes:<br />Matthew: everyday clothes, dark<br />Louisa: everyday clothes, jeans, girly<br />Make up:<br />Matthew: dark, scary e.g. Black/dark eyes<br />Louisa: pale/weak, smudged make up<br />Props:<br />Work tools, animals, cages, chains, pictures/drawings, workbench, chains, something to put the camera on that’s on wheels so we can move the camera easily/steadily<br />
  10. 10. Budget<br />There will be a very small budget, if any, because all of the things we will need, we already have<br />
  11. 11. Pitch<br />Why mine should be chosen-<br />I think that my film would include lots of people, mostly off screen, but still, many people can get involved. It would be a fun one to make, quite challenging, but the end reward will be great, and we will have great fun making it while learning new things too.<br />